Friday, September 10, 2004

me, MYSELF and I

~My name is: Farisa Roslan
~nicknames: Perky Miss Perfect (my personal favourite), fari-fari, Bernie, Sasha
~sex: Female
~birthday: June 27th
~colors : Pink, Black, Orange and Baby Blue
~star sign: Cancer
~place of birth: SJMC
~current residence: SS18, Subang jaya
~hair color: I'm not sure coz I see it as black but when I walk under the sun, it will look brown
~eye color: Black I think
~height: 160 cm . I know its short but there are shorter poeple, (right atikah)
~writing hand: Right. I'm currently experimenting with my left.


~do you bite your nails: I never want to. I'm the only one among my siblings who don't bite nails. But I do it on purpose. And beginning to like it.
~can you roll your tongue: I guess!
~can you blow smoke rings: does it matter?
~can you blow spit bubbles: who needs to know?
~can you cross your eyes: don't plan to
~tattoos and where: in my left brain
~do you make your bed daily: I wouldn't say, daily. Hahahha!
~what’s sexiest on a guy: somehow I'm not tempted by pacs or butts. But their hair attracts me. I wouldn't say it sexy but its something. Their smile is something too.
~what’s sexiest on a girl: Miza would know.
~do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: what does this matter? I twirl it.
~what utensils do you use eating pizza : my spatula!
~do you cook: if I have the mood.


~how often do you brush your teeth: Everyday DUH!
~do you shower/bath: Shower
~how long do these showers last: Usually about 10 minutes. But if I'm in my shampoo-ing mood, then I can last till more than an hour.
~hair drying method: Leave it as it is and wait till it dry off itself
~do you swear: Hahahhaha! More than u think. I even have seasons of different types of swears I say. Like in 2 weeks I'll say one particular swear word and the next 2 weeks, I will go for another. And I swear most when I am unsatisfy about something.
~do you pee in the shower: Gross!
~what color is your bedroom: light pink
~do you use an alarm clock: yeap. it helps me get back my confiscated handphone. coz I use it on my handphone.
~name five things or people you're obsessed with:
- Daniel Radcliffe
- SC (as my friends says)
- My handphone
- Internet
- Chocolates
~what’s your sleeping position: it changes to my comfort-ivity..
~what kind of bed do you like: the kind that I have now
~in hot weather do you use a blanket: hello! what part of 'hot' and 'blanket' DON'T GO TOGTEHER don't you understand? But yeah I do, when I have a cold.
~do you sleepwalk: nope but I do find myself in the other position when I wake up (this when I was small)
~do you talk in your sleep: I'm sleeping!
~how about the light on: Not very comfortable but acceptable.
~do you fall asleep with the TV or radio: I don't sleep with them! But I do sleep with the radio ON! (sometimes)


~watched bambi: I don't think I ever did.
~cried: Last night.
~talked on the phone: 19 minutes ago with Shahrul. Didn't last long but I expect to get another call soon.
~read a book: I don't remember.. Not recently. Not a book at least.


~is music important to you: WHAT KIND OF A QUESTION IS THAT!!
~do you sing: pretty much everywhere that my mom threathened to staple my mouth together.
~what instruments do you play: Drums and Guitars. I play a little bit of Piano.
~what do you think of Eminem: I have no strong opinions towards him.
~in your opinion what band is the best of all time: So far, Maroon 5! Linkin Park comes 2nd! (2ND ATIKAH!)


~pop music: I'm obsessed with HilaryDuff. Explains anything?
~rock music: OWH YEAH!
~punk music: I prefer modern rock
~rap music: Depends
~hip-hop/RB: Depends
~country: A few
~jazz: I think I sleep on their first note..
~classical: Yeah.. I play classical music!
~new age: what!?
~hardcore: Not so much!
~indie rock: wha'?
~emo: hahahah! If I'm in the mood..
~Game: Yeah I like them.. Sims and Harry POtter games.


