Tuesday, July 15, 2008


wow. I am incredibly tired and my back feels like it has been cracked into a million pieces. I have not written in my blog for too long that it can be qualified as abandonment. Its just, I have been way too busy to find time to sit and flicker my fingers on the keyboard.

I have a little bit of time now. I actually still have loads to do but I just do not have a written assignment that needs to be passed up tomorrow. So here I am in the study room, once again filling my blog with thoughts and words of mine. sigh. I am really tired.

I have much too much things to write about it is just the time does not permit me. Even during my weekends I find myself too busy resting to go online. Which is why I sincerely apologize to sayang Farhah for not being able to see her even when she has come back for almost 2 to 3 weeks now. Farhah you must hate me soo much! But let me just clue you in on what Intec is doing to me.

I have a big IN DEPTH study I need to finish for Malay Studies come August. Other than that, I need to finish a 500 words essay for English in two days. Yeah sure that sounds easy enough but not if you have to actually read FOUR pieces of articles and abstract all information and make sure you do proper citations. That! plus I have a presentation for Malay Studies on a book that we have to read called EMPANGAN which, mind you, I haven't even START! Other than that, I had to do 4 pieces of accounting questions that takes like one and a half hours EACH. To top it off, I need to do a presentation for my Agama class on 'CINTA SEBELUM DAN SELEPAS KAHWIN'. Hazra and I need to do a survey and have to find points some more. It doesn't help that I come back from school at 4pm everyday and have a study group from 9pm - 11pm EVERYDAY.

And that is just my tuition homework mind you. I ahven't even count on that DRAMA I have to participate in for my Malay Studies assessment. There will be a Malam Kebudayaan where each of the Malay Studies class have to prepare a drama. Practices are twice per week! Plus, I am the Sub-Editor for the Ausmat Editorial Board and the graphic designer. The 3-4 pages that I need to design since a month ago has NOT been done yet. In addition to that, my classmates believed that I am the graphic designer in the class so I am in charge of designing the senior page for my class. And that is NOT it, I am also the secretary for Cultural Arts, and Theater Club and therefore I need to prepare a proposal for a book club they want to start! AHHHH!!! PEENNNAAATTT NYAAA!!!

Ok, I know I sound like such a brat for complaining. I mean come on, thats what I get for being a third semester Ausmat student right? Oh well, I have tire and scared myself after I wrote that two paragraphs. Sigh. I shall go and kill myself now.

- Remind me to write about KL INDIE FEST 2008 ;D

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