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bandung, INDONESIA - day ONE

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this is where I went for my Chinese New Year vacation. It lasted for 3 days and 3 nights. It was pretty fun! Couldn't say its the best vacation ever had. Considering this trip was with my whole family and by that I mean my grandpareants, uncles, aunts and a whole bunch of them.

I've got a big family trust me.
Atuk, Opah - my grandparents
Mak Long, Pak Long - mom and dad
Ayah, Ibu - my first uncle and aunt
Pak Ngah, Mak Ngah - my second uncle and aunt
Pak Teh, Mak Teh - my third uncle and aunt
Pak Su, Mak Su - my fourth uncle and aunt (but they couldn't make it for the trip)

Ayong - my sister
Along - 18 years old cousin
Tikah - 16 years old cousin
Me - well, me
Ajin - my owh so annoying 12 years old brother
Aida - 9 years old cousin
A'am - 7 years old cousin
Ammar - 6 years old cousin
Aiza - 4 years old cousin
Danny - 4 years old cousin (couldnt be there)
Imran - my loving 1 year old brother

So hop on the plane and on we all go!

Day 1
There wasn't this big HOO-HAA feeling when I landed at the national Bandung Airport. You must think I'm crazy because I'm on vacation and I'm not going Hoopla! Even though it is just INdonesia. And many people underestimate INdoseia. The sound of it makes poeple go 'Indon!? PFFT!!' NO!! Thats not it at all!!

When I reached there, I was carrying Imran to the main building. And at the moment, my shoes were untied, as usual. I was showing off airplanes to Imran and getting all baby excited with him. Until a woman stopped in front of me and offered to tie my shoelaces for me in order to avoid accidents such as me stepping on my shoelaces and both of us trip.

It was so weird, she was ready to bend down until I declined and walked away. She was really sweet. I also met a CUTE LITTLE BOY! Omg! His eyes is so.. CUTE!!! He has a cute smile and he's just.. CUTE!! Tried to tlak to him but he turned away. Got me thinking he might be INdonesian. And thinks I just SUCK at Bm!

Met up with Pak Ngah who came a day earlier. He's the one who is more familiar with INdonesia then any of us. So he got ready 2 jeeps for our trip.

First we went to a bakery called Holland's Bakery since we hadn't had breafast at all. The food on the flight was THROAT RIPPING! Its so expensive it should be illegal! So when we got there, I seriously had NOTHING to eat. Well, there are loads of different kinds of pastries but who would want to choose one that you're not familiar with and end up knowing you're eating a cow's brain!


So I sticked with a plain croissant. BORING!!!

After that, we were brought back to a banglo Pak Ngah owned there. Its big but its not so WOW-ish! I somehow found myself not so interested to living in the house for the next 3 days.

We all got use to the house, ate breakfast, and killed each other for rooms. After that, we all got what we came for. NASI PADANG at a kedai called Simpang Raya!! SWEET!!!

For your information, Nasi Padang is normal plain rice, eat with loads of different kinds of lauk. But te beauty of the whole thing, is THE MINUTE you sit down on your table, food would be swarming to your face, filling the table. NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT!! And the system works like this. You sit, I serve, You touch, I charge. So the ones tat we don't touch, won't be counted in the bill. The food is GREAT! Nasi Padang is good!

We joined with Ayah and family there. Lunch was awesome. It would've been perfect if I hadn't had stomach ache. But the 'Begedil' was heaven!

After lunch, PakNgah brought us to a shop (which in INdonesia is called 'toko') called Diaz that sells Bags and Shoes. I didn't get a chance to look at the shoes, wasn't even up to it at the time. The bags are pretty good. And cheap! Prada doesn't actually costs more than rm500 there! No kidding!

I didn't get glued to anything though. Even if I did, I wouldn't even wear it. Its not time yet. So NO POINT! Besides, my hand bag drawer is already full! NO MORE FIT!! So while the rest of the LADIES went to bury themselves in stacks and stakcs of bags, I hunged out outside with the men sipping on cold Sprite looking at poverty.

I forgot they had shoes on sale too so I skipped that. Drats!

