Friday, December 30, 2005

family NIGHT as we speak

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mood : won't be good no longer if my sister don't turn back the channel to the cute boy movie

Add a bit of over-excited mom, a dash of sarcastic sister, two parts of a tired dad, to spoonfuls of a screaming baby brother and a cup of a saint pretty daughter. Mix until well done. Make sure to stay away from trouble yucky love-complaining brother. And you will get my family's family night.

yeap. you know when moms get all excited about having the family spend time together. family dinner. family picnic. family movies. and it my case, family bowling.

not saying I'm complaining or some sort. I mean, what would be a good way to enforce the relationship amongst your family members besides, you know, each of us showing of our so called existed talents in throwing some heavy balls and knock of the pins.


well I wasn't all that excited to go as I dunno, I have been growing some fat on me and its really been making me a lot lazy but you know, I thought it'd be fun. Espeically when all of us were playing together. So there I was getting ready and all that. And as excited as I was, I was more excited to get Imran in this SETH-COHENY kind of look. Seth Cohen is a character in The O.C. by the way.

Remember the style I have been pleading Shahrul to go for. Chequered long sleeve and a normal t-shirt on top. Yup, and after a long time of trying, Imran finally gave in. And not to praise myself or anything, but I have done a great job. He looks good. Even my family said.

And I've only one thing to say to Shahrul.. IF A BABY CAN PULL IT OFF, SO CAN YOU!!!


So anyway, we made our way to the bowling alley in Sunway Pyramid and stuff. Quite exciting. We did all that we should. Gave up some shoes, take out some balls. And there we go. We start.

I was doing REAL bad at first, but after a few shots, I did okay. My dad was good as always, while my sister still with her skills. My mom surprisingly, wanted to play because she never really wanted to join any bowling games we played. Well, lets just say, she and I were neck to neck on the scores. And my brother Nazrin well? perhaps the spirit of a bowling pro inhabited his body for a while because he actually scored the best points out of all of us in the first game.

I kid you not, he was doing better than even the average standards. 122 for his game. Sucky? YOU BET!

Well, my mom scored a 70 by the end of round one. And unluckily, that one bloody pin didn't fall on my last throw which lead me to the final score of 69. It pains me. Especially with my mom giving me the I-BEAT-YOU-BY-ONE-MARK-MUAHAHAHA laugh.

You know there are certain momets in your life when you look at your mom, and you see the actual freak in her. And it wasn't pretty. AHhahaha. Nah, she was cool. In the sense that made me feel like, I HAVE TO BEAT HER IN THE NEXT ROUND.

Well, all went well. The first round - Nazrin, Roslan, Fahana, Faridah then Farisa. Okay fine. Not my best achivement. But that didn't stop me from being better at it next time.

So on we start the second game. Well, this one didn't go so well. For one, my brother's pro-bowler spirit bailed on him and have flown away back to the bowling alley in the netherworld. Nazrin suddenly looked like goo at on the lane. Well, he's been doing real bad. And it doesn't help that the fat lady at the other lane was using the same ball as he is. And according to him, the frustrated part of him that is, hat the fat lady keep using his ball and when it ws his turn to go, the balls are not available for throw. And he said, that when it is, it is already to slippery to be, good.

And well, he was complaining and throwing a tantrum about it. Pfft. That ruined his mood. And well at the rate Imran was smooshing on his ice cream, my mom had to always pay attention to his suar high rush. My sister, appaerently, was being the lady version of my brother. She was bitching about the fat lady the entire second round. My dad? Well, he was just sitting at the back of the lane, waiting for his turn. That leaves me, the pretty, sorta sucky at bowling, girl in the family. And it was I who still had that 'AWH DANG THAT WAS A MISS!' or a "YAY! THAT WAS A GOOD SHOT" spirit in me.

Well, everyone turned sour. Nyah. Well, at least the second game showed a little more of my.. BOWLING SKILLS. I did quite good. Not the highest at rank of course, but third place is good. Well apparently, my brothers lack of patients and feelings for bad people, took hold of all of us because all of us turned out to be in bad moods.

Well, after we're all done, it was too late because all the shops were closed. And well my sister didn't wanna eat at the bowling alley. Whhich made mom get real pissed because all of us had different ideas on where we wanna eat.

Well, it turned out not so bad. Actually, if mixed properly, family nights can actually be fun. Try it sometime. Just keep away from playing bowling next to a fat lady who steals our bowling balls. Then all will be cool.

