Saturday, July 23, 2005

SUMBANGSIH dinner party

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I don't know if it should be labelled as FUN or DISASTER!

I know one thing is for sure! Its the same as the rest of the dinner parties I've been to. And that the only thing I enjoyed there were my friends and the picture taking time!


when I got there, of course I saw a few familiar faces.. which them hi and stuff and navigate the girls to the dewan.. saw a few teachers at the entrance.. a lil compliments given and taken.. all the hooplas.. then we went up to the floor.. there were A LOT of people crowding the space outside the ballroom.. so we registered ourselves.. and of course being us girls, we searched for the bathroom first!

all of us took a good look at the mirror. we sort of hogged it.. we took one last look and saw the image of what we're going to show the whole night.. *deep breathe*

until I got the call form zaty. saying that she's already there.. waiting for me at the main lobby.. since the rest of my friends needed to pray.. so we decided to go down together!

I saw Izzaty and gave her a BIG HUG!! Start complimenting her and stuff and she went to show me muazam and armand. Had a few chat with them and all..

then when the rest of the girls went to pray, zat and I looked for the restroom again.. gussied up and when we walked out of the restroom.. we saw melisa, nawal and azfar.. OMG! I ran to them and planted big hugs!!! they looked great and all.. and then we had a picture moment..

after about 10 minutes, the guys' girlfriends arrived and I was introduced to all three of them (one of them was their friend's Aiman's girlfriend)

So all was fine and stuff. got to meet leisya (muazam's gal) though Armand's girlfriend acts really weird to me.. she looks at me as if I am about to strangle her. EVERY TIME! she looked like she was scared of me.. not even one smile.. started to think my smile wasn't all convincing.. I widened it, it made her looked more scared.


So I was waiting for shahrul and stuff... but instead met all other people but not HIM. so after that I decided to go up with zaty and meet all up there.

When we got there.. I met shahrul and OMG!! HE LOOKED SO HOT!!! I kid you not!! I melted.. well metaphorically I did.

then we made our way inside and tried to find our table. the first half an hour was hectic. I couldn't sit still.. I felt as if I had to move around and all.. when I first had my eye on G, I was i shock. SHE LOOKED AMAZING!! GORGEOUS the word. her hair was in proper curls.. her outfit was so loosy.. she looked good.

made my way to her and complimented her and being Gg, she didn't think it was right. and then we went to take pictures.. then I helped finding seats for Muazam and company. then when I settled in, I told the girls that we needed bathroom break.

it was all good and stuff.. so then we seat and everything was good and stuff..

there was a whole presentation about the school.. and that was my favourite part of the night.. dont ask why.. only shahrul knows.. :D

then we sat and all was well.. then people were making speeches.. BLAR BLAR BLARR!!!

then I told the girls I needed another bathroom break.. and all of us went.. it was all fun.. in the toilet and that was something..

then we went back and settled in..

the food there SUCKS!! seriously.. I barely ate.. when it was the fourth course.. my part of the first course meal is still there in my plate.. *make barfing sound* but the only nice par about the food was that shahrul was such a gentleman to have put all of mine on my plate for me.. thanks shahrul!

so I have a few complaints of the performances here and there but I quite enjoyed myself.. my favourite was a traditional malay dance from my girlfriends.. the song Asmara Dana. Its classic and it rocks!

and I never thought I'd scream louder than I did when it was the fashion show.. I was screaming for all my friends that were up there.. they were AWESOME!!!

at one point of the party.. I felt as if I wanted to faint.. I felt all queesy.. the food stinks really.. then we all like snapped a few pictures here and there..

at one point the performance was so boring I went up to G and suggested that we go around taking picture with people we know.. and we did.. we took pictures wth michelle, pei min, sachin, tieng wei, cikgu akmaliza, alifah, nashrah and we even got to snap pictures of the people in our class..

so the dinner went on with more performances and stuff.. at one point we all got bored I felt like going home..

so when its all done, we all crowded outside for picture time. I took loads of pictures with practically everyone of my friends.. it was fun really! the taking pictures part. and then we all went down to the main lobby to wait for our parents and stuff.. by then we took more pictures..

so thats how it goes.. it was quite fun! somehow... its okay lar.. I'm just glad that we 'all' got to be there and all of us look so damn pretty!!! we had a good time right guys..

shahrul looked really really hawt!

