Saturday, May 10, 2008

2 days before Finals

ho ho ho!

I am stressed. I start my finals in 2 days and it is stressing me out completely. I have been spending my days here at the study room from morning to, well morning, if you get what I mean. Right at this moment, my head is spinning, my stomach is aching, my back is soaring and my eyes are heavy.

I have spent my respectful Saturday studying maths and I do not feel like I am getting better at it at all. I feel as if I have gone from BAD at maths to REALLY BAD at maths and that stresses me out even more. Plus, knowing that there are not enough time for me to finish studying makes me even more depressed.

It has always been me, Farisa binti Roslan, to procrastinate everything. I often put off my studying until the last minute and it is not as if it has not taken a toll on me before. It had and it still is. But the problem is, I just do not learn from it and still resort to cramming everything at the eleventh hour. I hate it but I feel like I am not able to do anything about it. Except to just make the best of the situation. Hence, not sleep. Equals NOT GOOD.

My lecturer have already explained the whole process on how we will be graded in Ausmat and it is pretty weird I tell you. But it kinds of put me off a bit from studying. Why? Because [I will not really explain the A to Z-ken reason because you guys will not understand anyway] she made it seem like our INTERNAL assessment is not that important and what is important is only our SSABSA final papers. So I kind of, psychologically, told myself that I do not really need to score in my internal. Of course, it is COMPLETELY not true that internal is not important. So like it or not, I shall need to cram and study all the same.

Tomorrow is mother's day. I already have a perfect gift for mom in mind except I have been busy, well, studying that I do not have the time to DO it just yet. Am thinking of giving her an I OWE YOU card first and start making the present after my finals (which is for one week). In the mean time, I'd probably buy her a cake.

I will be finishing my second semester of Ausmat in one week and I am way excited. Will story story more about this later. For now, I gotta go back to Tangents, Integrations and Rate of Change. Urggggh.

By the way, I failed my driving test. Yes. It was at the bukit part. I feel so typical. Not good. :(

- UNBREAK MY HEART! SAY YOU LOVE ME AGAIN!! (been listening to more oldies ;D)

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Monday, May 05, 2008

pooping market place

Yesterday, my market trip with my mother was not as Uneventful as always. I had a really bad headache the night before so I slept early. Therefore, I had no excuse to be sleepy when mom woke me up and asked me to accompany her to the market. It is never said but I do enjoy my market trips with mom. For one thing, I get to spend time with her and there are no pressure in trying to dress to impress, because well, I could dress the ugliest and I could still blend in.

So mom drove us all the way to, haha, seksyen 15. I put on some baggy pants and had on a big SMKSU shirt, throw in a white tudung and slipped in my blue slippers. I looked like a maid according to mom and I so did not care. Went there and we were browsing through fish, squids and prawns. Mom launched into an intense speech on how prices are up and how they don't sell salmon (mom was planning to roast salmon for lunch)

We then made our way to the chicken stall, but the next thing I knew, the dude started to apologize to mom and I. It took me about two to three seconds to realize that the guy splat chicken POOP on us. He was cleaning the insides of the chicken and it decided to land on us. Mom did not get hit as bad as I did but she was angrier than I was. The man couldn't stop apologizing and I just started to laugh. If I were Farisa about 3 to 4 years younger, I would immediately boil into anger and disgust. I was still disgusted yesterday but I just laughed it off. It was pretty funny. The man gave me a cloth and I cleaned up at the pipes.

So I walked back with the remainings of chicken poop on me. Luckily I did put on baggy clothes or else, it might have splatted me in places I do NOT want to mention. ahahaha. We then finished our trip with mom commenting on an old lady's pants where it shows the bad side of her ass.

The day did not end so badly as in the end, I did get to eat AWESOME food. Mom barbequed salmon (which we got at Carrefour), squids, chicken, and lamb. IT WAS AN AWESOME lunch as oppose to the normal ones I have at Intec. I love mom.

- Did you know that going to buy fish with you mother is actually pretty fun? :D

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did you know?

I am fat.

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