Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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- miza be prepared -

so here I was playing computer.. and I felt as if I need to use the bathroom.. so I did..

before I on the light, I put a step inside the bathroom and it felt as if I stepped on something.. It sounded like plastic so I was like.. of fine..

but when the light was on.. it was actually a cockroach.. I got grossed out..

it got even grosser when I found out that I stepped until a part of it's 'intestine' came out.. when i took a closer look at the thing.. I almost barfed.. It was soo damn gross... And yet the cockroach is still struggling to move.

after a while.. I saw that the cockroach actually MOVED!!! it walked... it walked and were pulling of it's discarded intestine and its like.. trailing the cockroach by one long sort of.. vein..

I seriously almost barfed.. Blood were smeared on the floor.. I felt so..


So the only thing I could do was to wash of the blood and leave the cockroach there. This is a job for dad...

I still have images of the gross thing in my head and each time it came I feel like barfing. But I do feel bad for the cockroach for doing that to him...

Argh... bad image.. bad image.. bad image.....

I just hope I will forget about the whole by tomorrow... Its too gross to be stuck in my head for long...

- I almost became a killer... and yet I wish the cockroach would have just be dead instead...


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hari KECEMERLANGAN known as 'do-ME-proud day'

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ok fine so maybe I am not the guest of honour to the gala. but I really wanted to go as a normal guest so I can see my friends get their honour and stuff.

waking up late didn't help. but lucky it hasn't started when I got there.

It was weird that I was just a student coming there as a normal guest. And I was alone which makes it even more weird. when I walked it the choir peopel were doing their performance. they were good. they look good, sound good and im sure they all feel good. I enjoyed that.

and then I saw hafizah so I made my way next to her and thats all there is. We made small conversations, and watched the whole thing and blar..

before the PMR people are to receive their prizes, a group of irls did a show to the song Asmara Dana. Its damn cun!

And then up goes the people.. and down goes my semangat.. the whole time I wished I was joining them.........

so anyway... after my friends are done.. I joined them and we had a picture taking moment.

after the ceremony is done, we all went down to the canteen for breakfast. It was fun to hang out and taking pictures..

after that we made our way to Mc Donald.

By we I mean

It was so fun becasue its as if we can't get ourselves away from the cameras. Especially ATikah and Shahrul.. They were snapping our journey to McD.

We met Miza there and we had lunch and everything. We talked and laughed.. joked around and had fun.. A lot of pictures were taken, a lot of noise were made, a lot of jokes were cracked, a lot of mess were done.. and a lot of fun were had!

Seriously speaking.. spending time with your friends are one of the most FUNNEST thing anyone would do.. Something I wouldn't want to be taken away.

So hanging out was the priority of the day.. and it was all good..

- Everyone were happy. Day was good.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

a TRIP to a car CARNIVAL

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well, of course knowing me, I'm always excited to have an outing with my friends. and this 'lame-sounded' carnival is no exception. it was on last saturday. and I was excited to go there with a bunch of friends as representative of the school.

we're the Board of Directors of the Setia Club in school are all asked to be in charge of getting people to go to the carnival. the hoopla that took place doing just that.
theres the whole commotion of getting people to join because apparently people are not interested in getting cheap license.

then 3 days after that we're practically desperate getting people to go becasue we had to get enough participants to pay off the bus or else setia gotta setle it. and it was hard. at long last we only succeed in dragging our own friends to go.

list of participants
farisa, shahrul, diana, gg, fawwaz, omar, iqbal, nasriff, firdaus, nashrah, syhirah, sara, farhana, atiyah, hani, diyana, syuhada, azyan, wan nur atikah, norasheena, fatihah..

yup. just the 21 of us.. and we're suppose to fill in 44 places. well at least our friends agreed to venture the trip with us.

so maybe I shouldn't have had that phone conversation until 12 the night before as it was cut and my phone was confiscated. so I am phoneless for the next one month.

omar said that the bus will come at about 10 so im all getting ready and decided to go at 9.45am. before that, my phone kept ringing and tempting me to answer them but mom won't allow me. at one point my sister got so pissed she answered it only to be told by diana that the bus has arrived.

how I rushed to get everything ready. mom was complaining on how late I was. when I got there I saw no bus and I FREAKED!!! I was so sacred that they have left without me.. I almost cried... no seriously..

