Sunday, April 16, 2006

pre-UNITY dinner

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one word to summarise it. great.

one day in 2005 joshua called out a meeting for every representatives for each club in SMKSU. He proposed the idea that we should organise our own dinner like thing to raise fun for the school. It was denied that it would be like malam sumbangsih as malam sumbangsih is already a bit boring. I personally see no difference.

the wow thing about having this dinner thing is that it will be organised by the students (a.k.a. those representatives themselves) and not by the teachers. They proposed it as the UNity Dinner as it goes to explain how the organisers unite to hold the dinner.

The idea somehow stopped as if it wasnt going to happen. Until one day I was called again to a meeting and he proposed that we should get started on the preparations. O..kay..

So we finally were put in charge of a few this and that and 2 weeks before the dinner itself, we were issued to sell off all 45 tickets. Pengakap was in charge of 2 tables though I have no idea how I was going to sell the tickets off with the response I'm getting from my pengakap ppl themselves.

Sales was going pretty bad even for everyone. And I was starting to freak out. The students were claiming how it would be a total blow out to the fact that it will be held at the dewan. The wall-less dewan.

Alhamdulillah around 4 days before the night I got a few buyers and I was glad I already have people to buy my tickets. Apparently, friday(the night before the dinner) was the crazy hit day and ticket sales rocketed up! People were fighting for seats and some even begged me for seats.

We ended up selling 50 tables Alhamdlillah. And the preparations turned out fine. Believe it or not, I lost my head one moment one day when I decided I was going to perform that night. I somehow totally forgot how nervous I get if I get in front of a crowd. And in this case 500 people of crowd.

But after we auditioned, Classic Geeks, the name of our band, got the gig. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. Shahir on the drums, shafiq with his piano, while I rock with my guitar. We practised too much for the song Somebody - Bonnie McKee.

During rehearsals, people really cheered for us while we play. Sure I get nervous up there but being able to play to people is soooo muuchh funnn!!!! Nothing like any other feelings.

All and all the preparations wasn't that bad. We managed to do everything on time so that part was clear.

- the greatest thing about getting this dinner done is the fact that I was apart of it and it turned out fu partly because of me

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