Thursday, April 28, 2005


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I don't know when it got bad but I know it did go bad.

well it didn't help that I woke up 3o minutes later then I planned to. But its a good thing I still had time to get everthing done and all that goes with it.

and yet I'm still late.

when I got to class, Gg's complaining bout the teacher being all harshy about the class album. And even some people were so irresponsible to not even bother about giving in their pictures. So it was bad as G were complaining the whole time. We were scolded about something we didn't even know we had to do.

And then there was pJ. UDTA. You think thats bad enough. We waited for the tecaher in front of Gamma's class bench outside the makmal.But when the tecaher came, I got up, and I had a real bad back ache. I sprained my urat. It hurts bad.

Then I had to do these whole bangkit tubi thingy whingy. It wasn't that bad as I thought it would be. Until we had to to the tekan tubi. Pumping against the bench place. My hand got soared and so was my back still. Then we ha dto run. Owh my God. It was bad. I felt tired and heavy. But considering, my time wasn't as bad as I expected. But there were stories that poeple cheated so it sucked.

When I got back for English, the tecaher were being so... PISH!!! She hates us. G and I. And it was worse that we didn't bring our book. She hates us even more now. So it was recess. It was okay recess time.

When I got back, it was Add Maths time but the teacher didn't come in so the class was pretty noisy. G and I had our "after recess's drama" until puan Asmahan came to us to change out pj clothes. so we did.

it was Bm time when we got back. we had to dp some bloody rumusan I don't even really doing well coz my back was aching. So when I finished my rumusan, I went to meet Miza to urut my back. SHE'S GOOD!!

I spent a little too much time there coz when I got back, they already left for agama. So I pretty much came late. The back still wasn't all that cured.

When I got there, it was writing notes and stuff. It wasn't bad.

So then I went to Setia's meeting, excited I kinda was. So it was cool at first, we chat and stuff.

UNtil there were like a clash of wanting to use the classroom. So we got it for an hour before the dancing people needed it.

in that hour, we started of with the BOD explaining the projects thats coming up. but the level of noise in the class was pretty high. we thought it was ridiculous that the director was talking in front and the class was noisy.

all and all they exlained whats to come. And then, they interviewed some late comers for the post of BOD of Setia.

Shahrul, Fawwaz, Iqbal, Nasriff, Iesqo and OMar. It was mostly funny and weird. But it was definitely noisy. It was kind of hard to hear what they were saying because a lot of people weren't paying attention.

So the real shit started when it was Nasriff's turn to go up there. There he was trying to prove that he is potentially capable to become and BOD member. and this girl had to actually come with a fucking stupid question that embarrassed him. I could see the expression on his face changed.

And somehow I told her off as I thought it wasn't right. And now, I think she's bitching about me. The hell I care. It was so rude.

It pissed me off bad!

and the last guy was Shahrul and I was all ga-ga-ish over him. At one certain point, the level of noise fro the class got to an extand where its just too loud and unrespectful I couldnt' even hear what he was saying.

one hour is up, and Gg were given the chance to make a statement of how unrespectful these people were acting during the whole so-called meeting. And then this other girl went against her and there were sort of a back and forth debate until the director calmed them. Some poeple went back being mad, some offended, some even apologized for making noise. And hell it sucked!!

I was complaining the whole time before we went back.

I know it was perhaps rude to say it was rude but I was pissed. And it sucks to know somone actually hates me now. So I decided to apologize to her tomorrow. And yet tel her it wasn't right.

And in my opinion. If the BOD of Setia does consume of people who hates each other, then BYE-BYE SETIA 2006!

- macam mana nak lead a club kalau asyik tidur dalam class jer..? kiss my ass lar!

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