Tuesday, November 09, 2004




Need chocolate!!

Need sanity!!

Need proper blog!!

Need Shahrul!!

Need cookie ingredients!!

Need sarcasm!!

Need perkyness!!


- my brain hurts!!

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Monday, November 08, 2004

the FARISA-S!!

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current status : annoyed by frizzy hair and problem with blog

this is freaky. I have twins!!!

Reading hamiza's latest post about how she met a guy who supposingly be Shaen's twin. And now thinking about it. I actually have twins too!!!! And noted, I said TWIN-S!!!!

I have a twin brother. Now you all know!

Thats us! We don't look alike la.. What are you guys thinking. Isn't it freaky that my twin brother happens to be my loving boyfriend. Owh well. I don't agree that we look alike. Not at all. OKay the whole eyebrows bazaaro but still!!! But everyone's first guess of the picture of the kid with the powder all over the face, was me!! Which is so wrong! Thats Shahrul. WE DON'T LOOK ALIKE!!

But it is good somehow. Coz for anyone who doesn't know, he can pass as my brother. Our one to one dates won't look so, sinful. Or whatever! But still, lend me your eyes would you guys. I just don't see it. And even the year book's commitee thought he was my twin. Like what the!



And my other twin, happens to be Shahrul's niece. I haven't seen her yet. I would get her picture someday later. But he said that his 4 year old niece reminds me of him. Thats kinda cool. She's 4 years old! Imagine her with straight hair, two ponytails at the side and side parted front hair, posing exactly as I did when I was 4. I'd be laughing if she did look exactly like me!! At least now she can know how she'd look in the future. Giggles.

But still. How ironic is it? Same chubby cheeks, a pair of big eyes, curly hair and thick brows. Whoa. Its almost freaky. I mean, I've always wanted to see someone who looks like me, but never actually, want to see them! Is that bazaar!? Well, all I know is, I'd like to see her. It'll be funner to met her and hang out with her. I am pretty good with kids. Seh'll love me and I'll love her!! Just think, I'm looking down and playing with.. ME!!! just 10 years younger. It'll be re-living my childhood. COOL!!

So I found my look alikes. Time to search for my name alikes. I went to Yahoo and searched for my name. And apprently. Theres a lot of me in the world. Lots of Farisa-s.

OMar Farisa
This is way freaky! I don't really understand this page as it was not english. But WHOA!! Omar Farisa just don't fit!!
: she is the most decent Farisa I've came across after 5 pages. read her profile.
Farisa. Call me Siti and I'll murder you. Bursting her head at Nanyang Junior College. Singapore. Turns 19 on the 27th October. Emotional. Animal Lover. Has 3 beautiful cats. Thinks of Arsyad everyday. Contented with life. has been running since May 2004.
how freaky is it that her b'day is also on the 27th. Plus, she knows a Farhana!! Giggles. She can well be said the closest Farisa to me. she likes cats though. shiver. And she like spongebob, fairly odd parents and PINK!!! she sound real cool. Kinda pretty too!

Tim Yang's Geek Blog
I was once again reminded by Farisa who sells bus tickets in Cherating that I am the only local who is allowed to stay at the Mata Hari chalets.
: its not a Farisa's blog but theres a Farisa who sells bus tickets!! GOD!!

never thot i would befriend someone like you, a snob. haha, no, i never have any intention to bitch about u. i think u're such a great friend, and despite ur snobby looks (am i being too honest?), u have a great attitude and such a smart brain. thanks for always make me wrong in my cynical judgemental skill. i most definitely love having u around.
: describes the friend pretty well eyh? I haven't gone to her blog yet. not sure if she has one.

Came across Atikah's page saying that she was looking at me indicating me as the Harry potter fan friend. And Hamiza's page saying thank you for being there for her.

An Indonesian Farisa
: I don't get her writing. She writes in Malay. I mean of course I do but her INdonesian accent is thick.

Its also interesting to find out that I am also a painting, an instrument and a pholosophy.


Owh well. At least I have a little credit in Miza's and Atikah's blogs. GAH!!!!

Interesting to know theres another you somewhere out there eyh. And you thought the world was small, concentrating on the place you are, when theres SO MUCH more out there. And just when you thought you were unique, BAM they prove you wrong!!

I'm likeky the Farisa that I came across.

- "I'm Farisa! No I'm Farisa! I'm the Farisa! I'M THE ONLY FARISA I KNOW!!!" STOP WITH THE FARISAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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good FOOD!!

I've finished baking me brownie!! YUM!!! To think, just this afternoon, I was a pour, a gaul, and a bake away from my brownies, but now, I'm munching on them!! Owh sure they're instant, packet made and for lazy asses to eat but they're good non the less.

And I finally found my craving. Nuggets. Weird, I know!! I have been craving for nuggets and now I found them. I found the perfect nuggets. The kind I've been searching for all my life. Farm Best nuggets. I know the name doesn't sound so inviting, but the nuggets are. So does their smell. Who could've thought the cheaper version is the nicer version. No wonder the canteen poeple uses these, ITS CHEAP!! It sounds cheap at least.