After that, we were brought to a clothing outlet. They sell almost every different kind of clothes there. But the main agenda there was to hunt for cheap jeans. Honestly, one pair of jeans tere costs about RM15!! I kid you not!!

You wanna know what is sad!? I COULDN'T FIND ANY!! Well I did glue my eye on one pair, but it looked ugly on me so I skipped. I ended up spending the hour in the changing room trying on stuff mom picked out for me. It was so tiring taking off and putting back your pants on. Until this one particular pair of jeans, which wasn't exactly first choice, that fit. I ended up with that one pair. Its a blue coloured jeans with a flower pattern on one side of the pair and decorated with beads. Sounds ugly?! Its not so bad. I quiet like it now actually.

After I chose my jeans, we browsed the pasrt of the shop where they displayed tops. There were SO MANY tops to choose from. There were a lot I want to take. Seriously. I just feel like grabbing most of them I fancy, throw it on the counter, and walk happily home with it. But its reality so forget about it. I ended up with a Morgan black long sleeve top with a spade on the front. I SO FANCY IT!! And a white long sleeved blouse decorated with pink gravity saying something like.. I love my baby or some crap like that.. But it was so NICE!

I think we spent hours there tyringon clothes. Seriously. The rest of the day was spent there. And imagine those drivers who HAD to wait for our whole shopping hour. HOURS AND HOURS OF WAITING!! I feel pity for them. but not when I had some serious shopping on my mind.

Anyways, after we're all done, we went back to the house. Hanged out there for a while. God was I tired. But it felt kinda good having to have bring back stuff I really like.

We were just hanging out in the house lazing around when my uncle (Ayah) who was the only one sleeping a the hotel, were to go back to the hotel. My cousin Amy invited me to come sleep with her at the hotel so I agreed as I am seriously not a big fan of non-luxury. I know I sound sucky saying that but true it is.

When we got there, I was so tired and sleepy. All I could do was stay cooped up on my bed and watch TV! I ain't complaining. I think I was sleeping when cousin Amy woked me up and asked me to get ready for dinner. I put on my black spade top and new jeans and we made our way to The Valley Restaurant. Its on the hill-top so the view was, supposingly beautiful. I couldn't notice, I slept.

The restaurant was BEAUTIFUL!! I mean seriously. Its my kind of place. We set up about 7 tables of 4 together. The only wrong thing that night was the fact that our table was RIGHT NEXT to the stage and the speaker. And the lady was practically SCREAMING her songs out. Some of them were good songs, some of them were just defeaning. The lady sang a song by an Indonesian band called peter pan. The song was good.

I had steak and a nice dinner. We all bonded, and talked the four of us. Me, my sister, cousin Amy and cousin Tikah. It was good.

I was practically half asleep on the way back. Seriously it was so tiring. I mean, a trip on the plane, shopping, and a full tummy. Sleep can't be more tempting.

When I got back, bed welcomed me well.

- 2 tops, one pair of jeans, and a tiring day

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Monday, February 07, 2005

the DIFFERENT types of friendship

the word friendship much familiar to everyone. the definition of a friend is of a person you are aquainted with. and associate who provides assistance, who you know well with affections and trust.

there are many different types of people in this world. some has no friends at all. some have true friends. and some, their friends are not even what you're suppose to call friends. they're just mere titles given to the people you see and hang out with everyday.

there are different types of people in this world again I say. therefor, there are many different types of friendship exists.

type one:
- there are friends who you were once so close to. who you thought were your best friends. but they could actually turn their back on you for popularity. it does happen. they think you're not cool enough and apparently status are more important than friendship for them. tehy leave you so they can join the so-called popular group and become known and loved.

- and you're just left alone. bewildered of what to do. the person you once believe you can trust most, the one you cna depend on, has just left you. Like you're a broken down bicycle. they just dump you there. not having a care in the world. they just couldn't be bothered by how you might feel. or whats to happen to you now. they only care for themselves and how much important it is for them to be popular.

- and now, whenevr you pass them, either they'd pretend they never met you, or they'll just turned away. they might even just put a smile, says hi and walk off. this shit happens. but what is weird is, sometimes, if their plan backfires, or they found themselves not without the popular group, they'd just be back on you feet and go like.. 'hey wanna hang out?'

type two:
- some friends, just dissapeared.

