Friday, October 08, 2004

solat HAJAT!!

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Thank Lucifer in heaven (if he is in heaven) that PMR IS OVER!!

Thats right! You read right! PMR IS OVER!!!!

But somehow, I'm not feeling very EXTRA EXTRA HYPERLY PERKY like i promised.. why!?


and shazlee, hamiza and fadzlina.. they all know why! hehehe!!

Anyways.. I MISS MY BLOG!!!!! So so much..

Everytime something happens to me I'll always get pumped up to write it in my blog but remembering the fact that I actually CAN'T at that time, I'll always do my best to remember it.. But me being myself.. Usually don't! So I don't remember what happened exactly to me.. but here are some that I do remember..


You know how I always get psyched up over these whole meeting my friends outside school hours kinda thing.. Yeah.. So I was.. I was all jumpy and happy.. imagine seeing poeple in baju kurungs and tudungs and being all.. ayu!! (SEE SHAHRUL!! YOU INFLUENCED ME TO THAT WORD ALREADY!!!!!) It was fun.. After the azan maghrib was azan-ed.. I rushed outside to buka puasa.. gG was nice enough, I mean, gG being her nice self, teman-ed me outside coz its only right to eat outside the masjid..

btw- yes, there was a cute form 5 guy.. and no, he's not cute! Not so.. I mean, I've seen better guys la.. seriously! And his name is Labiq mind you! Sorry if anyone who thinks he's major cute, but to me, he's not.. His hair was ok though.. so that helps him be a lil cuite.. (for my eyes) but if he had sucky hair, I wouldn't even look at him.. serious.. not cute at all! AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE WEIRD TASTE!!!? The guys I like.. bernard, daniel radcliffe, adam levine, and yellowcard's lead singer (to name a few).. ARE WAY MAJORLY CUTE!!!! CUTEST OF ALL!!!

and btw.. CMM AND PIERRE!! IS SO NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways.. so I sat there at the tangga with the owh-so-love-able gG and ate my doughnut! Damn it was good.. We were sitting there when I looked at the entrance and saw 2 guys, one in white and one in who-knows-what.. and even though I wasn't wearing my glasses, and can't see their faces, I knew it was shahrul (in white la).. I can actually tell by his baju and his cara jalan.. weird!? anyways, he and a bunch of his friends were fasting too so they all were at the canteen to breakfast..

And I dashed from the surau tangga and ran to the canteen, with Gg that is.. I passed Shahrul a doughnut I bought for him and ran back to a table in the canteen.. Fawwaz and SHahrul came up to us and I don't remember what they said.. (do you G?) anyways.. I was chowing down my doughnut coz we were to 'kejar masa'.. We all dashed to the surau to jemaah maghrib and I didn't even drink before I pray.. nope.. All those chocolate was stuck in my teeth whilst I sembahyang.. ahhaha!! lucky that doesn't effect anything..

after that.. I drank.. and then.. we all were just sitting there.. we had our yassin read, and then the spoke person guy was telling us a story about what happened zaman nabi muhammad.. it was one of those.. 'open up your eyes to life and be a better person and appreciate life and your parents and god' kinda motivational talk.. it opened up my eyes.. but I'm not sure I ever changed.. hahaha!! It was pretty fun to be there in one row with all my girlfriends.. we then had our solat hajat..

After that, a few people got into tears.. I mean, god its sad and all.. I was feeling pretty 'insaf' sure but not till the verge of crying.. but I don't blame anyone who was crying.. i understand the situation.. And yeah.. after the whole sembahyang thing is over.. EVERYONE was going around feeling sorry.. like somehow, someone just clicked on the remote to to 'REGRET EVERYTHING AND I'M SO SORRY' mode.. it is! And I have said sorry to people I haven't spoken to.. and HUGGING them.. It was a happy moment for me since I don't get hugs as much as I want to.. (not usually) but that moment was priceless..

We were all feeling so sad and sorry.. I have never seen such scene.. Let alone be in one.. But it was pretty good for me.. It makes me apprciate life, friends, and god! And yes, I ahve said sorry to everyone I ever hold a grudge on.. And insulted, and actually forgave them, for how much they ever hurt me.. I really forgave them.. hope they really forgave me too.. After that, my stomach was grumbling.. we all made our way to the canteen..