Well, cheap or not, ITS GOOD!!!

And today I remembered about the day I break fast at gg's house. She had pizza. And I thought of eating pizza too. Ironic-ly, Mama called in to say tha we're having pizza for breakfast. Weird enough but they were DELICIOUS!!! Until after a few bites when I get muak!! BLurgh!!!

- well, they're all good, and I'm full!!

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credits to KAM!!

this poem was made my one of my friend, Kamilia. If you go to her blog (which is linked there at the sidebar) you'd see that there are many poems that she composed herself. I wanna give a little credit to her. Here is on of the poem she made. I kinda like this poem..

have u ever felt ur heart beat fastly
when u think of someone
when u know how much u love that someone
when u love them so much
they tend to use u over ur love
when u love and care for them with all ur heart
that u think they felt the same way
but the reality u face is that they dont ?

have u ever felt ur heart broken into pieces
just to see them in pain
even u can feel the pain they're going through?
tears droping flow by flow
where like a river,
they'll never stop
hoping yourself to be needed and wanted
but the fantasy never fall ?

have u ever care so much
where u try so hard not to break their heart
but u eventually hurt urself ?
where it break piece by piece
and they dont even know and never care about
even u tend to get jealous easily over them
cuz u love them so much
but they were never jealous and care over u?

have u ever tried to break their heart
even hate them but u cant?
cuz u love them so much
sometimes it feels like they never care
and never really love u
and they dont deserve the taste of ur love
where u tend to break down and cry
and they're never felt guilty over it
cuz the reality u face is clear
that they never really love u

- good job Kam!!

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luke mably BABY!!

I know I don't normally do this. you know, posting hot guys on my blog but this is just SO IRRESISTABLE!!! Its just a fandom, nothing serious or anything. But I just think he is SOOO CUTE!!!

- he is SOO CUTE and good enough to eat!

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1 little 2 little 3 little days to baking cookies, 4 little 5 little days to RAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mood : sad
current status : wondering

I'M BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life hasn't been so exciting. But then what is new right?

I know Raya is like 5 days to go. WHOA!! Now that I actually put it in WORDS. It actually means something.

Ok confessions. I haven't been up to the raya mood lately. Not this year. Neither did I for last year but that turned out great.

I mean, I haven't even started on my baking the cookies. I haven't even started my writing the Raya cards let alone send them. and MY BAJU RAYA BELUM SIAP!!!!!

My baju urung is still at the tailors being put together!! STitch and snap!! ARGH!!! What am I going to do? I am going back to Kampung this Friday and still, its not done. Sigh.. hope they get to finish it in time. Or else I'll be spending my time 'maaf-kemaafan' with jeans pink blouse. Doesn't really put the whole atmosphere to it.

And yes!! I said it right. I have a pink baju for my Raya!! Make it 2!!!! And I'm so proud of both of them!!! LOVE EM LOADS!!!

Ok, so heres my to-do-list before I go back to Kampung.
- bake cookies
- bake brownies
- pack bag
- watch Spiderman 2
- watch Harry Potter 3 and memorize
- get Baju Kurung
- miss Shahrul
- practise drums for Ocean Avenue
- get tabs for Ocean Avenue guitar
- and practise
- update blog
- write Raya Cards and send them out
- eat Iesqo's laksa for one more time
- eat the Apam Balik until I could eat them no more
- find something to do at Kampung

I've only succeeded about 2 tasks. I'm to bake brownies later today. Can't wait. And I have begged Mama to go buy the cookie Ingredients SOON but she kept postponing it! How am I to bake cookies by the time we get to Kampung. I mean I can bake them at Opah's house but I STILL NEED TO MAKE THE BATCH!! ARGH!!!

And the reason I want to find something to do at Kampung (is not because I don't want to cherish the Raya moment) but because I am to be left there until the Saturday after the Raya. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you why I'm NOT looking forward to THAT!!!

a. Ayong and Along are not going to be there!! They have SPM!!
b. Tikah's computer is BUSTED!!! No more! Rosak!! Means all is lost!!
c. When usually Atuk wants to watch tv, we have to give him the one WITH the Astro.
d. We're teenagers now!! We can't actually run around naked around the house and playing police and thief (not that we ever even do that)
e. Bunga Api and Mercuns just don't interest us that much.
f. I have responsibility on Imran
g. Its hot there!!
h. The only place we can go out to is to next door's sweet shop!
i. Not enough people to start a board game game.
j. I don't even know how to drive a motorcycle.

On the plus side of me being there for extra days..
a. I can learn to ride a bmotorcycle
b. I get to spend time with Tikah
c. No computers to bother me with my practising my guitar and drums.
d. No Mama behind my back.
e. How cool cna ATuk and Opah be sometimes with their Grandkids?
f. Me and Tikah can actually do a dancing competition like old times
g. We're much smarter now
h. Just because we don't like bunga api, doesn't mean we can't go bakar daun outside.
i. We can make a song together
j. I do have longer hair now. And tikah and I have always shared the same interest.
k. Even in doing each other'r hairs and taking loads of pictures!!!

