Saturday, February 10, 2007

KLCC - the unplanned VERSION

ever since I've started work, and found out how boring it could be, I had been figuring out ways to get out of it. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful that my uncle gave me that job rather than I sit at home balling my eyes out in front of the tv (not that I dont ball my eyes out of the computer at work), but being there for hours and not having anything to do can be really boring.

so on my fourth week, I managed to score monday and tuesday off. How I pulled it off? I don't know but I was so glad to get off work. Mainly because I got unhealthily attached to Sims 2. But I figured taking the day off the third day of the week would be too rude. So I went to work on Wednesday but forget about rude when you're stuck in the office for 4 hours doing absolutely nothing. I instead attached myself to and searched out some Sims 2 stuff. Hence the obsession.

It was until my uncle came to the office around noon and invited me to go shopping. Now THAT I can do. I instantly got off my computer and got ready for Subang Parade. My uncle and I set off to Parade with two of my colleagues. We got a pair of shoes for my uncle, shuttlecocks, a pair of shoes for Gomak, and a good lunch. That was quite a fun time.

Later we went back to the office where I got my new assignment. Not so fancy but it is something I can do. So I stayed there stealing moments to watch videos some more before my uncle told me its time for him to send me home. My uncle was going to Australia the next morning so he dropped by my place to borrow a luggage bag before joining his friends for a badminton game.

That night, Diana invited me to this pameran, teknologi, Islam. The three words that I could make out. I was interested. Not for the exhibition but merely for skipping work and hanging out with Diana especially when its labeled KLCC. But decided that going to one day of work does not cover up two days of missing it.

The next morning, Mama reminded me that I didn't have to go to work because my uncle won't be there. Amidst the air liur and the taik mata, I cracked a huge smile and woke up for breakfast with my mom. Thats when I remember that Diana wanted a pal to the exhibition and I used the excuse that its for education that I decided to go. My mom allowed. I knew that Diana was to be joined by Kiki, Azzy and the new girl, Adilah. So I made soe phone calls and the next thing I know, founf myself in the car with Azfar and Adilah.

Knowing the awkwardness that would come, I actually felt scared to be in that car. I am not exactly the friendliest of a person and I was scared Adilah would take me as this annoying little lady she did not want to be around. But when I met her in the car, I was glad. Scared, anxious, glad. At least she was not someone that I could not click with. Actually, we clicked instantly.

We rode the KTM and rushed to Central. Exchanging conversations and trying hard to make it un-awkward-y as possible. At least it was like that for me. That was when I called Atikah until it was too late when I remembered that I wanted to surprise her. So I lied about being in the office and working while quote "sad sighing" about not being able to go. I know she felt I was weird but then again, whats weird if its not Farisa right?

We reached Central and planned to meet Diana. But luckily we managed to catch the train Diana was already on and we retarded-ly joined her on the LRT to KLCC. Conversations were exchanged. Laughs were let out. Yucky smells were.. smelt. ahahaha.

~~OMG THIS JUST IN: Gg just told me that her boss GEN will call me when they need extra help. Or rather she called me already. OMG! I am so gonna probably maybe hoping very badly bag that job. Alhamdulillah.~~

SO when we reached the entrance of KLCC, Didi and I headed straight to the toilet. After that we headed to the mall entrance and was happily greeted by the smell of "heaven" namely, roti boy. It was after several steps that we were greeted by a "higher level of heaven". Famous Amos.
So being the person who gets easily shaken by the smell of cookies, I bought a 100gm bag. Chewing the cookies happily, we headed to Kinokuniya. Now almost everyone who knows me knows that I am not a big fan of books. I mean, I do hang out in bookstores when I could, but I am just not the kind who goes around reading the synopsis of books. I get restless easily.

So it didn't help that Atikah was an hour late leaving me there in the bookstore for that long. After gushing over the Harry Potter books and the books I wish I could read from Meg Cabot, I was restless to get out of there. But luckily Diana decided to look for a book for Shameen's birthday present. So we roamed shelves for the right book.