I was still looking for the very person I hold a grudge on most.. And most of my friends were... everywhere.. we were scattered in the DAMN CROWDED canteen.. when I already say sorry to the girl, I made my way towards my friends, who were pretty late I guess on account when we went to the food table, the food was finished.. DAMN! And I saw a banana! I grabbed it and ran away to the middle of the canteen.. most of us were being all 'macam mana nih.. makanan dah habis..' and I was all.. 'I'M HUNGRY' and they were all.. 'SHUT UP FARISA!!'.. DAMN!

then I walked around the canteen and saw pulut kuning.. YAY!!! I ran there and grabbed about a few and passed them to my friends.. our problem now was our table.. Then shameen being such an angel, actually saved place for us.. she booked a table and was going all.. guys over here.. I felt like kissing her that time.. We settled at the table and I was being all happy to eat my pulut.. then I went to wash my hands.. then I sat back at my chair.. then melisa came up to me and was all 'hey farisa, these my parents' and I got up to salam them of course.. nawal was with them and she looked so cute that night.. so much ayu-er!! (EEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!! SHAHRUL!!!!!!!! YOU KNOW I HATE THIS WORD!!!!!!!! DAMN YOU!)

then when I came back to my place.. going all ga-ga over my food, I looked sideways and saw diana crying.. I was like.. WHAT THE!!!! Atikah said something and gG shushed her up.. I didn't know.. I was blur.. damn I didn't know nothing.. then gg and miza got up to go somewhere.. and I asked diana what was wrong and she asked me to go to the toilet.. I was like.. its so far and dark.. can't we wash your face at the sink.. she said that she only wanted to get away form the crowd.. I was all.. 'ok, let me get my phone jap'..

when I got back to the sopt I left her (more of the place I ASKED HER TO STAY PUT!! DIANA!!!) she wasn't there... BOY DID I FREAKED OUT!! Like hell! Damn hell!! 'emphisizing' on the FREAK OUT LIKE HELL!!! I ran back to the table and she wasn't there.. I went to gg and gG didn't know where she is... DAMN!!

I was running around the whole canteen.. being all (screaming all) 'WHERE'S DIANA!!!!' me, miza and gg were all looking for her.. I looked for her everywhere I could think of... GOD! I freaked out gila.. Now I was on the edge of crying.. Couldn't help but to feel guilty coz I was last with her.. ARGH!!!! then After about 10/20 minutes or so, gG said she was at the padang badminton.. God I ran there, saw her alone, and went to hug her.. all four of us were in a circle.. being all 'diana, its going to be okay..' we made her laugh a little.. It was 'a moment' you know.. when gg got into her whole 'feeling better' speech, I went out to the rain, and danced.. I was hoping around a circle and being all 'I am crazy, and pmr is coming, I'm just the girl, who loves to go swimming' ahhaha!! Words just came out of my mouth like bullet train..

Then when she felt better, we all went back to the canteen and packed up our stuff.. people were going back already as it was already 10 lebih (i think).. diana, miza and gg went back with gg's mom.. then atikah went back.. left me and shameen there.. shameen was upset with me for not telling her whats up with diana.. and god shameen! I DON'T KNOW EITHER!!! even she don't know why!

Then shameen went back.. I don't know why I didn't ikut her.. its like.. something pulled me back from getting in the car..
Haih.... And of course.. after that, I regretted it.. CURSE ME LA!!!

Then after that, this what happened...
- I called home, mama is at pak ngah's house..
- I called mama's hp, as always, never answers it..
- I called abah's hp, and no one asnwered..
- I called pak nagh's house phone, and damn! surprisingly no one asnwered..
- my last resort was pak su's hp, and I got to talk to mom..

thanks god mom agreed to pick me up.. I LOVE MY MOM!!! but she asked me to wait about 15 minutes for her to finish her dinner first.. I LOVE MAMA AND PAKSU!!! YAY!!!

then the canteen was almost empty.. there were only, me, shahrul, fandi, fadzlina, ain and latif.. serious.. and I felt so out of place.. ok not so since shahrul and fandi was there.. but they're guys and its past 10 o'clock at night.. thanks god niena was there.. ada kawan la jugak.. (she's a good friend you know! I love talking to her!!)

I was just sitting there feeling all weird and worried.. it was almost deserted.. what you expect! then about 11 or something, fandi's mom came, shahrul and fandi went home.. and so did niena.. DAMN!! I was soo scared.. I was afraid to stay at the canteen, or at the entrance alone.. damn! I was so scared.. I felt like crying.. I was alone there at the netrance, and the 3 guards eye-ing on me.. fuck la.. takut gila!

I rushed my mom to come and when she did, I hugged her for being so caring.. then she brought me over to pak ngah's! I told her what had happened as she asked me why I didn't eat.. then when I got there, I played with little anis (my new cousin).. after that mama urged me to eat since I was complaining.. thank god I had some pulut saved since tadi.. and mama made 'ayam masak pedas'.. damn was I chowing down on my food.. then shahrul called..

we had a thing going on that night so shahrul and I needed to talk.. but mama made me eat quick as she wanted to go home.. I had to go off.. haih.. but mama agreed that I can have a conversation with him later.. she is the best la!!! heheheh!! she let me have the conversation at night. she rarely approves that.. so I happily continue chowing down my pulut!


when I got home.. I spent about 2 hours talking to shahrul!

then I slept..

- PMR is next week kan sasha!?

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