Tuesday, May 13, 2008


three papers are down and two more to go. yes. in three days I will once again roam the land free from stress. school stress that is. for one month I shall be able to wake up when I want, do what I want and scream whenever I want. in 3 days, I shall be a free girl.

I hhave not exactly outlined my plans for this semester's holiday but I know what I want to do. I want to go to gigs. I want to go to MANY gigs. I want to go see Yunalis play live. I want to exercise everyday. I want to go out with my friends. I want to go see my suster. I want to loose all these weight I've put on this semester. I want to read this book I bought for 4 months already and have not been able to read. I want to write songs again. I want to go perform live somewhere. I want to go out with Shahrul Iman. I want to go watch a movie. I want to go fix my hair. I want to go eat Nando's. I want to make Mama's present. I want to go out with my cousin. I want to go on a date. I want to go to a beach. I want to go to a padang at night and play guitar there and sing. I want to go on a picnic. I want to do anything that could make me FREE!

Yes. I shall put all of that in a better manner later. But for now, I have to battle my Accounts and Economics. The two major subjects of my course. I am really starting to hate Accounts. I will sit for my paper in less than 24 hours and I still do not believe I am ready. I am so not. I have always thought I am good in Accounts but now, I do not feel that at all. And I am so tired and lazy to study. Die.

English was alright but my READING was a killer. I miscalculated my timing therefore I had limited time when I did my WRITING and I do not even remember what I wrote. Die. Malay Studies was jsut, annoying. There were a lot of writing and I am not even certain if I answered accordingly. I hope I did but I am not too scared for that. Mathematics, like always, is hard. But I do not feel as fucked up about it as my other mathematics test papers before. I think I haev at least managed to escape a fail but I wish I could score at least a B. Am quite confident with Economics, especially since I have and extra day on Thursday to study for the Economics paper on Friday. Now, I think I might have a BIG potential to screw accounts.

Screwy screw screw.

I suddenly had a feeling that I want to go meet and hang out with Farah Afreeda. Weird.

- I need to fart. ;p

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