Just when I got hooked to a book, Kiki came tumbling down the steps towards us (might I say she was not in her lacey skirt and denim jacket but instead in jeans and a white blouse) and was all.. "FARISA! WHAT HAPPENED TO WORK!?". Way to make a girl feel welcomed.

So next was lunch. Fighting over Food Court or otherwise, Diana and I decided to bring the group to California Kitchen Pizza or whatever the name is. California Pizza Kitchen. There you go. The place looked fancy, posh, expensive. I;ve been there once before with my mother and aunt but I remembered it being good that time. So we took our seat and made such a fuss about ordering. We ended up with a BLT pizza (credits to Kiki) and a plate of Fettucini Carbonara while azfar ordered a bowl of crispy salad something . While waiting for our food, we cracked many jokes and got to know a little bit about each other. While each complaining about how hungry we were. But when the food arrived, it killed all the appetite. But it did not die down the conversations because we only started a new conversation about how bad Atikah's taste is. This said because she ordered the BLT pizza which happened to be too vegetarian for us.

Summing up the pizza, all I can say is, its green. Its full of chopped salad and I mean covering the whole base of the pizza. All mouths were hunged and all stomachs were.. puking in their own way. When you take off all the salad, you'd be left with only the base, melted cheese, huge slices of tomatoes and squares of bacon. It was not the very least tempting but being hungry made it taste acceptable. Luckily the fettucini covered up the badness of the pizza. It wasn't great but it was much more edible than the naked pizza.

So we talked some more and cracked more jokes and laughed some more. Until I found that bottle of cheese dandruff and smothered my bare pizza with full load of cheese. When all is done, and I don't mean the mountain of chopped salad and peas, we relaxed our stomachs with more conversations and laughs while I found peace and justice from that one bottle of cheese.

After lunch I dragged them to ISETAN as I was looking for this set of couple's t-shirt Melisa got me crazy of. But the pair that I really wanted was not anymore available there. It got me all disappointed and Didi was unsatisfied as well. Love to Didi for feeling so deeply about this. Ahahaha. So it was after that that we walked like A THOUSAND MILES towards the convention center. But camwhoring our way there did not make it feel so bad.

Stepping into that place was amazing. The building was really nice and its cozy and so very.. quite and official. I don't know how to explain it but I got a jolt of excitement even though the exhibition that I was going to was on Perkembangan Sains dalam Tamadun Islam. Before we reached the hall, we got way sidetracked by the love of pictures and the beauty of the place.

We walked some more until we saw the red carpet and the men standing outside the hall while handing out our supposedly free tickets. Stepping in that place jolted me some more. I am not a very huge fan of historical things but being there felt rejuvenating somehow. Its greater that it was all about Islam. So we started out at one corner making the best of every explanation towards every thing. But after 20 minutes or so.. I was exchanging yawns with cards and cards explaining very little about the thing they were.. suppose.. to.. explain la.

Knowing that I must be very rude for being bored over historical Islamic things, I tried to make the best of each piece and reminding myself to be very excited over it. So it sort of worked because we spent quite a long time there. But the highlight to the exhibition was the hype that we get from hoping to win a plasma tv from the lucky draw. The movie that was playing was not as interesting as Atikah made it out to be. At least not for me because after 10 minutes I was asking Didi if we could get out of there. Then we made new nameless friends when we played a game and did an experiment on fake medicine or some sort.

After a couple of hours, we went out and camwhored in a girl's FAVOURITE cam whoring spot. The public restroom. ahahah. After that, Kiki ushered us all outside to the park to have our own photo shoot. It was great. Because even though I was on the brink of breaking my leg, I got to pose for many shots that were just different and quote Adilah "FRESH". ahahaha. We went around the KLCC Park and took many pictures and it ended with all of us complaining about being very tired, thirsty and even hungry. You'd be surprised how a few monuments and a shitload of snaps can make one stomach grumble.

