Thursday, December 23, 2004

reality CHECK!!

listening to : you get me - michelle branch
mood : not so bad
current status : enjoying the sweet melody of the song

why have I been too lazy to do anything?! Why have I abandoned my blog? Why do I feel as if my brain is not working!? School is not more than 2 weeks and I couldn't get myself back in shape. this sucks!

ok. so to be honest. having to wait for PMR results is more nerve wrecking than having to wait for the actual exam itself. and all the what ifs and if only's comes popping out of your head like corns being popped into perfection. Yishk! Not a very good feeling!

so Im in the middle of finishing my 5th song, Tonight. Its really kinda cool. Its as if those tunes and the words just BAM coming out of my head and formed into a beautiful song! But now Im stuck at the bridge. And I still need to add in the guiatr for it. My 2nd song, You and Me still hasn't had a guitar sound to go with it. I have to work on that.

Harry POtter and the Half Blood Prince is expected to come out on January as I've said. But I talked to Nabila who said that its expected to come out in July. As to the time when the movie is coming out. Well, shocked and dissapointed as I was, I accepted it. But tonight dad told me that the book has been released in United Kingdoms anytime in between this 3 days (i forgot). So take out your reading glasses baby!

My hair is behaving which I am quiet happy with.

Atuk, Opah, Tikah, Pak Teh and Mak Teh, drove here this morning for a few days stay. Im expected to go back to Kelantan this Christmas. I hope the girls don't celebrate Gg's party when I'm gone. I'd hate to miss it.

I've been slaving myself to the computer 24-7. I think my eyes has been the victim of the addiction! It hurts. But still, I abuse it by spending my days with the computer. I can't, thats my life.

I finally got my School Bag now. Stripes. Pink of course. I really love it. I'm also planning to buy a matching pink stripped purse to go with it. Its so perfect. So. Very. ME! Ok gg! You cna buy the pink Surfer's Paradise pink bag we've been fighting for. You win! I've got my other one and so proud to have them!

Tikah spent the night at my house last night. And the first thing she said to me when she came was, 'Lets have a girlie night tonight'. The expression on my face twisted into one saying 'are you ok!?' of course its never a doubt that my cousin Tikah is much like me. And Im not just saying about our looks. We were once mistaken as a twin. But then again, Shahrul and I was mistaken as a twin too.

Anyways, I wasn't up to the mood all that much but I acted enthusiastic. After that she asked to borrow a moment on my computer. Hesitantly I agreed. And I spent my time after that lying on my bed, planting one leg on my cousin Amy while she was on the phone, and a hand around her, and my eyes fixed on the ceiling thinking. I would consider Amy to be my closest cousin. One that I share my secrets with. I feel really close to her.

I hugged her and we both lied on my bed for a while. After I wa done with my thinking, I got up and laid on my sister's bed and indulge myself in a book. After she was done with her phone calls, I stopped and I played guitar meserising her with songs like You Were Meant For Me, Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Fur Elise. We also did a duet on Wonderwall. I also didn't fail to sing her Sweet Remember.

After Amy had to go home, I took my time on the net. I chat with Indera Shafiq. He aways had sense of humour that I realize, but he's also got less annoying so it was fun to catch up with an old friend. But our conversatuion cut short when Tikah bugging me to start the girl's night.

I set up the tv in my room and put on our favourtie movie. White Chicks. A classic comedy. Only after that to realize the only make up thing I've got is compacts (which has been smashed to the ground by Imran) and shiny lip gloss that has no colour. Not much of a girly make up night huh!? And the only way we can settle for blushers is to pinch our cheeks so hard till it goes red. Pathetic is right.

So we rainchecked the girly night to tonight and end up laughing to the White Chicks movie and taking pictures of ourselves. It was pretty fun. I've connected my bed with my sister's and it becomes one big bed for us to sleep in. We watched the movie and laughing and quoting their lines. And after Shahrul called for us to chat and my cousin laughing and secretly listening to our conversation. I know.

So that is why the next day, we went to Subang Parade and crazy enough, bought s0me makeup! It was an on-the-spot desicion. Lucky we bought some smacks with us. So we got eyeliner whihc I can't WAIT to use! and 4 colours of eyeshadow. and replacing my shattered compact powder. So we skipped the lipsticks coz we ran out of money but still we were excited.

So tonight will be the replacement girly night. Probably another round of WHite Chicks or perhaps some Ass Kicking Girls movie. And a feel good time music! Hamiza burned me some Happy Days songs and I am totally grateful for that! I LOVE THOSE SONGS!!!

I saw this really cute Sachs pink bag and fell in love with it but my cousin saw it first and she too fel in love with it so I decided to let her have it. First comes first served. But she the decided not to buy it because she felt bad as I want it too. And besides, the bag and the colour does not fit her. But I just couldn't buy it when she did the same. So probably I'll buy it when she goes back to Perak! I'm mean but I had to have it.

Did I tell you I am a very big spender! Very BIG!

And all this shopping got into my head replacig the fact that PMR RESULTS IS IN 2 DAYS!!! Shoot me someone please! But then again, enjoy while you can right?

- AIn't no mountain high, ain't no moutain low, ain't no river WIDE ANOUGH BABY!!! thanks miza!! I LOVE THIS SONG!! I squealed when this song played on. Love you babe!!!

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