Sunday, October 30, 2005

selamat hari RAYA

okay people! I am so in the mood for Raya now! A few days ago I heard a Raya song and since then the song is stuck in my head. I had that giddy feeling of the Raya time. But something is kinda spoiling this mood of mine.

The fact that I am going to Raya in Kelantan this year. Seriously, I don't hate Kelantan, I just hate my grandmother's house. The house is very kampung-ish and itd not really all that pleasant to stay in. And well, we don't really mingle with the cousins there much.

There is one family that has girls our age. But they don't come back much. And besides, my cousin is having her SPM, so fat chance they'd be here that long. My other cousin that lives in Kelantan, well, I speak to them like once a year. Perhaps twice a year. I can't just go.. hey you're excited for the Harry Potter fourth movie. The otehr family consists of BOYS. Pure boys. But what can we talk to them about. We always end up making fun of each other anyhow. Not much of a Raya spirit there.

So I kind of dread going back to Kelantan. But what can I do yar? So I'm looking on the bright side. If there is one though. Sigh.

But I'm glad the fact that I am SO into Raya that it covers up being there. But of course I'm not sure when I get there though. Sigh... Nevermine then. I still look forward to going back to kampung.

So here I am, just 40 minutes away from going back to kampung. My mom is coming back from whever now and I have to go! To everyone


I am so raiding your house masa raya nanti! See you guys afters!!!!

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all hail to the GRAPHIC designer

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okay the nervousness was killng me really. I mean I know tried out for the part last year already but last year was like so impromptu thing. I only knew about the Gemala interview 20 minutes before my turn starts. and back at the time.. I had zippo experience. My stuff was all done using paint.

How kuno is THAT!?

yeah so after I got rejected last year, I was kind of bummed. For only about a week that is. Then I'm all cool. Thought it might be a lot of work anyway. Seeing diana do it.

And so after that I went through my life normally. And it was great that last cuti I enrolled myself in this geek computer program. It shows you how to do stuff with the computer. So now I know quite a lot about the computer ways. And its quite great. You can say I'm a semi-pro at adobe photoshop. Been doing some designing since after the program.

And when I heard about the audition for the School magazine, Gemala this year. I knew I had more experiences and I more ready. Besides that, I am a more open person and I am no longer THAT afraid to speak in front of crowds.

Just a few months ago I had a concert in front of an audience and I sort of duet-ed with Gg. I had a blast and I wasn't scared.

And its a plus for me that all the people who were to interview me, are people I am familiar with. So lagila I'm not afraid to show the real me.

Now the problem is my stuff.

So I kind of started this new hobby a few months ago. Making my own magazine I mean designing it myself. Is a parody to Seventeen magazine called 15. The stuff there are practically the same since I kind of spoofed off Seventeen's stuff into my magazine. BUt hey, its not like I'm going to publish it or anything so I think I'm cool.

So for the interview I thought of presenting one of the pages of my magazine. And I did. UNtil at one point atikah said something was wrong with it. And there the insecurity came to place. I felt so scared because I felt that my stuff wasn't good enough. So that night before the interview, I spent still 2am making a page where I can show the people. AND IT STILL WASN'T THAT NICE!

So feeling more scared, and knowing I had no more time.. I went on with it.

So that morning when we went to the interview, we ended coming late so we wouldn't be interviewed until the next day. So Miza, Atikah, G and I crashed my place and watched 51st dates.

So that made me feel a little happy because I spend the rest of THAT day making more stuff for the interview. The different thing about atikah's and my stuff are that atikah had these cun pictures with all these effects and stuff. So I thought to make stuff like that coz.. well... its cun lar and stuff..

But thats just it, I don't see my work as that! I don't visualize my work with efects and stuff. I like designing a page. Putting things together.. what picture to put.. wheres the position.. what colour font.. what to say... just designing stuff lar. But I felt so insecure knowing that THOSE AIN'T COOL. it didn't look moderny. Or like it didn't look like you used computer effects and stuff. And I was scared that THAT was what they were looking for.

So I was making my stuff and all until diana called. Which I was quite glad because I felt like telling her my sorrows and stuff. And Diana managed to comfort me. She told me to relax and stuff. And she said she knows I could do it and thta she is excited to see my work. Since I've been bragging her about my magazine for a long time already. ehehhe.

owh yeah. by the way. Diana is one of the editorial board people in Gemala who will be doing the interview.

yeah so she told me that the work of a graphic designer in Gemala is to design the pages. NOt much of making the pictures looks cun. And I told her that that was what I was thinking. BUt still to put my picure next to a cunted effected picture.. might still not look so good. but she said it'll be fine.

so whe I got off the phone with her I decided to actually design a page that the Gemala could actually USE. I decided to get a poem and put it in a page and design it. I mean, isn't that what being in the Graphic department of a magazine is about? I mean Gemala gets poems to put in it. So why not show them I can actually DESIGN a page WITH a poem like how they would want me to. ITS PERFECT I thought.

