Tuesday, January 18, 2005

happy 6 months for ME!!

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there you go!! I am now officially Mr. Shahrul Girlfriend Lady Person! Half a year. Ain't too shabby!! Well, this. feels. good. Aahahahahha. I never in 20 years when I was given a life, thought I would actually be able to find a guy and last long with him. well someone who never been a serious relationship before, 6 months is considered long. I'd always thought that I'd be the kind of girl who's be single until I can settle for a job and house on my own. And thats if I'm lucky.

All these years of going GA-GA over Daniel Radcliffe, believing one ay I'll go to England and meet him. He'd ask me out on a date, and we live happily ever after. I only have one thing to say to that now. CRAP!!! Don't get me wrong, I don't deny still the cuteness of the guy himself. I'd still melt when I see him. Or have dreams of him and I on a horse-carriage in a park at night, drinking hot cocoa. Yum!! But my expectations of the whole HIM COMING TO GET ME is just, now, low!

Well, back to reality. The day has been good. It mayb be tiring but it was good no doubt.

Sad to say that the day is also Tasnim's last day of school in SMKSU. Seriously I miss her already. I'm sure how much we fail to show it earlier that day, I know that the thought of the matter, the fact that one of our beloved friends are soon to be away from us. To go on and have a different lifestyle. And this hurts all of us much.

I would just like to say something to Tasnim - Though we've only start being close to each other last year, I feel as if I've known for a long time. When I see you, I can just see light and happiness. This figure that has been there with me for a year is soon to be no more. I won't be able to see your smile, hear your laugh or go crazy with you. I won't be able to influence you to be PERKY AND LOUD anymore and I' gonna miss that. My girlfriends play an important part in my life and being far away from one of them, is as if a part of me, the light is now dim, or shut off. And I feel one part of me is now darker and I'd be afraid to go to that part of me as there is no one to light the way for me. And I will really miss you a lot and I hope we'd still be able to keep in touch okay! I love you Tasnim and I hope you read this! One day!

It feels kinda stupid that the rest of the girls has pretty fancy gifts and cards and all I've got to offer is a song for her. You can't really keep the song, but you can keep the memory of the moment, and Tasnim I hope you do! I hope you like the song too. I sang her my 'Say You'll Stay' as a goodbye song for her going away.

We stayed back after school that day to gather together and have a little party. After calling my maid for my guitar, I ran up the hill in front of my house to get them. When I saw my maid and Imran coming my way, I shrieked to Gg for her to come as she has been longing to see Imran again. It was so funny seeing her run so fast towards my way so she could see Imran. Imagine her being very 'OMG! He's so comel!!!' It was funny!

After I got my guitar, we both went back to class. I saw the tables put together and Tasnim, MIza, Diana, Shameen, and Atikah were already on it. I saw gifts and cards on the table wrapped beautifully and Tasnim already crying. I gave her a hug and calmed her down. After a while when we all settled in, they boycotted me into singing the song.

Well, sing the song I did. It was nerve-wrecking. I know its only between my friends but I have stage fright. Its so weird that all eyes are fixed on me and expect me to DO IT QUICK!! But overcoming it, I did. It didn't go that bad. I'm not sure if I sang it good enough but my guitar playing was kinda BLAH!! I had a few bar chords and its hard to press it at the certain moments especially when you need to do it FAST!! But it was good.

Tasnim cried about it and that satisfied me as the purpose of my writing/singing is fulfilled. And after that, they pushed me into singing 'Sweet Remember'. Having fun singing, I did. It wasn't all that bad either. As so I think. And then I started playing random songs.

Wonderwall [Oasis] - MIza and I were the only one who knows the song so we both sang it
Welcome to My Life [Simple Plan] - A treat for Shameen.
Boulevard of Broekn Dreams [Green Day] - Only coz I know the song and Gg hates it.
You Were Meant For Me [Jewel] - This the funnest!! Miza, Gg and I sang the song. Sure we got stuck in the middle as we don't know the lyrics but it went pretty well.
California [Phantom Planet] - Miza and I got crazy over the song

In the middle of my playing Sweet Remember, the two guys came back running towards us and presented Tasnim with a flower each as a goodbye gift to remember them by. It was pretty cute.

