Friday, September 29, 2006

ATIKAH would LOVE this.

- this is hilarious but it moves too fast I think.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

selamat BERPUASA!

this is so not me. I am playing God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You and it is the gay-est song I have ever heard. My friends and I made the song even better.

But going back to the main point, I would just like to wish all the muslims..


Yes, it is indeed the fasting month now. A little bit earlier than normal but it is here non the less. Don't ask me why but I am feeling so excited about this bulan Ramadhan. Because in a month, it will be RAYA!

I love raya! I simply do! I mean besides the obvious duit raya we'll be getting, I love the feel of driving back home to my granparents' house, slaving that night making our famous marble cake, waking up the next morning to azan and having my mom nag over us about waking up late for solat raya. Yes I even miss that!

Many things have changed from the past years. Like I grew boobs, Imran was born, my cousins and I have matured and Ayah's new house next to opah's house. But some things will never change.

I love waking up in the morning and making my way to the kitchen to find the fresh lemang and rendang on the table and tackle it the minute I see it.

I love fighting for the toilet and rushed to the surau nearby for solat raya.

I love walking back home from the surau with me and my cousin singing out loud.

I love coming back to the women in the kitchen, the men in front of the tv and the kids running around the house.

I love having the moment where my family goes from the eldest to youngest asing for forgiveness (this is the part where we bag those duit raya)

I love the part where mama would scold me for taking too much lemang.

I love RAYA!!

Thinking about these moments just makes me jump! But sadly, my cousin Tikah and I are to sit for our SPM examination this year so while we have our traditional bunga api moment, the both of us will study chemical reactions or the use of Fungs trigonometri. Which I have never manage to find out.

But regardless of that! I can't wait for raya. yes I am very excited over this Ramadhan month that the first day of sahur, while my sister and my brother was rubbing their eyes, I was jumping while getting the vitamins. I bet they are a bit disturbed with my enthusiasm at waking up at 5 but I was excited.

I hope that this month would turn out to be a great month as a preparation to our Raya 2006. I love my family and especially when in raya mood. So many good wishes to those who is battling Ramadhan month with me and I hope that you shall survive with flying colours! Something I planned to do.

Which reminds me, I am to loose 20 pounds this puasa so wish me luck. My mom said it impossible which is most probably true. But she jinxed it so it could happen.


- I think the creator of my previous blogskin has deleted the background picture from her photobucket. So I had to choose another one.

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