- they do. one day after years, they'd have to move or go away. and the next thing you know. you'd be wondering where they are, what they're doing. wether or not they're still alive and bretahing. if they're in good conditions. and wondering why they haven't even make contact with you.

- but again they can't all be blame. maybe they have been trying but you just never able to get your hands on their contact details. so, they just... long gone. you might never hear from them again.

type three:
- maybe up till one day, you suddenly go to a seminar and meet them, or you're going to the mosque to do your prayers and suddenly, out of no where, you just see your old friend praying just next to you! its ironic!

- and you found out that all this while, they have been thinking of you. they too have been wondering the same thing you wonder about them. to learn that they still do remember you, even though they could have mixed up your name. and soon, you're sitting in front of your computer, chatting happily with them. digging up memories you shared with them when you were younger.

- and one day, you got to know that they actually wrote about you in their english essay, titled 'my best friend'. its so flattering. the fact that they still remember you and they're actually there, and now you're back to those dyas where you play and joke around with them. going out and have fun with them. actually tightening the bond you once had.

- and thats what you call a friend.

type four:
- there are also friends that you yourself don't even remember. you know you know them, but you just don't remember their looks, or how they were, or their name even. and thats bad!

- I don't know what to say more about this type.

type five:
- these are friends that lives far from you. they've moved on. to a new place. they might be thinking of you, or not. you'd never know. because you just don't talk to them. even though they actually might be there. waiting for one another to just strike up a conversation. but none even actually make the point or effort to.

- so its just that, they're there, right under your range of contact, but you don't. as if they're just THERE!

- up till one day, you see a person that looks like them. just a random person pass you by, or a person who you meet at your tuition and that person just reminds you so much of the friend you parted with, and you find yourself missing that friend up to the point where you just feel like talking to them right there and then.

- or you might even feel the urge to talk to the resemblance person and act as if they are the friend you've been neglecting. but you know you can't.

type six:
- this kind is the friend you'r close with, but not up to the point where you actually tell them secrets. sometimes, you don't even know what to talk about. sure you see them everyday, and they're always there with you at lunch time, but you find yourself blurt out and say 'last summer, I kissed BLAR BLAR' or something like that.

- some you just can't go straight out like you can to few others. its just different. its not an act of hate, or dislikeness, or prefering the other better, or no trusting them, just the fact that you're just not able to.

type seven:
- but there are also friends who you can just seem to tell EVERYTHING to. you just can open up to those kind of people. words just come out when you're around them. you feel as if they cna help you, and they'd just listen to you. they'll make you feel comfortable. and they're just there.

- and these kind of people, doesn't even have to come in the same package as you are. they could just be the total opposite of you. everything you like, can the everything that person hate. and it could be the other way round. it could be in any way. but you're just able to hold that bond with them. and they're the person you can rely most on.

- and this might just be the person you stick with your whole life. in years to come, you could just see yourself sitting next to these people, sipping cocoa at a cafe and talking bout the good old days.

- and these are the real meaning of friendship. the people who actually appreciates one another. and help them through thick and thin. and stay with them till the end.

type eight:
- and there are also people who you just can't find yourself to be aquainted with. you just use to loath the person and can never see yourself talking and chatting with the person ever without killing each other.

- and after years, you find that that exact same people, turn out to be the one you call best friend. and actually meaning it. they'd be the one by your side, listening to all your rambles, craps and problems.

- you just appreciate them SO MUCH!!

type nine:
- they are also such friendship that can turn to love. its true. you might nnever actually look at the person, until one day when you just actually, took a second look. cometimes, you'd never even guess it could ever happen. things like this comes unexpectedly.

type ten:
- and the one person you're closest most with, is yourself. you live with the person, you do everything with him/her. every minute you spend doing exactly what they do. they're always THERE FOR YOU! and this is the person you can trust MOST!! every desicion they make, effects you. so this person is the very first person you have to take care of. their health, looks, personality, doings, things thay say, and them themselves!

- so who do you think you are!?

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