Thursday, December 16, 2004

decency to THINK straight

listening to : sweet dreams - marilyn manson
mood : peachy
current status : tired

life has been nothing but computer and guitar. what else could I do!? rearrange the store again? No thanks. Given up on that now that its messy again! Not even a pure 6 months being left alone. Owh well.

blogs?! whats the use of it now that miza and atikah are not home. thank god miza just came back today and presented me with a full length post for me to spend at least a little part of my owh so boring life now. and atikah is still milking the cow somewhere in new zealand.

nothing happened recently so there is nothing for me to write in my blog. I'm writing this just for the sake of updating my blog.

did go out with shahrul on monday for a movie though. Fun yeah. I advice you, if you are to watch Ocean's Twelve. Make sure you watch Ocean's Eleven or you will understand ZIP!

so to slave myself back to my drums class. Don't get me wrong, I still like drums and no I won't stop. But I suck lately. Also to the fact that I am too lazy to practise but I need to. Last class was disastrous.

Its Friday tomorrow and its official. If I don't practise tomorrow, I'm gonna regret I woke up on saturday morning. Sigh. And I use to look forward to these classes.

Shahir has gone to edge with me. I have been holding of our jamming date for many times already and I think finally Mama and I have agreed to jam this Saturday before class. Boulevard of Broken Dreams [Green Day] and Swing Swing [All American Rejects]

The only things that has been behaving well now are my hair and my ego. My body and attitude haven't though. I've been real lazy. My life only consists of computer, eating, guitar, sleeping and going out in the evenings.

I'm to write another song I suppose. At least I have something to do. Anyone care to hear a song about 'macaroni and cheese'!? I suppose I'm to start on my reading the Bukit Kepong Form 4 komsas book. Have you seen the thickness of the book. Blurgh! I know Im never going to finish it until end of the year exam so might as well start now.

Anyway, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is expected to come out by January next year, Pretty quick considering the 5th book took years to publish. Owh well. I guess I won't be doing another waking up at 5 am to drive all the way to KLCC to get the book. At least not if Mama says no. I'd do anything for Harry POtter. Anything I mean reasonably and one that I can do.

Been practising loads of songs online. One Year Six Months - Yellowcard, On The Way Down - Ryan Cabrera, and even Welcome to My Life - Simple PLan. In the mniddle of Classical Gas - Eric Clapton now. Suggest more songs for me to play?

I too have been filling my life with Harry POtter fan fictions. Some are really good actually. Made a bet with Atikah to write a fanfic with requirements. End up not finishing what I start (typical of me) and I have to admit something in my blog about it. I'll consult ATikah about it later. When she decides to leave her sheep friends and come back to us.

Thats all now. NOhting much really. Cancelled my plans to go back to Kelantan. And remind me to share my experience to Johor to visit my cousins whom I haven't met for 5 years. Right now, I'm gonna do one of my favourite activities to fill my life. Talk on the phone.

- heran tak heran, goyang tak goyang, gentar tak gentar [ a song someone stuck in my head, the song is simply horrible. horribly fun to hear. shoot me ]

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