Monday, October 10, 2005

UNNECCESSARY test of compatibility

I was browsing the other day and saw this compatibility test thingy-majig. So I took it regardless of where shahrul and I are now. Just for fun. Here is the result.

Sasha's Sun Conjunct Bernard's Jupiter:

There is a tremendous amount of good will, optimism, and enthusiasm in your relationship. bernard draws out sasha's optimism and self-confidence and is able to assist sasha in discovering new possibilities and avenues for growth. A shared vision, philosophy, or goal for the future gives vitality to your relationship.

Sasha's Sun Opposition Bernard's Saturn:

It is likely that a restrictive, limiting, and even oppressive tone develops in this relationship. bernard can fall into the role of being the parent, teacher, or taskmaster of sasha, causing sasha to feel inhibited and confined by bernard's seriousness and inflexibility. If sasha can benefit from the responsible and concerned attitude of bernard and bernard can refrain from taking problems or concerns too seriously, then the positive sense of maturity, responsibility, and stability of the relationship can overcome the negative tendencies.

Sasha's Sun Opposition Bernard's Uranus:

If the two of you depend on each other to perform tasks and meet responsibilties (such as in a business relationship), you will find that it is often difficult to coordinate your schedules or focus on practical details. You do work together well on creative and innovative projects, however, when you do get together. You are likely to pop in and out of each other's lives at unexpected times.

Sasha's Sun Opposition Bernard's Neptune:

There is a strong tendency to be unrealistic in your perceptions and expectations of each other. Bitter disappointments and a loss of trust and confidence in one another can arise. To prevent this from happening, you both must strive be scrupulously honest with each other, and refrain from "playing games", exaggerating or hiding things from one another. If handled positively, this astrological influence can inspire higher ideals and altruism in both of you.

Sasha's Sun Square Bernard's Mercury:

The two of you do not always see eye-to-eye on issues, and it is very easy for bernard to become critical of sasha. Compounding the problem is sasha's tendency to be very sensitive to criticism from bernard and consequently react defensively to this criticism. This need not be a serious problem however; a little tolerance for each other's right to disagree and respect for individual differences is all it takes to make personal differences interesting rather than annoying.

Bernard's Sun Trine Sasha's Neptune:

The two of you have a strong intuitive understanding of each other, and you inspire each other's imagination, idealism, and aspirations. You help each other to become clearer about your ideals and religious inclinations, and together you develop a greater sense of meaning and purpose in your lives. You help each other to look beyond the daily problems and issues of your personal lives and focus more on altruistic goals and broader issues.

- this seems so bluerwgh but at the same time has its sense of right-ness

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do NOT be blinded by a BLONDIE { unless you're ATIKAH. in which case she ALREADY has }

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THIS IS CEDRIC DIGGORY!! TOTALLY NOT CUTE MATERIAL!! But somehow I won't be surprise if Miza is on Atikah's side. All of you are just crazy of girly guys. Like Chad Michael Murray. Eeew. I won't be surprise if Diana and Gg and Shameen goes Ga-ga mode over that Cedric too. Well I still think my victor Krum is cute.

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- I still have a thing for Dan though!

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

do NOT look at him and tell me he is not HOT!

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Stanislav Ianevski

He is the dude who plays Victor Krum in the next Harry Potter movie titled Harry POtter and the Goblet of Fire. I think he's the perfect fit for the character.

now don't tell me you look at these pictures and not go AHHHHHH!!!

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I find it unneccesary to explain the events of the pictures. All I know is I'm excited.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think I've gone on Harry-Potter-Fourth-Movie-Crazy-Anticipating-Fan-mode a little too early. I mean, its not coming out until November, and I'm already having dreams about it. Well, watching all the trailers again, and again practically everyday doesn't help either. {You can get the trailers here}

Well, I guess its because I have nothing else to do this Ramadhan month. Well besides my finals, fasting and those ibadat stuff I mean. Owh well, I'm just going to get through my finals and I'm going to double up my crazy-fan-mode and find my own time turner to make time go faster.


- long live Harry Potter and all that goes with it.

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