Saturday, August 02, 2008


I think my friends are boycotting me.

I apologize dearly to my friends whom I have been very silent too. I have been uber super duper fucking busy nowadays due to my Malam Kebudayaan! So much more to do and the event is in 4 days! I am a part of so many performances that night and in charge of a whole Fashion Show (which we have NOT found any clothes yet) so imagine how much life it is sucking out of me.

I wake up to go to school and I do not even pay attention in class because I'd be too sleepy. Then I would go back around 6pm and have little time to squeeze in my homework before practices begin at 9pm. I'd come back aroun 11.0pm and try to finish the homeworks I have.

Whats worse, I have my IELTS (someting like TOEFL) 2 days after the event so we've been having English crash courses. I have beeen so behind on my homework am and the AUSMAT magazine that I am in charge of, has been stagnant. As the Cultural, Arts and Society's secretary, this is our busy times as we are welcoming newcomers (juniors) into the club so there are TOO MANY MANY letters to write and the administration are REALLY not making my job easier. Sigh.

I am so tired all the time I feel like crying but that would just suck out more time and energy. I look forward to coming back ALL THE TIME just so I could rest and catch up on homework. But I have not been home for more than 24 hours and already I am needed back at INTEC! AHHHH!!! TAKE ME AWAYYY!!!

I can't promise that I'd be free even after Malam Budaya because I have my IN DEPTH STUDY (mini thesis) to do! GAAAARRRGGHHH!!! I HATE MALAY STUDIES!!

I swear when this is all over I am eating a BIG PLATE of Nando's and a FAT SCOOP of ice cream, then I'll go shopping!


On a happier note, I am going to be acting, dancing and singing on Malam Kebudayaan. I am in a 60-an sketch where I play Suzanna who is the popular girl in the block and fell in love with Ramli at a 60's party. Then I leave him because he has no money to marry me! HAhahahha! Then I am to be a GANGSTA (ie: kaki pukul). Faza plays TAILONG who is the big shot Along on the streets and I am his gangster lah kira. My work is easy. I get to grab Hazra and kidnap her. Then I get to punch and being punched by a few dudes. Ahahaah.

Then I am performing a Malay song with Raja Azraff, Najwa and Azzuan and Mamat. Yeah, you guys might not know some of the names but Fiqa (my partner) can't perform that night so I will be playing with a whole set of new people. I hope it will go fine. Then I will be co-hosting a Fashion Show with a guy name Ame. I am excited in a way but I know it will be so tiring.

Well, I sincerely apologize to my sayang Farhah! I kind of planned an outing already and promised to go through the plan with her when all of this is over. BUT SHE HAS GONE BACK TO AUSTRALIA so my plans went down the drain! I'm sorry Farhahh I seriously am. I don't even have time to go online. This is the first time I go online after more than a week. And to my other friends, sms-es are not replied because I'd be in the middle of rehearsals when I got the messages. Sigh.

SORRY SORRY! I will try to make it up to you guys when I can!


- all my sorrows flew away, hush keep quite hear me say : estrella - stay

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Monday, July 28, 2008


another week is going to start. again. time goes so fast. my energy is being sucked out. I am so tired most of the time. I barely have time to study. social wise going steady. hiccups here and there in life but I'll manage. God, I want to eat Wendy's. :(

- wish me luck.

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