I ran inside school only to find the group still there waiting. I had to run back to tell my mom that they're still there. so we waited there. NO BUS!!!

I told the girls about my confiscated phone and diana thought it was weird that farisa is phoneless... and it was the nicest of her to allow me to borrow her phone and called shahrul. turns out he came right after we put down the phone.

so it was all boring and stuff while we're waiting so I decided to get pictures of the BOD and stuff to put on the site.

so when the bus came, I was excited.. WE'RE OFF FOR THE TRIP.

our gang took a place behind the bus. and it wasn't such a gala on the way there. Iqbal and nasriff were singing to themselves, Diana was listening to the radio on her phone, I was talking to shahrul, so was G to fawwaz, and aizat and omar were looking out the window. The rest of the group were sitting infront for me to see...

so when we got there.... THE PLACE WAS DESERTED!!

No seriously.. when we walked down the bus, everyone were looking at us.. as if we're the only sort of entertainment for them at the moment. the first thing nashrah said to me was that she wanted to go home.

I don't blame her. I mean sure the place look... uhm... but I was kind of excited still... ok fine diana.. I admit it.. I mean we did make it there... all of us together... we don't even know whats to come for us.. might as well look on the bright side of life...

bt I didn't know whats to come for us.. really is THAT BAD!!!

everyone we're complaining to go home and the worse part is that our bus won't be able to make it here until 3. WE'RE STUCK!

I told them to save the tour for another later as we have about 4 hours to kill later. but we coudln't resist as where we were standing was just too boring to stay. It took us about 10 minutes to finsih the tour of the place...

and there is nothing... one whole row of the stalls are just food stalls, a big stage in the middle.. a few booths for showing off vehicles.. and one booth on registering your license thingies..

seriously the whole 4 hours there we only sat and eat and talk... taking pictures were our only source of entertainment... I took a few shots of the place.. there were seriously nobody there...

at one point I was high.. crazy of the heat and the boredom... the performance was not even remotely interesting.. I spent time bad mouthing on how bad they were singing songs..

we did meet atikah's sister there. and she promoted her booth. it was this kind of service that they provide allowing you to scan if there is anything wrong with your body. and it turns out I'm am a walking disease freak.

they run trough a sort of device on my palm and if it hurts then I have a disease kind of thing there. and it hurts everywhere for me. so I am really sick lar you can say..

when I got back to our spot, only Iqbal, Nasriff and Fawwaz were there. I was told that they were interviewed by the reporter of the show Remaja from TV3, and they were making funny remarks out of what they said.

After that the remaining of the group who is Nasriff, Gg, Iqbal, Fawwaz and I went to look for the rest of the group. And there we found them in one hut far from the place where the carnival took place. It is still in the compound but it was not near to the rest of the people.

We hanged out there and talk and took pictures.. joke around and all...

Until the reporter person came to me for an interview and I did it with joy.. The guys made fun of my interview though I don't see why it is so funny.. BUt it was enjoyable..

We seriously had nothing else to do. So then there was a buzz about some celebrity who came. Turned out it was Farah Fauzana, some dj of radio Era. Not that I'd know. But we snap a few shots with her.

then we hanged out some more. the real celebrities didn't even show up until after we had to leave. but we didn't care. we're all excited to leave.

ok so on the bus back home was the actual trip spirit came. we had a SINGALONG!!!

Diana, Iqbal, Nasriff, Omar, Aizat and I had our own version of the Pop Ye Ye song and Shahrul recorded the whole thing on video. It was so much fun as some of us were really enthusiastic. It was so much fun an laughter and we all joked all around and stuff...

And so back home we go....

when we got to school.. we had a picture gala moment... and just cooling down the fun before all of us slave back home...

and so thats how it goes... nothing to brag but then fun we had!!!

- TV3, Saturday, 1.00pm

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