Friday, March 04, 2005

bandung, INDONESIA - day THREE

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Ayah, Ibu, cousin Amy and Amar were due to go back to Malaysia today though the rest of us had another day. So the morning was rushed to fit in the schedule to be at the airport. We all got ready and packed everything because we were to check out form the hotel that morning. So we had breafast again. This time I stuffed myself with cereals. I was craving God knows why. It was good but it was rushed.

When we got to the airport, Ayah gave each of us about 300,000 Rupiah to spend. We had to spend about an hour plus at the VERY BORING AIRPORT!! Seriously, the only thing there was a snack bar, a cafe and a magazine rack. What could I do!? I end up spending the whole time singing to myself. It was so boring. When it was time for them to ake off, we waved goodbye, and Pak Ngah brought us back to the house. This night, I had to sleep in the house. Urgh.

After everyone got ready, we all went to a family outlet store called Blossom. When I walked in the store I saw a corner that looks much like the teenage girl's section. When I browsed around, I was like. This ain't clothes. These are, so improper. These are blouses. So I got bored. Then my sister brought me to see a cute blue jelly hang bag she saw, we fell in love with it and took it instantly.

Mama found a turtleneck blouse.

note : I am into turtleneck blouses in black now.

And it was in dark blue. I loved it. But I don't look good on it. So my mom decided to get it for her own. It was boring until I was brought to the what we call 'heaven-section'

THERE WERE ROXY'S, MORGANS, AND ALL THE OTHER BRANDED CLOTHES YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE. Right there sold in the range of Rm15 to Rm 30. I'm not kidding. And all of them were GORGEOUS. I tried about 10 different tops and I was in love with all!! And my sister and cousin Tikah wasn't helping either. There were busy burying themselves in shelves of branded clothes. If nothing had stopped me, I would have walked out that store with precisely 7-8 pairs of tops ONLY!! maybe a pair of jeans and this really cute pink sling bag.

But saving up money, I got out with a pink top with beads put together to form a face of an Egyptian lady. MY FAVOURITE-EST PIECE I BOUGHT ON THE TRIP!! A white Roxy top, and the turtle neck top. IT WAS NICE!! I WANT THE SHOP!!!

Next was Glamour. We thought that we should have had enough after heaven at the previous shop. BUT THIS ONE WAS GREAT TOO!!! Seriously, I felt in love with loads here. I ended up with 2 black tops. I is in black and decorated with lines that looked like the face of a lady. And the other one is just plain NICE!! I almost bought a pair of short bright pink skirt but afraid my money would be a problem so I skipped.

We went for Simpang Raya for Nasi Padang again. This time, without the stomach ache, the food tastes better. Begedil, fried chicken, and real nice paru-paru. IT WAS GOOD!!

Later on we went to this mall known as Bazar or something. They sold like telekungs, and baju kurungs and stuff like that here. All I could do was sing and play those hand games. While the women was having great time picking out telekungs.

On the way back to the cars, my mother freaked because my brother Ajin was lost. She was screaming like a mad woman. Seriously I was pissed and scared at the same time. The hoopla ended when my sister called my uncle and he said that he and Ajin was still in the mall. PFFT!!

We then made our way to the Masjid Raya for prayers. The place is beautiful. seriously. It was so peaceful and nice to pray there and just cool off.. but we didnt have time for that.

We then made our last stop to a mall. Your typical Sunway Pyramid for those in INdonesia. Seriously, the place was crap! Nothing at all. Well the shops we went in were nothing thugh. Seriously. Its just so boring.

Except there was this shop called HARAJUKU. It attracted me. The layout out of the place was cool but was taking up too much space. The shop was really bright and it sells a lot of japenese-y kind of clothes. They had nice skirts but none that fits any of us. I got my eyes on hand bands coz there were one nice ones but the price was too ridiculous. We ended up sipping cocoa smoothies blended with banana sinking in chocolate chips. IT WAS GOOD!!!