So Coffee Bean was our rest stop. I stuffed myself with half a slice of Apple Crumble and a bottle of Drinking Water. That and also a few laughs, and a questionnaire made out to everyone. The point of the game was to create a conversation, and to get to know each other better. So now I know..

"Azfar is innocent but actually not"
"Adilah has one younger brother"
"Kiki hate green things"
"Diana laughs a lot when she's tired"

There you go. That rounds up a good day. It was already late so we decided to go back. That was when we parted with Atikah. But before we head out to the exit, we managed to stop at this clothes shop that sells a white top and a belt for RM300, each. Then we headed out to Vincci and Nose and then we decided to go back with our legs were too much wobbly already.

I did get to experience the feeling of going back at the rush hour though. The place was jam packed with people boarding the LRT to go back. So that means getting sandwiched all the way to Subang Jaya KTM station. Smells, noise, pain and sweat are seriously the worst combination I could possibly think of. But I wouldn't trade it because it gives me that experience. Also made me certain that THAT IS NOT the life I want. Done deal.

The outing ended with Azfar dropping me off at the bridge while I used his umbrella as a defense mechanism on the journey back home. Which was like.. 20 steps away. Ahahah.

It was a great day. I made a new friend, I added an item on my list of things I don't want to eat again, I camwhored enough to last me for.. a day, and I got to hang out with the people I love. Now who could ask for something better on a non-working day.

Ps: My uncle is off to Australia until Sunday the 18th so I am free till then. Now who says there are no justice in the world?

- say hello to a new found friend who turns out to be unfreakishly non-freaky at all. Adilah. (I told you those questionnaires were necessary because I dont even know her full name. Hmph)

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

the SHOOTING at Subang Parade

now this post is inspired by Atikah's post on Tuesday, February 6, 2007.

Subang Parade was robbed.

Okay, specifically Poh Kong and Tomei in Subang Parade were robbed. It was a dark Saturday night and I was in my room getting ready for a play I was going to go see at my sister's college named Kolej Yayasan UEM. She had this event called "Bangsawan Night" and she was going to be on stage acting as a Dayang so there was no way that I would miss that!

As usual mom must have something to say about my dressing. So by the time mama wasdone commenting me, I was totally in a different outfit than I originally put on myself. And that makes her very happy. It was after Maghrib that Mama, Abah and I set out for a 45 minutes ride to her college.

The next thing I knew we were reaching the front gate and I had saliva running down my chin. Not appealing. When we got the parking, the three of us roamed inside the hall looking for my sister while the first play was already coming to an end. I spot my sister in a blue and yellow ensemble with a too red pair of lips. We gave our hello-s and she found us a good seat. By the time we settled in, the first play by the Sapphire house was done.

The hall roared with applause while I sat there groaning to the fact that we missed it. The next play was by the Garnet house. A fairly interesting play. It was my first so I enjoyed it. It was about this prince killing his father and his REALLY-CUTE brother all to get the girl and the throne.

But typically the girl loves his brother and when the brother died, she was forced to marry the evil prince. Until she could not stand it anymore she wanted to kill the evil prince. But the guard protected the prince and killed the girl. And the prince was mad so he killed the guard and then killed himself. It was presented much more interestingly than what I just wrote. The script, the costumes, the set. Love. I cringed when the cute brother died though. Told my dad about it and he laughed at my teenage-crush-on-the-cute-actor act.

After it was done, we were presented with refreshments. That was when I saw Farah Liyana as in 5 Delta, Aidi's girlfriend Farah Liyana. My sister told me she went to that school but when I saw her, we somehow acted like we've been best friends for years and gifted each other with a big hug.

