Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Knight in Shining Sweater

Knight: Hey, where are you now? At uni?

Damsel: Yes, I am trying to finish up my assignment. So stressed.

Knight: Brrr.. Its so cold

Damsel: I know right. But its just nice here in the library.

Knight: What time are you going back?

Damsel: I'm not sure yet. Perhaps not long from now.

Knight: Do you know that its raining outside?

Damsel: Omg! Really? I didn't know that. Oh its going to be so cold going back.

Knight: Yeah do you have umbrella?

Damsel: Nope. I'm not even wearing a jacket. Forgot to bring one. Damn it.

Knight: Oh, you're going to freeze yourself. Its really cold.

Damsel: Omg really? What do I do now!?

Knight: Better wait for the rain to stop.

Damsel: You know you this is your chance to be a hero

Knight: What do you mean?

Damsel: This is the chance for you to be a knight in shining armor. You can come over the library and bring me an umbrella and a jacket :D

Knight: Oh. Where are you at?

Damsel: Haha. I'm over at the university library.

Knight: Is that the one near the park?

Damsel: Yes, but hey that was just a joke really. You do not need to come. Thank you for the thought though :)

Knight: But its really cold outside.

Damsel: Its okay. I'll manage. I'll make a run for it after I'm done.

Knight: What time are you planning to go back?

Damsel: I'm almost done. Perhaps in another 10 minutes.

Knight: Then I shall see you at the library in 15 minutes. Wait for me at the entrance ok. I'll bring you a jacket.

Damsel: Hey you really do not need to do this you know

Knight: No thats ok :)

Damsel: :)

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