- pictures later...

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SUMBANGSIH - preparation

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seeing how my computer and blog is back to normal.. this is the sumbangsih post promised though its already been a week. I'm writing based on what I remember..


that morning of school was to be filled with a gotong royong since almost half the faculty and a big number of students are going for the sumbangsih rehearsal thingy. So my friends and I decided to skip school instead. and we did...

so I couldn't sleep very well that night because.. well because I always don't when I am to go to dinner parties.. woke up quite early..

until I realized I have absolutely NOTHING to do.. I was in no mood for homework.. forget about even checking them.. I even left my bed un-made. I spent my morning infront of the computer. and how much could that have lasted?!

I even thought of skipping my tuition but then thought.. I'm already dying out of boredom the rest of the morning and its like a few more hours before I had to go to Diana's house.. might as well go to tuition. And I did..

So about 2 hours before tuition.. I decided to have my beauty bath... and it felt good.. so then I met up with shahrul and we went to tuition and stuff...

fun fact : a few days before I actually had a dream about this sumbangsih thing. the dream was about me deciding at THE VERY LAST minute that I wanted to go.. and when I mean last minute.. I mean half an hour before the thing starts.. and the commotion was when I couldn't find the dress I wanted to wear.

It was weird because practically my whole family were suddenly in my house running around looking for the dress.. my aunties and my uncles.. and my mom were screaming on top of her lungs..

I was just runing around so hard looking for it.. my grandma even took out the sewing machine to make a new one for me.. whilst shahrul was outside the door screaming for me to be quick.. my GOD. and the whole time OI was running I can actually see what was going on in the dinner hall.

The clock showed 9 o'clock and I still havent found my dress.. And the dinner was suppose to start at 7.30pm. weird enough it was as if it was waiting for me to come before it starts. it was really weird. It wasn't even a sure thing that I could get a ticket at the last minute. So the commotion was the end I woke up without even ever found my dress..

so anyways.. the whole time in tuition I couldn't really pay attention because I was so excited to go to Diana's house because we were going to do each other up!

so after tutition, shahrul and I decided to head straight home because we needed to hurry.. and off we go.. it was such a ARGH when I had to walk to Diana's house.. especially with 2 big bags!

so after that I made my way to Diana's house. its worse when on the way, the rain started to come down.. urgh.. but eventually I made it there.. so diana decided to settle in whilst I take my bath.. it felt good after that long walk.. after my shower I saw Shameen. Didn't know she was coming. especially all dressed up already. I felt weird because she was with her makeup and purse and there I am opposite her with only a towel wrapped me.

then I had on a singlet and my jeans..

so the fun begins.. first diana went to wet her hair with ther air wuduk, and I started with my hair.. letting it down.. parting it.. straightening it.. curling.. you name it..

while Shameen was blow drying Diana's hair.. so while all that happen, all three of us were chatting and stuff..

so after that.. I decided to do my make up. I would like to say that I am so happy that I managed to do my own makeup! yay! and it looks quite nice.. though I had a little too much eye shadow..

Diana went to model her outfit and she told us she didn't favor it much.. neither did I. it made her look as if she was forty. So thats why we decided that she'd look better with her other dress. so she sticked with that.

and after I'm done.. I modeled my outfit. its decided that I should go for the pink beady skirt instead of the normal plain black even though the skirt made me look FAT!

and after that we all got ready and stuff.. Shameen maked up Diana and I put on her blusher for her. After that we both decided to spice up her hair. SHE LOOKED AWESOME!!! and so did Shameen!

And when we found out Atikah was already there to pick us up, we practically grabbed what we can, stuffed it in our bags and dashed downstairs...

we were all so crazy in the car on the way there.. ESPECIALLY ATIKAH!! You can't believe her ramblings.. SHE WOULDN'T STOP!!! a way of expressing her nervousness.. I understand.. felt the same way about my first dinner party.. seeing how it being my fourth I was too use to the whole gala.. but needless to say that I was excited..

we took pictures on the way there.. and the minute I got out of the car..

I was so nervous and shaking.. my body turned cold.. I made my way to the entrance with Atikah until...


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Friday, July 22, 2005

bring me to LIFE

I GOT MY BLOG BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!


* gets up on the table and do the chicken dance!

- hope this will do..

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