- "engkau nih merugikan gila sial. duit mak bapak jugak habis dengan engkau complain complain tak nak main. pompuan tuh bahagia jer main. kalau masalah sangat ambik je lar bola baru. mengada sial"
-words of the angry sister. :D

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

find me my HAPPY place

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mood : fine

I seriously do need to find a happy place. And I need to do it fast as because

Well, at least I have gotten all my books and stationaries and my bag ready. I gotta check back with you on my uniforms though. Actually I don't really care. Seriously, I mean, who gets excited about going back to school anyway!? As for me of course, I am very much dreading it.

Imagine you're back in that dorky uniform, going to school again and again everyday, going to the same class, meeting the same people, listening to the same teachers, eating the same boring canteen food. And worst part of it is is, YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

You're stuck in the mumbo jumbo of Malaysian highschool.

sigh. well to be totally honest I am looking forward to get back to school. And by saying this I mean only a part of me that is. The only reason I want to go back to school is that, of course, is to get to see my friends again.

that stops there.

well, next year, I am in FORM 5! Wow, just 4 years ago, I look up to those form 5-s and think that they're there to scare you and eat your head off. Wow, now I have some other kids looking up to me and thinking the same thing. Flattering.

Well, I mean, think about it, doesn't Form 5 sound quite intimidating to you? I mean, you're now a senior. Think about how that sounds. Farisa the Senior. Senior Farisa. Farisa is a Senior. Senior Student Farisa. Yucks. It really doesn't go.

Farisa Roslan, the Senior Cool Kid.

Much better.

Well, the only thing I like about the word Senior is pick-your-curiculum-day. For those of you who have no clue about what that is, its actually a day dedicated for students to pick clubs to join for the year.

Yeap, and the reason I'm excited over this is that, I AM A SENIOR AND I WILL BE ONE OF THE ONES WHO HOSTS THESE STUFF. Yeap, ever since I was in Form 1, when I joined all these clubs, half I don't even know what it does, I always looked up to those Seniors playing and joking with each other. They look so big and experienced. And they get to call the shots see! Thats the funnest part!


OKay so blame me for sounding like a POWER-HUNGRY-BITCH but I don't care. I have my Setia Club in my hands. I am of course the Project Manager and I don't know, next year, I will be one of the people who get to lead the club to doing whatever it is that it is suppose to be doing. And I get to pick future leaders of the club. I get to host a dinner party. I even get to have my own Junior Project Manager. How fun does that sound.

Well, I also have my Pengakap. [scouts] I know it sounds lame but its been my life the scouts. I have been in it since form 1, and I have been dreaming of being part of the Pengakap Board since orang-utans evolved into humans. And here Form 5 comes and I am sure going for one of the top posts. They have to let me be one. Afterall, I am the loyal lame-kid! PFFT!

By the way, I am to join ONE sport this year. I know how cool does that sound!? I'm going to be SKINNY! ahahahah. I was thinking of Futsal-ing but that might be a problem as unlike other people, I have to carry my fat with me while running. How about swimming? Nah, its bad enough to run with your fat, its worse when you gotta show it. Bowling? Ahhh.. the ever so safe sport. But whats the point, you don't burn fat playing bowling. So help me out, name me one sport that requires no running, restrict you from showing off any kind of fat, and actually help you burn fat. [And no, I won't consider Field Bowling]

So thats one of the highlights.

Yeah well, I have one of the worst exam [known and certified by every Malaysian kid] coming up as a senior. SPM.

Slaughter Poor Malaysians.

Nah just kidding. God. I actually don't remember what the hell it stands for anyway....................
Nope. Thought about it. Didn't click to me.

Its an exam where practically everyone, and I mean even yourself, will push you and drill you hard enough in order for you to get 10 FREAKING As. Well in my condition, 11.

Owh, the preassure, the torcher, the pimples! Urgh...

Well, the best thing is, I've got it all under control. Or so I hope so. Believe me if you want to, think I'm lame if you need to.. but..

And I'm proud of it as I am proud of myself making through those 4 years of High school. I'm serious, I spent hours just making those lines and boxes for me to fill in with events and plans. Except now, I need to figure out WHAT my events and plans are for every week, and then I'm all set.

I'm turning over a new leaf next year. I am not going to, as always, cram my studies 2 weeks before the exam. At least not for SPM. I can't afford to do so. And that is where my trusty STUDY SCHEDULE comes in. EHEHHEHEHE. Call me a geek [not that you already haven't] but I can't wait to start using the schedule. EHhehehehe.

I also made my own budget planner thingy. It was so exciting to make it really. First I layout-ed all the birthdays throughout the whole year and all the events on which I have to spend. And then I decide how much I am to spend on it. And I made sure that every month, I have some to keep and some to spare for whatever I need. ITS SO MUCH FUN!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO FOLLOW IT!