We then had dinner at this shop called Baso Malang. The place doens't sound so inviting but the food there is pretty good. Its basically Yong-Tau-Foo but has its own Indonesian twisting taste to it. Its good though.

We then went back home. The last thing I remembered was golek-ing with my brother IMran in fornt of the TV and the next thing I know, I was freezing on the bed without any bantal, or selimut. It was too late to wake anyone up and I was so sleepy. I ended up putting on my socks, and wearing my towel as the blanket. It wasn't comfortable AT ALL!.

Then the next day we all had to catch a plane home. The only thing I spent doing there was going back and fourth to the snack bar stocking up on nAno-nAno-s. Then on the plane we went, and flew back to MALAYSIA where we belong.

Seriously INdonesia is fun. But there were a very huge percentage of poverty. Seriously. Everywhere you turn, people would be slipper-less, walking around with so much of a piece of clothing begging for money. Even in the middle of the road. I couldn't bare to watch them. They were even kids coming up to us and putting on puppy dog eyes. I didn't have money at the time, what could I do!?

What's funny was that there were few beggers coming up to us with thei guitar, strumming one chord, and getting money. If I would have know it was that easy, I didn't even need to put in words in my song! But wheres the fun non!? At one moment, I saw this guy, the has no legs and was walking on both hands begging. I almost cried and I felt as if was so BERSYUKUR to khadrat Ilahi for giving me what I have now. It was just so sad.

If I could have the power to change that, I seriosuly would. But what does words of a 15 year old Malaysian girl do to the INdonesian government? About as much of the chances of a chicken flying. Exactly. NONE!

The other thing I like about Indonesia is it's school. No serious. I make it a point to look at every student I could spot. I love looking at their unifroms since Malaysia's are just no as cool! And I would like to see what people my age here in INdonesia are like. So it was pretty cool.

And their language is fun too!. I know its Bm but the twist and their dialect its fun to try and talk the way they do knowing how dumb you may sound but its okay because you're in Indonesia. And I don't blame anyone. They must think its pretty dumb to talk in our dialect coz they're not used to it. Its human nature.

So all and all the trip was good. I got some real awesome clothes and a fun shopping experience. it was just tiring though.

- next stop.. NOT INDONESIA!

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

bandung, INDONESIA - day TWO

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Advice : If ever you go for vacations, BRING SWIMSUITS even though you might not use it.

Seriously, I have been craving for a swim for so long now just I have no time to do so. And when the oppurtunity falls right in front of me, I just had to not be with my swimsuit. So all I did was watched cousin Amy and cousin Amar swam while chatting with my aunt. She's pretty cool really.

Uncle Ayah was ready to give me his shorts so I could have a swim. It was too weird. After swimming hour ended, we had breakfast at the hotel. The food there were pretty good seriously! I had omelettes, potato salad and porridge. YUM!!! We were pretty late when we went to our rooms because we were suppose to meet up with the group at a store but we ended up being too late that by the time we got to the first store called DSE Outlet, they lot are already leaving. I was so bummed but my mom said there weren't anything nice so that was OKAY!

We made our way to the second store which is called Oasis. Damn that shop was.. BIG! Let me explain. I walk in the store, theres a room on the left, on the right and on the front. So I took the front. And the next room, there's a room on the left, right and straight. So I went straight. And there's a room on the right and straight. So I took straight. And there's a left turn and striaght. I took straight. And there were a room on the left and one on the right. MY GOD!!

I was starting to think I was lost. I saw my cousin and I immediately sticked with her. I can't afford to be stuck at one place. The end of the shop was more for teenage girls so I spend most of my time there. I ended up with nothing because seriously, IT WAS UGLY!! Not all of course but I don't think my Grandma agrees for me to buy short plaited skirt.

Ayah offered to buy me a Harley wallet but like, whats the point right? Better not buy something I don't like, rather than accepting it as a gift and never use it. All of them are ugly by the way.

