Saturday, August 07, 2004

friday the 'i don't know it was going ot be such a FUN day'

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Finally! I get to write my little pink blog! I have been here for almost 2 hours now. And baru sekarang boleh tulis. Been busy.

Alright. 3 guesses why today's online time wasn't very FUN!

Hahahhaah! I guess Hamiza, Izzati, Shaen, Saufi and Ereeq knows why.

Yeah. Shahrul wasn't in. Hahahahaha! (Call me obsessed)

And again. Not literally OMar.

He makes me happy, its only natural that I want him around me always.

He is my boyfriend anyways.

So who the f***ing cares if anyone calls me Desperate!~

Yeah. Well at least my day turned out FUN FUN FUN!!


I hate the word 'desperate' by the way. Just a heads up!

Serious. By the end of the day, I was feeling very happy that when Nasriff said something that kinda hurt my feelings, I was still smiling. Thinking about today! Hahahah.

Have you ever-

When you go to sleep that night just thinking that, when you woke up that day, you never thought your day would turn out to be FUN! with capital F-U-N!

hahaha! Well. Me like that today!

Waking up that day thinking 'another ordinary Friday'

When I was sleeping, at about 6.40, mama waked me up and I'm still drowsy and stuff, and mama nudged me aside on my bed and joined me. She asked me to peluk her. Hahahah.

Whenever Ma and I have these only me and her time, I'd always be scared. Afraid she will get into the whole 'responsibilty' and 'be careful with guys' and 'belajar dulu' speech. And I still remember when I was form 1, before I go inside the Operation Room, she had thi motehr talk with me, asking me who's my crush and all, and I actually opened up to her. It scared me. I mean, what if that happens again? Especially now that she knows about Shahrul and stuff.


So thats why I made up an excuse to bangun coz I DO NOT want mother-daughter talk with her. Especially when my eyes are half closed and my stinky-baru bangun breathe. I'll shoot the info's right out of my mouth like a bullet train.

I know Ad is having a birthday party after school. So I'm like.


It wasn't actually 'highlighted' in my day but I was happy to join.

I didn't fit in at first. I mean, some of them, 1/2 of them, aren't exactly, my kind of people. BUt I was ok as long as I stick with Diana.

Me and Shahrul went to call his dad to tell 'em about the party and stuff. Got caught by Ustazah again. Hahahah.

Is she like a sign or something? Saying 'tak elok dua orang'. Coz she's everywhere.

When we got back, the whole 'singing' tradition is over. And when I got to class, I know the first thing I've got to get my hands on is the drinks! I'm dead thirsty.

When its cake time for me and Shahrul, apparently, dah habis. Cruel!

So we just had to take bits of our friend's.

The whole 'clan' now have gotten into 'CAKE FIGHT' mode.

They were throwing ices, cakes and water balloons at each other. I know its fun but its just not my group. So I can't just join in and baling cake at Raja.

When the hectic-ness were taken outside, pieces of cake scattered at most parts of the floor, I decided to do something naughty when I saw that very nice piece of chocolate cake {with its icing} on the floor of the class. And its not even smushed yet.

I ajaked Shahrul masuk the class, get a load of the piece of chocolate cake, and threw it at him. HAHAHAH! too bad he ran. I picked what was left of the cake I threw and ran for him again. Finally I got him and asked to put it on his face. And then, it happened.


It was hilarious. He tried to get me back but I ran. Then when we got outside, Diana, Shameen and Sonia were going somewhere. Hamiza and Gg wasn't anywhere in sight, and I dind't wanna be there alone, so I joined them. I didn't feel like going up so I just sent Shameen to the gate and washed my cake smushed hand. hahahha!

When I got back, there was only Shahrul that I could possibly hang out with, so we just went jalan-jalan. Around the school. Then we settled in at the seat ket bengkel yang bawah pokok tuh. (ask me where when we're at school nanti)

We were just looking at pictures and just talking. We saw Gg and Fawwaz and they came to us for a while. Then they left. Then Miza and Fandi came, and left us. Hahhaha.

We planned to pergi Syed. So we just snap a few shots of us together and joined Miza and Fandi.

