Tuesday, July 11, 2006

fishing for FISH.

this is one of those moments where the thought of SPM has hit me. 123 days to SPM and hell, I ain't ready. I have not be finishing my homework, apparently, its af is there are so many of them, and I'll find myself exhausted everytime I get back from school.

I find myself looking forward to Tuesdays and the weekends, and completly dragging the coming of Wednesday. Coming home from school enquires me to have my lunch and by time I'm all relaxed, its time for my "The Bold and the Beautiful" soap opera series. I do fit in that time to do my homework, but of course, there is not enough time.

Time. A big word isn't it? You never have enough of it.

I had a dream the night before, about something that I felt was quite a good storyline for me to compose a story of it. And thats what I'm going to do. I'm glad I remembered almost all the details so I could really go by the dream. Its like, THE STORY FROM MY DREAM. ahahah.

Well, unlike all the other times I dreamnt about some incredible story close to my heart, and all the times I make up some crazy goal to make a story of it, well this time, I'm going to actually finish writing it.

It's so incredibly me to start something and not finish it. My Harry Potter scrap book, my folder full of stories from my night dreams that I was suppose to turn into a story, my enrolling ymself in my drums class. I bet its because of my lack of drive in myself. Can that drive be taught, or is it something you have to go search for yourself. If its the latter than I'm doomed.

Well, I have been securing myself with things that are not exactly close to SPM. Like I'm busying myself with sending articles for Gemala, getting all kinds of books to fill up my buku Nilam and writing unimportant fictions for the fun of the process.

Isn't it frustrating?

My 2nd year anniversary is coming up. Time does go fast don't it? I still remember when shahrul and I was in still our our "zaman kebodohan" and still think the idea of having a bf slash gf is a ridicule. Amazing.

Well, I sort of finished my homework for today already, nothing much to talk about really, just had time to post so I figured I should. That's all then.

- anyone knows where to purchase a good MAC AND CHEESE?

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