Saturday, April 02, 2005


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you got it right. I have actually joined the KDU debate. the OFFICIAL KDU PARLIMENTARY debate. and its so stressing.

meetings are practically everyday. we have 3 topics in THREE days continuously. and we have to find points for both sides, the government and the opposition. its so stressing.

our deadline was supposed to be on wednesday. but it is already saturday and yet we're still struggling to find points. Lucky we've finished 2 debates. all we have to do is write down a proper speech, for both sides, and when we get there, when we are being quarantined, thats the time when we just take out our speech and run through it.

but its really taking up my brain. and time. my homework are behind. especially my add maths. just found out that 5 marks are being cut off from my exam result due to not sending in my homework. PFFT!!

And I won't be in scholl for 3 days. and my right arm has this thing going on, where it just stings when it want. I just get it out of no where. and it sucks.

I'm at miza's now. debate sleepover. we're brainstorming everything, making it all come out so we'd al be ready. by tomorrow we have to get out speeches ready and by sunday, we have to go through it for ms. ruth. its basically slaving ourself to her lar...

I've been so cuaght up in this desire and this interest of being in the debate team, and just debate, i failed to consider if I even have the charisma to actually speak up in front of a whole auditorium of people. I couldn't even talk in front of my sister.

I thought I was ready when I auditioned for Taylor's Debate. Apparently, I screwed. TYPICAL!!! And this one is more official. besides, parlimentary debate has POI's and that is during your speech, the opposing team can stand up and ask a question and you are expected to answer it.

So you just have to be on guard and ready. And I'm just scared I'd freak. PLus I am the first speaker of the first debate on monday. also, this debate is the first debate of the whole competition. talk about pressure.

So all I can do now is just hang in there. but somehow I'm not all that scared as I know I have a great team behind me.

miza : she'll be the one who'll always remind us to be serious. to get us on our feet. do not slack off.

gg : the words that comes out of her mouth are like a bullet train. and its great because it really helps as what she says, are all relevant.

michelle : she's just the one who makes it fun for us. give jokes and stuff and yet she's serious with her work.


And michelle's mom has been great!!! She's been contributing so much that I couldn't even imagine letting her down. but in any case that that does happen, well, I'm buying her a big ice cream scoop from baskin robins!!

I've got to go finish my speech now. Its 1 am in the morning and I'm doing a speech. Thats what debate do to you! And how did I get involve in this hoopla. Just by agreeing to go for a debate workshop, and now, I'm stuck in this net and can't get away.

Alright. Hamiza is gonna wonder where I am as I am sneaking in to write this. BUt it makes me feel better. And less sleepy. We did get soup just now so all is good.

And later after we're done with our speech, miza is going to let me have my OC MARATHON. she has the whole OC first season and I picked up the show from the middle so now is muy chance to really get to understand what really happened. My abck hurts. My brain's moving slow. and two pieces of paper are waiting to be filled. THE JOY LIFE BRINGS.


- cheese dandruffs tastes GOOD!!

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