We had fun there. At Syed I mean.

- again the whole Part 2 thing..

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

when you know you're in LOVE!

10 reasons when you know you’re in love

- when you think of that person constantly

- that person makes you feel speacial

- that person puts a smile on your face even when you thought you could not smile

- and they don’t need to even try

- they listen to your problems and make you feel better

- they’re willing to help you even thought it means going against they’re friends

- they sing for you on your birthday and not just the happy birthday song, they sing a song you love so much

- is he/she the first person you think of whenever you do something or whenever you want to share something with someone?

- You wish to see that person everywhere

- You miss them even though you just met them about an hour ago.


- when you’re bored, is he/she the first person you think of?

- when you want to tell someone about your problems, is he/she the first person you think of?

- When you have a great news, is he/she the first person you think of?

- When you just had a fight with your family or your friends, is he/she the first person you think of?

- When you’re lonely, is he/she the first person you think of?

- When you feel moody and depress, is he/she the first person you think of?

- When you’re doing nothing, is he/she the first person you think of?

- When you first get your job offer, is he/she the first person you think of?

- When you first drive a car or rode on a motorcycle, is he/she the first person you think of?

- When you go to a party or a gathering or anywhere, is he/she the first person you wish to see?

- When you feel like going out for a cup of coffee, is he/she the first person you think of?

- When you think of a something, is he/she the first person you think of?

- So are you in love?

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Sunday, August 01, 2004

table for TWO!

I watched this show called Table For Two yesterday.. you know the iklan Ponds yang he masukkan his tgn in the popcorn so that he could touch the girl’s hands? Yeah.. theres a whole serie of that.. and this show was really interesting..

The guy was having family problem.. but he wouldn’t wanna tell his girlfriend coz he thinks its personal.. and his girlfriend was all.. worried coz he’s been acting strange and she doesn’t know what..

When she found out.. she was kinda upset but the guy just said sorry and stuff.. and she end up solving the problem for him.. well not exactly solving.. but she told him what he could do and it leads up to something good..

And the guy told the girl to tell her friend the truth about her opinion on the her friend’s art work.. and it lead to something good too..

And then I realized something..

First rule of having a girlfriend/boyfriend :

Telling them stuff you don’t think you can tell other people.. share your problems.. telling them everything.. that’s what having a girlfriend/boyfriend for.. that special someone..

Seeing them being really close gave me a good feeling towards this whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing.. they looked happy.. and just.. it felt special to me.. so that’s it!!

Its just a good feeling..

- Table For Two anyone?

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bengkel AGAMA!!

Listening to : yellow card – ocean avenue (again..)

Mood : ok

Current status : missing someone

If theres one thing that can describe my week.. Its..

Exactly!! Nothing!! Its not interesting at all! Its just plain normal week! Theres nothing to tell.. Haih..

At least my Saturday was not very boring.. why? Here goes..


We have a bengkel motivasi thingy that morning.. ON agama and bm and stuff.. it was the day before that I only decided to go.. I mean, diana said she’s going and stuff so I’m like.. oklar.. pergi je la kan..

Then when me, miza, fandi and shahrul was waiting for the rest of the group at our usual bench, hamiza asked me if I was going and what to wear.. I’m like.. ok wow! More of my friends are going.. this is gonna be funner.. and stuff and stuff..

So that afternoon, shahrul called me.. we talked for longer than 1 hour.. hahaha! There weren’t so much to talk about but we managed to stay for one whole hour.. I even brought up the ‘me in the operation room’ topic.. hahaha! Tahpalah.. then he told me that he was gonna go to the bengkel thingy with his friends.. hahah! BETTER!!

That night.. we talked for about 2 hours on net.. and I said something that I never said to anyone or never thought I’d say it.. hahaha! Nvr mind…

The next day.. I woked up kinda early since I haveta be at school by 8am.. Shameen came late so I had time to eat.. by the time we got to school.. everyone in our gang dah dtg.. hahaha.. lemme tell you what we were wearing…

Me : my sister’s jeans.. I’ve runned out of jeans to wear.. and her’s is so damn preety so I couldn’t resist.. and this long sleeved blue blouse I got from Roxy.. It like double sleeved but not exactly doubled sleeved.. hahah! Then I wore my red lubang-ed belt and grey sneakers..

