Friday, September 10, 2004

all the I's in the WOLRD!

I know:

- that I'm not going to get straight A's for PMR
- that I am not perfect
- that I keep too muhc to myself
- that I can be very annoying at times
- who are my friends and who are not

I want:

- 8A's
- to understand people I don’t understand
- to run away from my problems for at least one day
- what I want
- a friend who I can tell anything to and just understands me perfectly

I have:

- a way of seeing life
- 0 self confidence
- lots of things I am not satisfy with myself
- a debate within myself
- opinions about stuff

I wish:

- life was easier
- I can understand a lot of stuff
- I don't need to make anymore desicions in life that will effect my future
- I could take back everyhting I regret doing
- Life is predictable

I hate:

- when my intuition tells me something is wrong
- When friends turn their back on you and leave you
- Myself when things go wrong
- things that makes me unsatisfy
- When poeple critisize me for what I did, and not knowing the reason I did it.

I miss:

- My childhood
- Feeling carefree and not having to worry about anything except to get chocolates
- Getting straigh A's
- Smooth skin
- Bernard

I hear:

- My conscience
- Songs
- Things I don't want to
- The call of death when I feel angsty
- the blade calling my name when I am depressed

I love:

- to know everything
- My family
- My friends
- Myself
- Bernard

I ache:

- To be loved
- To have someone to understand me for me
- For a day off to nowhere
- For a day with bernard
- To be good for something

I care:

- About myself
- About my friends and family
- About what people think about me
- About how I look
- About how I am and how I will turn out to be

I always:

- Think bad about myself
- Put myself down
- Try to be loved
- Sing my heart out
- Try to trust my intuition but always end up getting in trouble for not to

I dance:

- when I feel like it
- when there is a nice song on, especially Ocean Avenue
- to myself
- and forget the world
- with Bernard

I cry:

- When I’m angry
- When I need to release my frustrations
- When I need to let it all out
- When I am disatisfy with something
- When my heart is broken, hurt or moved

I write:

- When I have something to talk about
- About the things I feel and going through
- And am proud about it
- In my blog
- Tp express myself

I confuse:

- Myself sometimes
- My conscience
- My friends when I change my attitude just like that
- Bernard (don't I?)
- people when I say I'd be doing something I won't

I can usually be found:

- Staring at blank space thinking about life
- Talking loudly
- Singing or eating
- With my phone
- Playing with my hair

- I can be MYSELF!

from the mind to the fingers of Farisa Roslan | 10:28 pm


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