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shopping for RAYA

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There is something freakishly wrong with me! I was just ranting about how SPM is too near for words and yet now I am too rant about how much fun I had going out with 3 of my good friends today! Yes. There. is. deifinitely. something. WRONG.


Shahrul has been bugging me about getting his Raya clothes and one fine day Miza asked if I can follow her to Parade to find a top for her raya skirt (which is gorgeous mind you) and surprisingly enough, mom said yes. The next thing I know the four of us were dropped off outside Subang Parade with a bag of cash, and a very high 'semangat' (WHATS SEMANGAT IN ENGLISH AGAIN!?)

We went to Voir first. Spent really long there. I found this really cute purple dress to fit with jeans. Mom promised she'd take a look at it today! So most probably I'm getting them! All of us tried on a piece of something something and the boys got hooked to a pair of jeans each. But we did not immediately buy anything as we thought we still have loads of shops to choose from.

Next was Tropicana Life. Nothing to report there because the shop didnt really attract anything to any of us. So next we made our way to this unfamiliar shop. I have forgotten the name already! Miza was picking out T-shirts from the rack and shovign them to Aiman for him to try. Aiman, who has never been in this situation, was shoved to the fitting room and model-ed us some pieces that he tried on.

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But apparently, nothing is to his liking so next we went to East India. My god. Such pretty clothes there! This time, Miza and Shahrul tried on something. And it looks good on them.

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The next stop was to Summerset Bay. We know Atikah shops there so we checkd it out. I love the shop! Its so frilly and so, Old English-y. Miza and I got our moment trying out a few things there! Here was fun!

But again, there was nothing we really wanted, so we moved on to F.O.S. in hope to find a red top that fits Miza's skirt, a shirt each for SHahrul and Aiman and a pair of jeans for each of the two.

F.O.S. wasn't as attractive as it used to be anymore. I couldn't even find 2 things that I like. And that was when we saw a pair of HIDEOUSLY REPULSIVE pants and Miza dared the boys to try it on. She also managed to pick out a pair of singlets to match the ugly pants. And the boys looked like badly dressed leprechauns after so.

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The four of us got a good laugh when the boys were flaunting their muscles around the dressing are. Lucky it was a disclosed area and no one can see the incident except us and the abang that was working there. He thought we were insane.

We then went to Reject Shop but there was nothing good there at all. So we moved on to Giordano but that place was a let down. Then we made our way to Hush Puppies. Nothing interesting. We did stop at some Spa trying to get informations on their service. The two of us were listening so closely, while the two boys, were bruting in the corner being bored.

Then we went to one of my favourite shops in Parade, its called Tribal Fusion. Everything was so fancy there! Miza and I just examined the fany earrings before we made our way to Blook. We wanted to take a picture at the big fancy mirror at Blook but the shopkeepers were eyeing us so we decided to just go. At Levi's was nothing much too. Miza did try on a pair of short skirt which we all find good on her.

Later, the guys had to already go for their Friday prayers. Thats when Miza and I went to East India, AGAIN, and got a red top that we thought fits best with her skirt and she got it. She's going to look stunning during Raya.

Then we went to buy some brush curler thingy for Miza's hair and then, we just hanged out at MPH. My first time in the lounge and I was getting cozy on the chair with 2 tabloid magazines. After about 20 minutes, I got a call from Shahrul telling us they're back!

Then we all decided to roam Parkson. Dorothy Perkins has a top that I love so much but decided not to buy after all because it was expensive and did not look exactly that good on me. We then roam around fr clothes when we stopped at BUM EQUIPTMENT. By then, we have already start to cringe because our legs were strating to hurt.

Here is where, we got crazy. Miza especially. She was starting to get cranky so she was just taking all that she could from the racks and giving it to Aiman and SHahrul to try. And then we all found one fitting room and tried it on. The girls didn't I mean. Aiman and Shahrul each got around 5 pieces of T-Shirts each so we were just ushering them to try all of them! So its just put on, take out, give me another one kind of process. And they did look good in some of them.

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And that was fun because Miza and I was really being the kind of girl that was bossing the boys to do things and in this case, try on all of the baju and comment on it.

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Lucky, Shahrul got attached to one of it so the whole session wasn't such a waste of time. Aiman however, got hooked on a pair of shirt he found himself.

After the guys paid, we were just so tired. But we still managed to go to the toy section of Parkson and sinking in the Halloween fever!

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Then we made our way to Voir again to get the pair of jeans the guys was eyeing on.
This was fun because we were cmaping out outside the fitting room waiting for them to find the perfect size and everything. Many jokes, many incidents, many sexy legs! ahahahaha. At the end, the two boys got the exact same pair of jeans with the same size.

After that, we have had enough! We went to Rasa Thai to get the Tom Yam I craved. Then we went to redeem the points for the Shop For Your School contest! We got around rm300 for it! yay! Thats when we all went home!

The boys were just hanging out at my place because they were to tired to go home. Until they went hom around 5.30pm/

It was such a fun day. Full of laughters, clothes, and legs! ahahaha! At least the 3 of them got their Raya clothes. As for myself, I'm going to go shopping with my mom today!

I love my friends.

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- did you notice we were all dressed in black?

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