Miza : A baby blue ¾ sleeved blouse.. and blue jeans.. she looked sweet there..

Diana : hahaah! Tudung!! Hahah! Nothing bad.. but people said she was ‘ayu’ that day.. gross! I hate being called ‘ayu’.. anyways.. she was wering the only long sleeved shirt she has.. its green colour and she was wearing a track bottom.. black?

Atikah : PINK blouse! Sweet pink! Hahah! I wasn’t sure what pants she was wearing though.. skin colour slacks I think.. she looked sweet anyways.. at least she didn’t wear ‘summerset bay’ skirt again.. ahahah!

Gg : a sweet baby blue short sleeved blouse.. with blue jeans.. she looked simple and sweet..

Shemeen : A long sleeved white blue ‘division’ blouse.. with blue jeans.. I told her to let down her hair but she refused..

Melisa : skin colour slacks with school shirt.. ready for taek-won-don..

Shahrul : His Manchester United (I think!) shirt.. and blue jeans with white red nike shoes.. hahah! He looked cute.. hahaha!

Fandi : Baby blue coloured shirt! (THEY SYNCHRONIZED THEIR OUTFIT AGAIN!!) hahhaha.. nah.. just kidding.. he looked cute too that day..

Fawwaz : His Turkey white shirt I think.. blue jeans..

Ikha (you must think.. what the hec is she doing in this blog?) : she wasn’t wearing tudung.. kinda surprising cos her mom is kinda alim and stuff.. she was wearing a white blouse with skin colour slacks.. her hair is damn pretty though!! Jealous lar nih..

Yeah.. so that’s what we wear to an agama bengkel thingy..

That day was fun.. I don’t understand why people wouldn’t take pink file.. I mean.. its PINK!! Thank god Iqbal has good taste! Hahahah!

The first teacher was pretty fun.. she made jokes and stuff.. second teacher! OMG!! I lost interest after 20/30 minutes.. she kept repeating the same thing anyways.. me and hamiza were just passing notes to each other.. and we were seating right next to each other.. ahhaah!

Third teacher was FUN! She’s from ss17 and she’s really cool.. made cool jokes and just catches our attentions.. She at one time asked me to answer a question, came up to me, and shoved the mike right to my face.. it was pretty close and I’m like.. ‘ ok.. you can step back a little.. ‘.. everyone agrees with me coz most of them just stepped back a little when she point them the mike.. ask Fandi!!

Masa the thing finishes.. I really didn’t want to go for drums class so I puposely stay up after school so I wont have to go for that class.. I haven’t practiced yet.. me and shahrul just hanged out together.. then he went to make a call but his parents weren’t home.. so we both just walked around the school 2 orang jer.. and the 2 ustazah saw us and one went.. ‘jangan pergi bengkel..’ hahah! Buat malu jer.. dah lar we were heading to the direction of the bengkel.. though we weren’t thinking of going there..

Then I had to balik already.. he walked me home!!! Hahahah! That’s so sweet.. coz we don’t go the same way kalau nak balik so we never walked home together.. but he said he wanna teman me so we did.. hahaha! It was fun! But he can’t send me sampai gate coz my mom was somewhere there.. even I was scared to let her see him.. so he just sent me till the corner there..

I was damn tired when I got back.. dunno why.. but terus kena pergi parade.. afiq and adlin didn’t come so I had a 45 minutes guitar class.. I couldn’t even enjoy it coz I was damn tired.. then I went for lunch and went to carrefour.. after that we went to pick ajin from football class.. I was sleeping through the whole time.. then we went to pick up dad’s car from service place.. again I slept through the whole thing..

On the way home the jam was really bad.. me and my brother was sleeping and my mom was in a really bad mood.. she tgh sait gigi and the jam made it worse.. and now she blames my staying up late for internet.. and she band me from it.. but nasib baik I had to cari bm thingy.. so I get to go in..

Ahad.. nothing speacial.. I did get to eat chocolate jam though.. yum!! Basically my day is just studying.. no fun..

- we walked home together..

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