So on my quest of designing the poem page. Miza then suggested me to the just that. And I told her I needed one of her poems to put in. Her deal was that she gets recognition for it. I agreed.

So there I go. I was very happy then because I felt like what I was doing was right, That that was what I really want to show these people. I'm ready. My pages were quite nice. I'm happy.

So of course the next day, I was being my owh so perky self because I had no more insecurities in me. And the bets part was I get to see Shahrul there.

So there I was with Shahrul, Miza, Atikah, Shafiq, Aidi and Tarunan. We were waiting for our turn to get interviewed. And we kind goofed around. We were making jokes and signing books and stuff. So after Miza came back from her interview, it was mine.


So I went in with the biggest smile I could place. I gave them my stuff and they all looked through. I introduced myself and we went on with the interview. It wasn't that scary. All they did were show me pages from the magazine and asked me if I can do something like it. And gladly all the things they asked, is things that I can do.

The catch is, we have to use a program called IN-Design. And I know NA-DA about it. But of course I'm willing to learn. So here and there, w went on talking. And the big question popped up. This was from Aisyah.

"How are you going to handle this and Setia? How will you take the pressure?"

Jeng Jeng Jeng.

I didn't exactly prepare for this question though I have given a thought about it. So I just said that this thing its not like I'm doing it alone. The fact that I am in a team, allows me to you know.. ask help fro my teammates if I couldn't handle it. As in I will do both my work but I can ask my teammates for help and stuff lar.

Though Im not sure that convinced her much.

After my interview Atikah went on. So I sat back feeling happy and all. When Atikah came back we just talked and stuff. Gg came after that but at one point se went to read her Gemala and Miza went to talk to Fandi. This was when the poeple were making their desicions and all. So left were Shahrul, Atikah, Shafiq, Aiman and I. The 5 of us were making stupid jokes, had great laughs, and torchering ourselves with Shafiq's singing. BUt it wasn't that boring coz all of us were there.

At one point when we were already so bored, we had a picture gala time. It was fun we had loads of poses and stuff. When they're done, we made our way home.

The girls made plans to go Buka Puasa at miza's house that day. And I had to go to the bazaar to buy food for my brothers and my maid coz my parents had dinner that night.

So I invited Shahrul, Atikah, Diana and Shafiq to go with and they agreed. Well apparently when it was time, all of use were... urm... late. So we ended up only going to the bazaar at 6pm when we were suppose to be at Miza's by 6pm.

Sorry Miza.

But we had fun at the bazaar. Making jokes.. teasing Atikah.. checking out people.. teasing Atikah. It was really FUN! But apparently we couldn't find Shafiq, so he didn't come with us.

On the way to the bazaar Diana told us the big news.


I shrieked and was practically jumping up and down and got really excited that I kinda freaked Shahrul out. Kesian dia.

But I was really happy.

Apparently we were so late that while we were waiting for Atikah's dad at my houes, the heard the Azan. They girls had to buka puasa at my house with a kurma. Shahrul was already on teh way back. He was waiting for his parents at the bridge.


I practically cried in the car because I was so sad. Luckily he told me afters that he met his parents on the way. PHEW! But I was still so kesian to him.

We were dropped off at Diana's place because she needed to drop off some stuff. Then we practically run to Miza's house, Diana and I. It was so tiring. But we were glad when we got there. Gg and Shameen were already there eating, so when we got there, we jsut grabbed our pizzas.

They were in the middle of Raise Your Voice when we came so we were just watching and stuff. Talking and eating.

After the girls had their Mghrib prayers we continued. We ended the movie and then put on a movie with JLo on it called Monster In Laws. In the middle of the movie, Miza's mom came and told us about this arts and crafts shop something something.

Then we went back to the movie. Thats when my dad came picking me up. When I got back I couldn't help but to watch New York Minute that I borrowed from Miza. It was the bomb! I LOVE THE MOVIE!!!

It was a good day. I talked to Sahrul the night and found out he was going back to kamopung early in the morning. Boy I miss him already.

- I love my friends! Miza, Diana, Gg, Atikah, Shameen. I love Shahrul! A lot! I also love cheese dandruffs! Miza I want cheese Dandruffs!

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