Saturday, August 06, 2005

aren't you GLAD?

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current status : missing bernard.

well. theres much to say but so little memory of what they are. ahahahaha. ok I'm just going to recap.

hary potter book 6 :- yes people I have finally managed to finish it. Its the best!!! Honestly. This book makes everything come to place. It makes sense. and a little bit of romance here and there. its real good!

electric guitar :- owh did I mention I got one set of electric guitar for my 15th birthday. Its equipt with amplifier, strap, tuner, and picks and a few gadgets I'm not sure myself. Its pretty cool. Been playing it since.

thats all I remember. ahahhahahaha. I mean. There is nothing to tell about life so far. Its been pretty much the same. Day after day. Except now that I don't have my drums class anymore.

homework has been piling up. Projects.. URGH!!!

I ahve been helping sachin with some sweet seling business. Is pretty cool. I've been making some money whihc goes to my lunch money for school. So now I can save up my money enough to buy.. stuff.

did I tell you that Shahrul got me a pair of shoes. Well he did. AND THEY'RE AWESOME!! They're nice. but I still hate the idea of having it form him. I mean, he keeps spending on me and I hate that. Sigh...

Diana and I are in the middle of writing a song. Cun eyh!? A rock song at that! I'm singing and songwriting and lead guitar-ing. Diana does the songwriting too. And can sing if she wants to. Tnegku Shafiq qill be rocking the rythm guitar while Shahir rocks it on the drums. Its quite fun really.

Well, just so you know, I have developed a sudden BIG interest in JOsie and the Pussycat's songs, and am learning it. LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM!!!

urgh. I need my brains back. Night.

- aren't you glad?

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fit in my new (old) SKIN. again.

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familiar ain't it!? Yeah I decided to dig back this old skin of mine and use it again. But it don't looks as GREAT as it was back when I used it. Well I just thought is safe.

Ok here's the thing. After experimenting with various kinds of skins, I finally sticked to one skin that lasted quite a long while. The black one with the picture of the deserted street.

Well actually. I loved skin-hunting-blog-changing before. I'd look forward working on the computer just to change em'. God. I find it so extremely 'menyusahkan' now. I mean, you gotta freaking read the whole htmls, knowing where things are and getting them right.

Don't get me wrong. I like reading htmls, but its just.. NYAH!

So ther I go, perfectly fine with my black skin. Until my friends told me they had problems with reading. So I tried to correct it. But with htmls being ass-hole-ic, somehting happened making my blog go haywire.

So then I thought! OK FINE!! Lets just change the whole freaking skin. So I went skin hunting like the old days again. I don't know why, but they just don't make good blogskins anymore.

Or maybe none that meets my expectation. There are a few that met my interest but they're just not good enough.

So then recently I got this FREAKILY WEIRD skin. You gotta type to navigate to the page you wanna see. Quite cool. i like the concept. But sadly, my friends couldn't make their way to the page, and I just coudln't live with not having my comments or tag-board responded.

So I decided to change though the thought of going through the whole thing again disgusts me.

So I settled with this extremely pink skin. And God the thing lasted last than 24 hours. I really don't like it. I mean its good but something about it made it just not good. So now I decided to stick with the first one. Safe.

But it won't be long that I can assure you! It ain't all cun anymore after all the skins I've been through.

I am in the middle of doing ym own skin so there is a possibility that I'll be using that. So just wait fer it. Or wait till I find a new one. Ugrh I hate having this again! I hate not having a skin I can say, FARISA!!

And I hate that all these skins business had prevented me form writing my posts. There were a lot I wanted to say but its so outdated now. IRSH!

- same old skin

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

cry for the POTRAIT

Image hosted by

don't you just love this picture!? I know I do.

- great ain't it?

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my BREAK up

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current status : I'm quite sad actually

well I have never ever EVER broke up with anybody before. at least I never actually be the one who breaks it anyway. But sadly, today I had to do it.

mom told me that it was for the best. she didn't want me to go through all this anymore. Its hurting her as much as it hurts me. I contemplated the 'proposion' but in the end thought that it was for the best.

It hurt me to say those words tonight. My heart was beating fast. nervous of course. my mind was racing with ideas of what he'll say, what his reaction would be like. I was scared. But I know I had to do it, there is no turning back now. Mom wants me to do it. I can't object!

Urgh... the anxiety!!! But I did it. Its over now. I won't be seeing him anymore. At least not soon.. I broke it off. I do feel like crying but no tears came out. This is how its going to be like now. I'm going to have less to think about, I can concentrate more on my studies and family now. No more extra thing to care about. It pains me true.

before I go on.. people don't get me wrong. HE IS NOT SHAHRUL!!!

I am perfectly in good terms with Mr. Shahrul Iman.

I am actually talking about my drums teacher. Thats right. I quit my drums class. It is a painful thing to do. To tell the truth, there has been this unique bond between my drums teacher and I. Sort of this teacher-student cum good friends who insults each other thing.

Call us freaks but its true. Of course i dread his class every week now but it makes it fun goign there. Kind of a relax thing. Owh well..

I know I won't be hearing the last of him. His band is launching their own cd later. Heck knows what their band name is, he wouldn't tell, but he did invite me to the launching of his band. So if I could, I would go. Sigh.. I miss him already..

So thats that! Mom told me that she wants me to quit because I am not really getting better, and that she's spending money for that, and that she told me to concentrate on my guitar and be great at it before I continue with my drumming again.

Thing is, I wonder when that is going to be and I'm scared that my teacher won't be there anymore! All with his 'new band going national' thing. Sigh. But I know it'll be a waste if I quit permanently. Mom even said that its not common for a girl, especially one like me, to play drums and imagine me playing live. It'll be cool.

But then again, guitar comes first I suppose. So now I am on the hunt for a guitar teacher. Seriously speaking, I don't feel like learning guitars anymore. I do miss it but to go through all that again. Sigh... Owh well... See where it'll all lead!!

I'm going to miss the sounds of the banging and me sucking up.

- I got you scared with the whole break up didn't I!?

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fit in my NEW skin

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It just makes me feel all tingly inside!!!! EEEEEE.... *squeals like a girl*


ok so people. I have a new blogskin. Sad to say that it is still not pink, but yet its in black.. again. BUt its good.

The old skin are giving me headaches now after the whole change the font thing. And I got sick of it. I have been blogskin hunting for a few months now actually. Did I come across loads that I like?

Hell yeah! But thing is.. they're not good enough.

Truth betold. This one is not good enough either. I just like the concept of the skin. The whole "write to read" thing. But note that this skin won't last long. At one point I know I will get annoyed by it. Fact is that this skin is not systematic enough.

So just enjoy it while its here. I'll be skin hunting again later. Found another one actually. Something a lot nicer, and pinker and more FARISA ROSLAN!

But at this point with me being so lazy reading htmls.. and also the fact that my comp behaving like shit, I'm going to settle for this one first. The other skin needs a lot more TWITCHING up so that'll be LATER!!

Complaints will come I think out of the inappropiate settings of this skin. Well enjoy anyway. Comment on it.

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