I also cleaned out my whole table of whatever crap I thought I needed and realize, I DON'T REALLY NEED IT anyway. So I GOT RID OF THEM. And the only things that are on my table now is my Form 5 books, some files and papers for me to use, and the framed picture of Shahrul. Yes I have one.

And for the first time in so long, I like looking at my table.

Well, did I tell you when school holidays just started, I made this TO-DO-LIST and I was to complete it by the end of this year. Well guess what. That ain't happening. Just like my literature homework. Its apparently not happening either. We were to write a sypnosis of given chapters of the ever-so-popular-but-people-have-no-idea-how-incredibly-boring-it-is book, Frankenstein.
And so far, all I've got is..

Farisa Roslan. Chapter 1 to 6.

Well, thats it. Seriously.

Back to my main point.


hey at least another year means another birthday. Will be turning 16 next year. Too bad we're not in the US or else I would be studying driving by now. Good times have to come so late.

owh by the way, I had a heart to heart talk with my sister and my mom, one that broke me into tears actually. I told them I was really scared of what my future would be like. I have no idea what I want to be, no idea of what college I may apply to. No idea if I could ever get scholarships though. URGH. The very thought pains me.

So well, according to them, I should worry about that later. All I need to do now is concentrate more on my SPM and see if I actually have the brains to get to college. YAGAGAGAGAGGA!!!

Well, I'm just scared that all these activities that I'm going to go for next year is going to effect my studying thing. Just hope my overrated anxiety on following that schedule lasts until its suppose to. It scares me to know that I have that Gemala designing thing for me next year. Been thinking of dropping it. Big possibility.

Soo many pressure can really make a girl go nuts you know. Especially a girl like me.
And the worst part is, Shahrul isn't in Malaysia for me to complain to. So you people [and by that I refer to as my friends] don't be surprise if at 2am you'll get a phone call from a high delussional girl known as me.

Owh well, at least I have a chic lit to keep me saint.

There you go.

- Happy place found.

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gg's SLEEPOVER slash birthday PARTY

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mood : fine

well, Gg told us to have dinner at home first. At around 8 o'clock I was already rushing. I have no idea what I'm going to eat and I was still packing my bags. I end up getting all ready at about 8.20pm and thats when I went down and grab a cup of Maggi. Then I told dad that I needed to bring the VCR and we spend about 15 minutes figuring out how to use the VCR again. (since we haven't used the VCR for a long time)

By the time we figured it out, my sister was already pushing us to go. She and dad were to go out for dinner and on the way they will drop me off at Gg's. So I had to grab my cup to eat there.

Well, actually I dropped off at Diana's place first because we were to wrap Gg's presents together. We were sharing the presents by the way. So I ended up eating Maggi at Diana's place. Kind of funny really. Well of course we were having trouble wrapping these presents, we spent about an hour or more to just get those stuff in the wrapper and finish our letters.

So it was about 10pm when we rang Gg's doorbell. Gg welcomed us with a smile and we settled in. Miza and Tasnim were already there and they were ready to set up the cd for Titanic. Apparently our tear-jerking sleepover night movie, and this I cringe to.

Well, at first we decided to make our own facial mask. The idea of putting gak on your face, yup, very appealing for a sleepover. Well, we added oats and water and turned in into... well... oat-water facial mask. We were quite excited but each of us were to scared to be the first one to try it on.

well Miza stepped up and she decided to be the first. So apparently, I was her spread-er. And there I was putting some oat gak on my fingers and just.. spreading it all over miza's face. All of us burst out laughing and it was especially funny for me because I was the one who's gakking her. After that, the rest of us joined in. And minutes later, all of us had gaks on our faces, and crazy written all over us.

When we finished cleaning up our faces, decided to start camping out in front of the tv. I got ready my VCR and after we've done our prayers, we watched the tapes I brought. First tape was the one of me when I went to do the tv game show decorating-the-frigging-christmas-tree. Well, whatever you may say about my ugliness, I only have one thing to say. I WON IT ANYWAY! I DON'T CARE HOW UGLY I LOOKED! I WON! ADN I AM OBVIOUSLY THE BEST CHRISTMAS DECORATER IN THE WHOLE CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING WORLD!

Well, second cd was of course Diana's kindergarten concert tape that I love so much. And of course as I expected, our reactions were.. ears-screeching. We all roared with laughter and also as I expected, Gg's reaction would be exactly like what she did. Haha! But it was quite fun to watch it and goo over very cute kids.

After that, we all just waited till 12am on account that there is only about 10 minutes to go. Well apparently, the parents called then and by the time it was 12, Gg were wished by her family and all. When everything was done, she came back upstairs and joined us. That was when we celebrated with her.