My sister started her play at around 10pm. I LOVE THIS ONE. Her house, Diamond, played a
somehow similar storyline. I mean, all of them are about kings, and power, and killing anyway. This play was about this king who killed his father and everyone who stands in his way to get the throne. Familiar? Then when he was ruling the kingdom, he got bored of his first wife, so his Nujum (which means something like a psychic) found him a beautiful maiden who happened to be the daughter of the good Bendahara. So he killed the Bendahara and forced the lady to marry him. Really Familiar?

So the beautiful girl got a dream from her father telling her to pay back for his death. So she cooked up a plan to do so. First she framed the loyal Nujum of trying to molest her, making the king believe it and kill the supposedly guilty Nujum. And then, somehow, in someway that I didn't really understand, she tricked the first wife into believing that the King was bad, so the first wife ended up killing the king and all the hoopla. So she succeeded. ;D

Well again it is much more interesting than it is stated here. My sister did greatly though. She was the narrator cum dayang for the play and everytime she comes out, I giggled inside. Imagine seeing your sister, who you always remember as shorts, MTV, and pain-in-the-ass, turning into this petite, swaying, sopan person. My mom thought I was being mean, but who could help it. I was proud of her though. Very much so.

Then the last team was up. Topaz house. I don't really understand this sotry because this way when I got an sms from Wawan. miza is right. He was saying things like "Ï just want you guys to know I appreciate you guys because I just saw a robbery and I'm taking life for granted blar blar blar". I was touched and surprised at the same time. Until I got a call from Shahrul Iman telling me that he witnessed a robbery at Parade on account that Kenny Rogers was opposite of the shops in questionned.

I couldn't talk back then so all he could tell me was the robbery happened. I was shaken in the middle of the crying lady in red on stage. After that my mind just blanked. I couldn't pay attention to the rest of the play because all I could think about was me picturing the incident. I can't believe my Subang Parade. My mall. My second home. Was robbed.

I imagined the shooting, the bystanders, the sales people in the shops, the guards, the Shahrul who was standing so near there, and how envious I am for not being able to be there and watch it happen. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't volunteer myself to be in the scene at any day but I've never been in a heist before, or seen a real live one, so the experience would have been great.

When all the plays were over, we waited for the judges to come up with the winner so by that time I was getting restless at the thought of the robbery. But all was forgotten when I joined in the oohs and ahhs and applause when they announced that the Diamond house won. My sister was overjoyed because she was also the co-director of the play so all hard work paid.

I went home tired and grumpy at being tired. Haha.

The next day I read the papers and found out what was the deal with the robbery. A set of 5 Siamese robber Tomei and Poh Kong, the neighbouring jewellery stores in Subang Parade. Two security guards were killed while one robber was shot to death. It gave me chills just reading the paper. I flashed back to the time where I always pass the two stores and saw the guards sitting outside the stores looking bored. I often pass them and wonder.. "must be boring being them, sitting there doing nothing".

But after I read about what they did, then my hope just lifted up and gave them my highest appreciation and honour for what they have done. Even if it meant, losing their lives for it. I send my condolences to them and my deepest gratitude to protect the people there. Even though the jewellery were stolen. But then I thought, maybe they were glad to have that incident. Okay my bad. Not glad. But its something to do other than sitting there humming whatever song they have in their minds. A change.

Regardless. I am glad.

Today I went to Subang Parade with my uncle and my co-workers for lunch, and I took a moment and just stared at the place the incident occured. It shooked me and it made me emotional. Kiki is right. Subang Parade has always been the safe place. The place where you can feel like home. The place where families go and spend time with each other. And it might not be the same.

Don't take me as somebody who gets easily very emotional over little things but Subang Parade has been my second home for a long time now. I don't remember a week that goes by without me making a trip there. Doesn't matter if it was for the food, for buying presents, for spending time with your family, or maybe for a cup of ice cream. Subang Parade has always been the place. My place. Now it won't be the same.

I love Subang Parade.

- pardon me while I go be nostalgic. regardless of this freaking period pain thats bugging me.

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