Friday, May 07, 2010

Depressing Friday Night

I am torn between feeling pathetic, depressed and glad right now. Friday has come once again and tomorrow, although it is a weekend,tomorrow will be another busy day for me. Today was already a long day especially with me sleeping as late as 5am this morning.

We just found out that our previous direction for the upcoming Marketing report is wrong and we needed to refocus on something bigger than what we've got. The report is due Monday and imagine how my heart sank when I found out. I spent the whole of last night trying to get my Finance 1 assignment (which unfortunately needs to be sent on the same Monday) moving so I could concentrate the weekend on my Marketing assignment.

I dreaded today's Marketing group meeting simply because I knew there was a lot more to do but it went better than I thought. One of our group mates found a lot already and has made the process much easier. We also owe it to our tutor for helping us outline what we needed to do. I am staying optimistic that we can finish the assignment well. I am also glad that I am only in charge of 2 to 3 parts out of the many. That reduces much effort and my part only needs researching on the company website, which means essentially, everything is there.

I could have concentrated my Tuesday and Wednesday on Finance 1 however because more than one of my Microeconomics group mate didn't do their part right in the assignment, I had to correct it for them which ate up two extra days than I allocated. The things you'd do for people.

I hope the weekend will turn out good especially with the morning Festival Malaysia meeting (I am quite nervous with this), the Malaysian Aspiration Program general meeting (I will just participate fairly in this), the MASCA meeting right afterwards and our MAD BBQ dinner at night. That means I have the whole of Sunday to cram 2 assignments.

Ya Allah rajinkanlah aku Insyallah.

- I am in need of new songs :(

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Blogger Miss Aida said...

Hamiza always seems to have some random new song - you should ask her. :)

Good luck gearing up towards exams!

11:29 am, May 13, 2010  
Anonymous ainul R. Yakov said...

listen to Oh!Hark! by lisa mitchell. it's my morning song :P other than that, KT Tunstall's pretty good.

12:01 am, May 22, 2010  

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