I was quite nervous as I felt as if my card and the presents we got her was kind of.. no soo.. fancy-ish. Well, first she read Shasha's card. And then Miza gave up her card and Gg read it out loud. Miza got her a belt even before her birthday so she went to show us it. And after that, Tasnim gave up her card and requested that she didn't read it out loud. Tasnim's present got her loud though. Tasnim got her a nice turqoise top froom BLooK and it fit her perfectly. She was so happy to get it and she looks real good in it.

Which made me even more nervous. Seriously, I don't know why. And then, Diana gave up her card and Gg read it out loud. All of what they said was alltouchy and feelijng and I felt kind of stupid that what I wrote on my card was just.. crap. And then I gave her my card. Well, a piece of paper to be exact. A stationary. And she of course read it out loud.

So after that, it was time. Diana and I took out the present we took so long of a time to wrap and gave it to her. She had trouble opening it. ad wrapping Diana. hahahaa. So anyways, we got her a set of 48 Buncho crayons, 4 sets of staionary papers and a colour changable markers. When she saw the crayons, she shrieked. I mean, really shrieked. I didn't know she was so excited but she was. She then tried on a few of those stuff.

So after the whole thing, we finally.. (and this I cringe again) got to watch Titanic. Seriously, I had no mood to watch this 3 hours disaster-filled movie but I figured I had no way out, so there I was in front of the tv of TITANIC.

The movie didn't turn out so bad actually. Well, when it got to the tear-jerking part, well what else, I FREAKING CRIED! I can't help it, it was oo sad. And it was kind of funny because when I was crying, I made sure that no one noticed it, especially Miza because she'd be laughing at me. But it was so sad, and too bad that miza actually knew I cried. SO yeah.

After the movie ended, which is at 4 IN THE MORNING, Gg declared her hunger. Tasnim and Miza supported her while Diana and I silently wished we would just go to bed. But nope, they succeed in dragging us downstairs for a cup of Maggi. ANOTHER cup of Maggi for me.

After that, it was already about 5am, thats when we decided to just wait for Subuh at around 5.50am as we were understood. So we just spent time talking in Gg's sister's room. Apparently, Subuh wasn't at 5.50am so we just end up waiting some more. Tasnim and I had a different opinion though. We both fell to sleep. Well, a nap you can say. Miza, Diana and Gg, stayed up doing God=knows-what! Owh wait, I know! TAKING PICTURES OF PEOPLE LOOKING UGLY WHILE SLEEPING! ahahaha.

Well, I woke up at around 6.30am, thats when we did our prayers, and end up sleeping at 7am. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! We had a full day of partying the next day, or should I say, that day, and there we were sleeping at 7am.

So we could only afford to sleep until 10am because we needed to get everyhting ready. I was tired. But the day must go on! So after we had our morning showers and everything, we headed to Diana's place to make PIZZA! yum..

So there we were, cutting, chopping, frying, spreading, and baking. All that you need to do when you're making PIzza. And it turned out real good! We enjoyed it! Our own... cut-chopped-fried-spread-baked-all-that-you-need-to-do-while-making-a-pizza pizza. How exciting.

After that, we all headed back to G's place to get ready. I decided to have another shower because I broke of some sweat while cooking just now. So when I got ready, I went down. Fawwaz and Shameen were already there. So we just got everything ready and sat down and talk. Shahrul and Iqbal came later. Followed by Dani. Atikah already came while making the pizza. And then Saufi and Khairul came. Farhah and Fandi came after the present opening time.

Shameen got her a pair of earrings, Shahrul got her an alien looking phone holder while Fawwaz got her a pair of shoes. After the presents time was over, we wentto the cake. Singing, clapping and cheering. The cake was delicious but I figured it was too fattening for me to go for seconds.

And after that, we just sit where we want and mingled. Actually, Gg requested that i sing somethign as to make Dani sing something. Well, I did get to play the guitar but didn't really sing. So we all had a moment camping around the guitar of Dani playing and go all taken away by his talents. Yup.

But it got boring later, so we all dissolved into our own activities again. Shahrul was doing something at the time, so Atikah, Miza, Diana and I just sat at the dining table and 3 out of 4 of us were whining about having only 3 hours of sleep. It really gets to you you know.

So we all just hanged and talked and mingled and socialize and breath, until it was about 6pm when my sister came to pick me up. So that was that.

I had a fun time at the sleepover, we practically do what girls do at sleepovers. Even though we didn't sleep all that early, at least Miza and Diana wasn't sniggering and laughing which can make your head go busting BOOM!

- "I look spastic". Nope G. You were just 4.

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