~What do you notice first?: somehow their hair
~Do you have a crush on anyone?: its not crush! Hahahha!
~Easiest to talk to: Shahrul. He understands me. And Shahir is my Gordo. Its always easy to talk to him and Ashraf.


~Could you live without the computer?: I could live but I won't be very sane.
~What’s your favorite fruit? Mangosteens. God. I could gobble up a whole Kg of them mysef.
~What hurts the most? Physical or emotional pain?: I have experienced both and I guess emotional is worst but I'm npt saying physical are a walk in the park.
~Trust others way too easily?: Not way too easily. And I don't anymore. I only tell certain things to certain people. But mostly I keep it to myself.


~Of times you have had your heart broken?: Once.
~Of hearts you have broken?: Not they have ever consult me about it but I guess I broke one..
~Of girls kissed?: Hahahha! My sissy, my cousin Amy, and Farah! Hahahha!
~Of boys kissed?: ok thats personal!
~of drugs taken illegally?: Na-da
~Of tight friends?: Table Mates!
~Of CD's owned?: about 10
~Of scars on my body?: A fresh one on my left arm. Don't ask where I got it coz I don't wanna tell.


~I know: That poeple are players that plays their part on earth and are forgotten when they're dead. (At least I would be)
~I want: Many things that I can't get.
~I have: a lot of things that I keep to myself
~I wish: that my life would be better.
~I hate: thinking about my future plans. Especially my career.
~I miss: the time life is just about Barbie Dolls and chocolates all night and day!
~I hear: my self cry sometimes.
~I love: things that makes me happy
~I ache: when I am heart broken
~I care: about everryhting I love and want
~I always: forget that my life is not as bad as I thought it is.
~I dance: pretty much all the time. especially with songs I love. You do not want to see me dance to Ocean Avenue. Trust me!
~I cry: when I'm angry and when I feel bad and guilty.
~I write: when I feel like it
~I confuse: my friends and family with my sudden change of attitude (or when I'm overly overly perky)
~I can usually be found: with different kinds of expressions on my face (and with my phone)
~Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing: not that I'd like ot remember

~ARE YOU A...~

~Wuss: Pretty much
~Druggie: Pils is as far as I go
~Gang member: If you count Perky Miss Perfect in the TOrnado TRio (consists of Angsty Drama Queen and Sarcastic Dudette)
~Daydreamer: why do you think my grades are bad?
~Alcoholic: don't think so..
~Freak: So I've been told but yeah.. usually when I'm over perky.
~Brat: You can get the testimonial from my sister. But we LOVE each other.
~Sarcastic: Most of the times..
~Goody-goody: I am afraid to ponteng sekolah when I was having the most perfect oppurtunity
~Angel: I'm a human being! But being an angel would be cool!
~Devil: I AM A HUMAN!!
~Friend: I'm not sure if I'm a good one but I am one.. I suppose..
~Shy: In situations where I don't know anyone. But if I'm with my 'poeple', you'll never catch me dead being shy!
~Adventurous: Does eating raw octupus (which looks icky btw) counts?
~Intelligent: If you compare me with a bloody pig.
~Perky : You'd think theres something wrong with me if I'm NOT perky!
~ Loud : Its what I live for.


~Your best feature [personality]: I don't think I have any good ones to begin with.
~Most annoying thing you do: Lied
~Biggest mistake you've made this far: Lying about me running away form home, EVEN THOUGH I SO DID!
~Describe your personality in one word: DUH...
~A smell that makes you smile: The smell of the packet Macaroni and Cheese that I LOVE so much (only to find out that its non-halal)
~A city you'd like to visit: LONDON! LONDON! LONDON! Daniel Radcliffe here I come!
~A drink you order most often: air limau ais
~The music you prefer while alone: Depends on my mood. Usually those teenage girls songs like Aslee Simpsons and Hilary Duff.
~A TV show you watch regularly: The O.C. Can't miss an episode!

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