Monday, January 22, 2007

NOT many people take TRIPS to Kenny Rogers do they?

well I must be insane because I did that. twice.

Obviously people would expect me to go there on account that my boyfriend is working there. So as I perfectly normal girlfriend, I must definitely give him my full support. And to the fact that I would like him to serve me. So this is summarizing the days:

The first time was with Miza:-
The only one that could actually go with me on that last minute note was Miza so I dragged her along to Parade to have my very experience being served by Mr. Shahrul Iman Shahizan a.k.a. the HOTTIE in Kenny Rogers. Miza showed up at my front door while my mom was pestering me about what I was wearing for the outing. I end up with a black top and typical blue jeans and a black handbag. As an added bonus, I came down finding Miza wearing he exact same thing. Irony.

Well mom drived us there and the first thing we did was not Kenny Rogers. We went straight to Cold Storage (note: one of my favourite place to be) and got mama the croissants she ordered. It was too early to go to Kenny Rogers because Shahrul hasn't started working yet, so we decided to go see how Lynn was doing. And coincidently she was having her break at the time so I invited her to go to Kenny Rogers with us and Miza was fine with it.

So we hung out there for a while waiting for Lynn to wrap up what she was doing. Miza and I just roamed around LaSenza pointing out on things we'd wear or which we won't. When Lynn was done, it was time to go have my finest dining experience. AHahha. So we made our way to Kenny Rogers and actually requested for Shahrul Iman to serve us. He seemed excited though.

So there we were sitting at a small round table having Shahrul Iman standing there with his pen and order paper, a big smile and that gorgeous sexy hair. Ahahaha. We sent in our orders and waited for it, making conversations and Miza and Lynn getting to know each other better. Not long after, the food arrived and we talked and eat some more while I occasionally steal a peak at Shahrul, or rather, the lower half of him at his...

After we were done we said our goodbyes and Miza and I parted with Lynn. That was when we went to MPH because Miza being Miza, won't be complete without a book in hand to bring home. Knowing me, I am not exactly a book person. Don't get me wrong, I still try to finish a book every night before I go to sleep, and I don't mind making trips to MPH but I'm not exactly the kind of girl who hangs around there until the whole place get blacked out.

Which was exactly what happened!! Miza and I were perched up at one of the book shelves while Miza contemplating on which book she wanted, and I standing next to her trying to entertain myself, the lights went off. Not the whole of Parade though, just MPH! and at that time, there were whispers and gasps, and a whole bunch of people leaving their books and going out the door. Book freaks like Miza though, nudged their friends to stay put and just wait till the lights were back on even though we had no clue on when that would be. Luckily it didn't take long, but Miza still took a long time to decide on the second book she must buy. We ended up with a book I considered fine because I could borrow it some time later.

So she went to pay up then we decided to go and find Aiman's present. But instead, we came across Amar. (actually I only knew his name the next day when I went to see him again) Amar was in charge of this lucky draw win a phone thing they were having in Parade. He invited Miza and I to come join in the lucky draw but he suggested that we come back at 6pm to get a chance to win a video camera. Before we left, Amar, the dj, told me I have a nice Australian accent. :D

Aiman's presents were not working so we decided to have a drink and Miza decided that Kenny Rogers was the best place for that! I true enough, it was the right place and the right time because the boys were having their break and was eating so we decided to join them. It was fun to get to hang out with the boys and Miza again. Like we did when we came a few months ago trying to find our Raya Clothes. Coincidently, we were all wearing black like the other day!! Irony.

Knowing that there is no fun on having a friend working somewhere unless they get to pull some strings for you, we asked if we could BORROW a receipt from Kenny Rogers of someone that doesn't want it, or receipts that they already threw in the trash can. So Shahrul picked up one and we were lucky that we did because the Lucky draw consist of receipts that exceeds rm30 per piece.

After our drink, it was already 6pm and we were ready to get LUCKY!!! So we made our way there and did everything needed. The game was like this! We had to reach out in the box for as many light ping pong balls as possible and if we get the marked ping pong ball, we get a prize!!! Lucky we got 5 tries, so I did 2 while Miza took 3. And apparently, it wasn't our lucky day because we didn't get anything! Not even a mangy Parkson voucher.

But that put Miza on a higher crazy mode because she was begging me to do more of that Lucky draw thing but we were just out of money or places to get receipts. So Miza called her dad and we headed home. Having a great day.

The second time was with Diana:
Okay this time we had a purpose. It was two days before Aiman's borthday and we had nothing for him. So since Didi and I decided to share presents for Aiman, we set a date for us to go find him a shirt. Saturday, 27th January. Diana and I planned to meet up at parade but Didi had a last minute interview thing so I went to eat first with my parents. And where else would we eat if not Rasa Thai. I had one of the greatest Tom Yam EVER!!!

That was the fateful time when I met my old kindergarten friend, Aimi. The girl I have been wondering about since a few years back. She looks 17 and healthy so I was glad. Mom made me exchange numbers with her so I did. Later, mom and dad went home leaving me there waiting for my date. So there I was going around Subang Parade as much as I possibly could making damn sure I avoid Kenny Rogers so that Shahrul Iman would not see me.

I've always considered Subang Parade as my favourite mall but trust me, walkinga lone in Subang Parade for half and hour can be such a drag. Its worse that I didn't meet Diana until one hour after that. It wasn't anyone's fault. My phone was burping problems that day so I couldn't call in or out. At that point I was going out of my mind. I figured Diana would already arrived by then therefore I tried to find her around but I couldn't. I decided to cough up my coins and give her a call using the public telephone. But there she was around the public phone, calling in my mom wondering where I disappeared to. She told me she had been trying to call me but failed to reach me. That was 30 minutes wasted of our lives that we couldn't get back.

So first we decided to get a grab to eat at Kenny Rogers. Not for the sake of eating, but for the sake of having Shahrul and Aiman cater us. As we got our seat, a considerably cute guy named Amir came up to us with the menu. But I rejected him and requested that Shahrul took our orders. He smiled and walked off. Diana thought it was mean to shoo him off but why waste a perfectly good opportunity to have Shahrul cater to me. We requested that Amir guy send us our food because I thought Diana might want to have an eye candy there and I felt bad for shooing him off so when he came with the food, the both of us just smiled and giggled.

It was a great chance to catch up with Diana and we updated ourselves with many things!! After that we made our way around to find Aiman's presents and we settled with a yellow shirt. We did get around to meet all possible people we knew and could find there. We spent a while with Melisa at King's Pie and found out interesting news about her. It was good to get to catch up with her as well. I really miss her. I told her that one of her co-workers was really cute and she went and told the guy that I wanted his number. Which was totally embarrassing.

My legs were all ready to kill me but I managed to make it back home thanks to Diana's dad. It was a great day and it plastered smiles on me for the rest of the day. It felt good.

- Gg and Atikah punya turn?

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