So after there is done, we went to this shop called Heritage.THIS SHOP SUCKED!! Not one single thing in there is nice. Except for a few skirts The place was awfully crowded and cramp. It was hot, it was strict and its just bad. I spent about 20/30 minutes in there and walked straight out. Though there was this brand called Fred and Bernard. It was funny. I spent about an hour outside the shop where there was this little cafe. And it was SO DAMN HOT!!! And I got so restless. Yishk! It was a bad period of time.

Later we went for lunch to this shop called Parayanga. The food there wasn't all that nice, and it was BAD SERVICE!! We didn't even get some of our orders. And I was tired and hot, how can I not get pissed off. And the restaurant was so called, THE GOOD ONE!!

After that is done, all of us made our way to the hotel. There were 3 rooms. The girl's room, Ayah and Ibu's room and the family room. So in the evening, me and my girls hunged out in our room, while Ayah and Ibu in their's and the rest of the gang in the family room.

Later on, the kids went for swimming while all the adults followed. AND CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED!! The women went to the SPA without even inviting us. The 4 of us were watching crummy movies such as Beever or like that (though the kid is so cute), and mumbling on how pissed we were that we didn't get to go to the Spa. But all of us were bonding. We were jumping on the beds, screaming, and falling of on each other, talking bout bodies and makeup. Weird but fun.

Turned out that the women didn't go to the Spa. They were just having drinks at the cafe. Whoops. But it was a tiring day. When it was time for dinner, all of us got ready.

note : I had to wear the same outfit for 2 DAYS STRAIGHT. I wore my jeans and my top when that day I went to sleep at the hotel. Later I brought my home outfit and a pair of outfit for dinner and the next day. Turned out I didn't even get to go back to the house to change another pai of clothes. 2 DAYS WITH THE OUTFIT. It was bad!!

When we were choosing our restaurant, it wasn't all that easy. The grown-ups were like 'Kat mana yang belom pergi, kat sini tak boleh, kedai tuh tadi tuh?' And all of us were ' we're hungry, we're hungry, we're hungry'. well I was.

We ended up having dinner at the hotel restaurant. We set up the table at the patio. A whole lot of table put together. The food was good. It was buffet and the menu was western. IMagine, baked potatoes with cheese, pastas, garlic potatoes, and barbeque beef. WITH NACHOS! It was GOOD!!! We had a fun dinner. There were a group of 3 performing that night. A singing lady, a guitar playing dude, and a violin playing guy. I kept eyeing on the guitar longing to play it. I was staring. HONESTLY.

When all of us were almost done, my Pak Ngah was going on and on about how he would just walk up on stage and sing. And we all challenged him. What he said was that, go tell the people on stage and I will sing. So when I actually called up the waiter and requested my Pak Ngah to sing, without his knowledge, he had the shock of his life.

What the waiter did was, he walked up to the mike, and called out my Pak Ngah and introduced him to play. My Pak Ngah was blushing and all of us were clapping and cheering. I had a big shock too when he actually got up and went to the stage singing. We were all wow-ed by him. Something we never thought he'd do kind of thing you know. It was great. Though od knows what song he sang, he sounded.. GOOD!!

At this point I was craving for the guitar. I told my 7 year old cousin that i really wanted to sing, and he just ran up to stage and requested me to sing. I was like.. WHAT!!! They pulled me to the stage and how much embarrassing it was, I actually wanted to do it. But instead, I grabbed the guitar, sit in front of the table my fmaily were, and actually played them something. I duet-ed with my cousin Amy the Wonderwall song. The grown-ups dind't know what song it was but I got cheered for it. Then my sister join in for the Kiss Me song. We also played Kau Ilhamku. It was so much fun to be performing in front of people. The feeling is really great.

And after its done, I satistfied myself and gone to bed with a huge smile and a happy day.

- Sasha nyanyi! Sasha nyanyi!!

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