Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Knight in Shining Sweater

Knight: Hey, where are you now? At uni?

Damsel: Yes, I am trying to finish up my assignment. So stressed.

Knight: Brrr.. Its so cold

Damsel: I know right. But its just nice here in the library.

Knight: What time are you going back?

Damsel: I'm not sure yet. Perhaps not long from now.

Knight: Do you know that its raining outside?

Damsel: Omg! Really? I didn't know that. Oh its going to be so cold going back.

Knight: Yeah do you have umbrella?

Damsel: Nope. I'm not even wearing a jacket. Forgot to bring one. Damn it.

Knight: Oh, you're going to freeze yourself. Its really cold.

Damsel: Omg really? What do I do now!?

Knight: Better wait for the rain to stop.

Damsel: You know you this is your chance to be a hero

Knight: What do you mean?

Damsel: This is the chance for you to be a knight in shining armor. You can come over the library and bring me an umbrella and a jacket :D

Knight: Oh. Where are you at?

Damsel: Haha. I'm over at the university library.

Knight: Is that the one near the park?

Damsel: Yes, but hey that was just a joke really. You do not need to come. Thank you for the thought though :)

Knight: But its really cold outside.

Damsel: Its okay. I'll manage. I'll make a run for it after I'm done.

Knight: What time are you planning to go back?

Damsel: I'm almost done. Perhaps in another 10 minutes.

Knight: Then I shall see you at the library in 15 minutes. Wait for me at the entrance ok. I'll bring you a jacket.

Damsel: Hey you really do not need to do this you know

Knight: No thats ok :)

Damsel: :)

from the mind to the fingers of Farisa Roslan | 5:30 pm


Blogger Miss Aida said...

Aw.. So sweet!

My first boyfriend used to do that for me, it used to really make my day. :)

11:31 am, May 20, 2010  
Blogger Farisa said...

I think its the little things like this that makes it so heart melting. Do you know what I mean?

Like its not the necklace he gets you on your birthday, but the song he wrote for you at any random Tuesday.

Its not the late night phone calls and the changed status on Facebook, but the times he carries your bag and when he walks all to the to uni to get you a jacket :-S

Its those times that makes me squeal :)

3:30 pm, May 20, 2010  
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