Speaking of hairs, I am to go to the Saloon before we go back to Kampung. Doing what!? HeckI don't know! I mean, all I know is that I need a new look! A new hairstyle. Shahrul would kill me if he reads this but I need to do this for me! I couldn't stand looking at the same bushy curly hair thats so kembang everytime! Its temporary I think. ITs definitely NOT GOING TO BE SHORT!! I ain't gonna cut it. Just gonna make it, more.. shaped! Style it a little. But I really don't know what to do to it. Which style but I'm definitely doing it. Mama already agreed even though she's not so into changing my hair style as she said it won't look good.

But despite what anyone say, I'm sorry, BUT I HAVE TO DO THIS!! I need to! If its ugly, I'll just wear a mask up until my hair grows back to its original state! HEHEHEH!! But I'm going to do it!! No matter what poeple say. And heck, if I regret it later, I'm ready for that. BUT I NEED TO DO THIS!! You guys understand right?

Hamiza. You know how much you want those nose ring! Though you can't get it, but still you know YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT right. Coz you want it for yourself. Its like that for me.
Atikah. You know how much you want the shoes no matter how much, or whatever poeple say about it, buruk or lawa, you know YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!
Gg. How much hard it is pon you knew that YOU HAVE TO see Bob jugak right. And with a little support, you've got to see him.

AND THATS HOW IT IS FOR ME!!! I HAVE TO, NEED TO AND WANT TO do it for myself and I need support from you guys. And I can make my own mistakes so I can learn from them. Even though that mistake is just about styling my hair. and besides, that would be A BIG MISTAKE AND REGRET for me as my hair is VERY IMPORTANT to me..

So just support me kay. ANd if I merajuk kat u guys about having bad hair, don't hesitate to slap me and say I told you so!!


I am not feeling very happy now. Shahrul is to go to Mekah in 2 hours and we are not going to be talking to each otehr for 2 weeks. Imagine that!! I can't even stand not talking to him for 2 days, and let alone 2 WEEKS!! Sigh.. I need chocolate!!

I've watched a movie called Down With Love and it taught me that Love is not everything. Though its a good thing and a cherry for a sweet life. I also learn, that if you're depressed, EAT CHOCOLATE!!!

Chocolate is a girl's best friend.

And suffer the consequences later of course, but cure your depression first!!!!!!!

And guess what!! Ayong said I look THINNER!!! I was over the moon!! Ayong never said that before!! Ayong can well be said, my conscience. All the bad ones at least. She's the one who tells me I'm fat, abnoxious, loud, mengada and pain in the butt!! Which usually makes me wanna slap her and make a come back, but I have my own way (a less hurtfull way) to put her DOWN!! I'm evil! So sue me!!

But she does it too!! I need chocolates!!

So thats life! All I know is.. I'm going to miss my computer, my bed and my phone calls with Shahrul. And I'm not even going to be here on the 18th. Lifes hard.

At least I have my chocolate brownies and my guitar and my Saloon!! Hehhehe.

So this Raya shouldn't be that bad!! I will not make it bad!!

I can now imagine it. The day I reach kg I'd be watching tv and chatting up with Tikah, ALong and Ayong in our room and bond. On Saturday, we'd all be busy cleaning up the house and making cakes and rendangs!! and us 4 girls would lock ourselves in the room either reading books or playing games, just to get out of doing any work.

Then in the evening, we'd all sit at the swing and talk and talk. Maybe Kak Ju and Kak Azza would be there too.. That'll be funner.

and we'd all be buka-ing puasa in front of the TV and would be shoo-ed of to mandi. And all would go for sembahyang terawih that night. and come back walking from the surau near by in our telekungs and playing catch. That'll be fun!! And we'd all stay up late watching a movie and just hanging out and pigging out infront of the tv.

ANd on the raya itself, Mama would wake me up early to mandi sunat raya. And we'd all be going to the sembahyang raya. And after that, I'd be stuffing my face with lemang!! (I'll get thin back later!! lemang!! who could resist!!) and after that, we'd be busy getting ready for our tradition. And that is the going-around-in-circle-starting-from-the-oldest-down-to-the-youbgest-and-asking-for-

and after that, we'd be busy with our baju kurungs meleret and going around to our neighbour's, family friend's and realtive's houses. And we'd be going to Kedah (ARGH!!) and comes back at about 5 and be so tired to do anything. And we'd all be hanging out in the house until night where we'd all be outside camping and the kids would be running around playing bunga api or catching each other. While me and Tikah would be bruting up at the corner with a candle and a few dead leaves and we'd both be too caught up in our imagination! We both have real good imaginations!!

I am now longing for the atmosphere. I can't wait for raya. And we'd all be pigging out with my cookies. And maybe Mak Su can teach me more recipes. She did teach me how to make cookies and Crsipy Treats. Yum!!


I'm going to miss Shahrul a lot. I already have. And I miss ALL my friends too!! Party at ATikah's house after Raya!!!!!!!!!!!

- Balik Kampung.. Oohh!! Balik Kampung..

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