Sunday, June 15, 2008


what do you know. I will be going back to Kolej Akasia and my scheduled life as an Australian Matriculation student at INTEC. It will be back to waking up at 6 in the morning and the trips to the studying room also the last minute cramming for tests and homeworks. Ahhh. For some weird reason I do miss all of that. But another part of me really dread to be back there. I for one thing am not looking forward to once again be abandoned and ignored in class but I do want to be back to burying myself in books and knowledge. Sigh. But the Negative outweighs the anticipation of going back.

But it does not matter now does it.

I am too fat and my whole plan to exercise for one month only got shortened to one week so I'm packing up all these extra baggage back with me to school. I can't wait to see Adam and Syam again because they make me laugh all the time. I am also looking forward to seeing Fiqa and Raja Azraff. Yes, I do want to meet Hazra, Iman and the others also but I am just hoping beyond hope that they would not treat me as poorly as they did last semester. Sigh.

Other awful things about going back to Intec includes that homework that I need to pass up in within the first week of school. I did not do any of my homework so I am so not excited about that. Plus, I will be getting my second semester final exam results tomorrow. I do not believe that I have done so well. I mean, I only hope that I did not slip from last year's result but I don't think I'd be getting 4 As this time around on account that I screwed up most of my papers. Ahhhh haih. Other than that, I am expected to go back to my responsibilities as the Sub-Editor of the Ausmat 19 magazine also as Secretary for the CATS club. urrrgh I am not looking forward for both.

On another note, my sister is coming back! Her flight will be tomorrow and she is expected to arrive early morning on Tuesday. I have already sort of planned things that I can do with her but most important, I just want to sleep with her. In the same room, where we always get in each other's way and where we would insult each other or just tell things. We were never close, my sister and I. But you know what they say, the distance will bring you closer and it goes the same way in this case. Plus, I've already exposed myself to so many things about life the past 2 semesters in Intec, so I find that there are more things my sister and I have in common or that we can agree with. And I believe she feels the same way. It is going to be SWEET!

One more thing, my guitar teacher was replaced by another one. Arie is a 24 year old guitar player and he is currently studying music somewhere. I did not click with him as fast as I did with my previous teacher Andy, but Arie is SURELY teaching me more than Andy. Arie promised to teach me the scaling, chords progression and he agreed to pass on to me the hows and whats of writing a proper song. Soon enough, I will be writing a song that is actually COHERENT with the melody. Hehe. I am excited.

So I suppose that is that. One month is over. Only half of my TO-DO-LIST was checked off. At least I got to see Kak Yuna, and I got to meet my all my old friends again (Gg, I WILL SEE YOU SOON!) I got to watch a lot of movies and I wrote many songs. I got to play at the beach even though that lasted only around 2 to 3 hours. I spent time with my cousins. I had my hair done. I got a new cardigan. Although I did not get to see Butterfingers play live (and I still shall one day) and I did not play at Layar Tanchap like I dream, I still got to play the Sims and sleep a lot. Ahaha. I finally got a driving license although I wish I made that bread pudding I longed for. Aahhh, all in all, I could have done more, but I'm glad with what I have already done. I wish I started my homework and exercise earlier though. NGEK.


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