And then Gg played her lastest song for us. I guess compared to the other girls, I look at Gg's song in a different way as I write my own songs too and I see/hear her song and I was able to look at it in the point of view of another songwriter. And I realize her songs are different from mine. She points it out too. She said that my song is more straight forward and hers are more to putting in metaphores. But it was good!!

And then, they got hold of a paper that was writen a song I made for Shahrul for the event of the day. And they were all 'OOOO-ing, AAAA-ing and WOO-HOO-ing to it!' IT WAS SO EMBARASSING!!!!!! My cheeks were bright red. I snatched the paper and passed it to Shahrul.

And pretended nothing happened. After a while I dragged shahrul outside of the class and we went to the side of the building in order for me to sing him the song. Thinking back about it, ITS SO LAME!!! Its a 6 lines song and so lame! AHhahahah. But he thought it was sweet which I don't get why!? After we got back to the class. Shahrul was introduced by me to perform the song 'plug in baby' by muse. It was so cool because the guitar was all fast and is totally awesome! He also did a piece of Stairway to Heaven. Dad is so gonna love him for that!

Anyways. After that, I played them the intro of Heartsick by No Vacancy. For your information, No Vacancy is the ex-band of Dewey Finn aka. Mr. Scheenbly in School of Rock. The song is good. But none could guess what song it was. After that, as a treat for Tasnim, I made all of us sing the Kiss Me song, even ATIKAH!! But she refuses. It didn't last long. We soon were just hanging out and talking to each other.

The next thing I knew, Miza were ushering everyone to form a circle putting together tables and crossing our legs on each table. When a what-could-be-called circle were done, Miza introduced us to a game called, actually God Knows What the anme of the game is. But it tests your speed and you coordination. The objective of the game is to spank the knees of the people next to you. It felt pretty dumb but the laughter and smiles that were put on our faces were priceless.

After all that, it was time to go home. After everyone left, Shahrul and I stayed back a while and we bonded with my guitar. Shazlee and Afroz suddenly came and were all teasing us of being alone. I just shoo-ed them off. After I locked up the class, Shahrul sent me back. He told me to stay for a while at the bridge while he goes back home to get my present. I didn't allow that. So what I did was I put my stuff back home and walked back home with him to his house.

I waited at the playground in front of his house while he went in. After a while, he came back out with a glass of red liquid. Don't get me wrong. Its not blood. Its Pepsi Fire. The taste of the coolness in my throat felt good. After that, he handed me a box with the word Tropicana Life on it. I laughed a while as I somehow expected what was inside. And indeed it was. It was the striped purse I've been wanting to buy. It's orange and its REALLY REALLY nice.

It was funny, because when I was admiring the gift, he was sitting behind me. I looked back to smile and thank him. And there it was. This other box, this time wrapped. I asked him what it was, and the only thing he said was 'ada 2!'.

How shocked I was when I heard that. Me being me, I went all shrieky. 'Kenapa ada 2! Kenapa banyak banyak nih!!' and BLARDI BLARDI BLAR!!! But all that noise, I couldn't help but to have that smile on my face. I went to sit next to him and unwrapped the gift. Only I know how nervous I was while I took of the wrapper. I don't know what I was scared of but it was very nervous. I never have had anyone done THIS for me before.

After I finished unwrapped it, I buried my face in my arms. It was a WATCH!! An expensive looking watch. 'SHahrul!!! Mahal la!!!! Kenapa beli banyak banyak nih!!' The watch is gorgeous!! It is orange and it fits me PERFECT!!! It was one of the sweetest thing that ever happened to me. Well, not until I got to know the price. Even my mom won't spend that much on me on one birthday. Thanks Shahrul.

It was a good day. I just spent the time there with him. And after that we walked back to the bridge and back and all that goes with it. We end up going home at about 5 pm. Still in our school uniforms. Ahahahah. Well it was such a good day. Smiles all over the place. It was a good 6th months celebration.

I could not ask for anyone better than Shahrul as to be my first love. Even if that does sound corny. AHahaha. He really understands me and he really know my taste. He knows me and I'm grateful for that. Thank you again. I thank everyone who have helped us be like how we are now. I don't know how I can express my gratitude anymore. Thanks!!!

- 'Coz baby I love you, And I just wanna let you know, that I won't let you go!!'

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