Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i MANIPULATE pictures.

had nothing to do one fine day so I decided to tangle with some pictures. Nhting much really.

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- Aiman was having a moment to himself when I shot this.

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- yes the camwhoring runs in the family. or at least us girls.

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- farhana and farisa roslan. we wer in my Pak Su's convertible and we were actually crazy dancing to a PeterPan song that time. My sister and I just suddenly HAD to snap a shot while the wind was blowing through our hair. And faces.

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- they decided to wear kain pelekat to tuition one day so while we were hanging out at my place, they decided to do some bits of posing. And voila, perfectly two good looking kampung boys.

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- those biscuits just SAY it all.

more soon.

- these pictures are courtesy of Farisa Roslan's LG Handphone.

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another too NORMAL day.

wow. today was a tiring day. slept way off the charts again. I snoozed at 9.30pm last night and was quite glad that I woke up at 12.30am. Yes while you're sitting for your trials, waking at 12am is a great thing! So I was as if, rejuvenated and ready to hit those chemical reactions. But of course, woke up to a bowl of chicken soup my parents brought for me while they were out. It tastes horrid! Had some fine time with the chicken and skipped the soup! HORRID!

note to self: do no ever order sup ayam mamak again. if you want, get it at gerai makan, NOT MAMAK!

I vaguely remember waking up every other hour after 1am and tryign to squeeze little words in my head before I discharge those saliva again. Hahahaha. I'm serious. Woke up in the morning with my book patched! And its bad that I woke up at 7am because it was already time for school. And I was not at all sure why I was over tired last night. I coudln't even stay awake for more than 10 minutes. Maybe its because of that 12 hours sleep I got on saturday night. Not. Good.

I did remember waking up at 5am making some toast for sahur. nd the next thing I knew it was almost 5.30am and my toast was very cold. Cold toast = NOT GOOD.

Got to school on time and went to Shahrul's class to gve him moral support for his bio. He was moshing about yeast, anarogs and potometers. Things I am beyond familiar with. All I could do was be there no!?

I had to wait for 4 hours before my chemistry paper started. Was quite glad that I did because the non-exixtent ability to wake up last night was quickly paid back. And its better that as always, we have the spotted questions and was only concentrating on those things. LYNN. I. LOVE.

Shahrul came and we "studied" together. Aahhaha. And how much I might deny to SHahrul, I was glad he brought me to Gamma. Took out some of the stress when the boys were confusing Atikah about her being horny. Love those people.

Sat for Chemistry and felt quite guilty that I knew exactly what was coming out and was only squeezing out what I read an hour ago onto the papers. Why was I sitting for the test if I already knew what was coming out? No need of brainwrecks, no need of coming to school everyday, no need of tuitions. I often wonder what for? DOn't get me wrong, I am very thankful that I knew what was coming out. I needed that A for those scholarships. But none the less. There. Is. No. Point.

Am home now. My stomach is making songs I never knew it could. Am very hungry but I will survive. I have to. I have 3 more days to pay back and I only have 4 days or so. And trust me, I will so regret not studying physhics earlier but I am too malas.



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Sunday, September 17, 2006


owh life. what a drag mine is. perhaps its not as blah as I make it sound but having yourself going through it everyday without no total rush of excitement can be considered a.. blah.

yes. during this whole week I busied myself with total book access and endless tuitions. and the weekends, I just slept my way through it. Okay not exactly in that harsh condition but I did have a 12 hours sleep just last night. not good at healing the sleep disorder I must say.

my saturday was such an eventful day. Woke up too early than I'm suppose to and still be able to be adressed as late to my Pengakap's Installation Day. In my case, the day i let go of my Pengakap post as Troop Leader 2006.

Got there sleepy eyed and got through the ceremony clearly. I'm glad we didn't really look like total idiots in front of the Assistant District Commisioner. Thanks to Yung Hung, Sir Budi and Sir Afiq. Yay.

Apparently, they did allow me to just finish my post just like that. I am to come next year as Assistant Scout Master. No point of explaining really what that means. But cut story short, I have to come back next year and help bring the group up! Something I was not looking forward to happen next year.

When I got back Mama rushed me to take my shower coz we were to take the train to MidValley. The journey was boring, and tiring. Thinking about it now makes me go... YARGH! After we changed trains, we got seperated with my dad because apparently the train was a full blown. Then we got on the second train to MidValley.

I was excited and was absoultely lazy at the same time to be there. But Mamam promised me top so I instantly got excited. Thats until Imran could just not stop his tantrum. He cried his way to a toy. I was against it but Mama said we needed to get him the toy if I wnated to shop in peace. We ended up getting him a fusball table for kids. KIDS.

So the closest shop to us was Tropicana Life and I was so glad I got the green top love so much. The one thing I love most about Tropicana Life's designs is the cutting of the clothes. The girl's top has the coolest cutting ever. Love it.

Mama also rewarded us with a scoop of ice cream each for Imran and I (Nazrin wasn't there to have one too) and I finally got reunited with my FAVOURTIE ice cream flavour. Chocolate chip cookie dough. I ate it as I float. Mama thought I was over-reacting as usual.

We then got back from Mid Vlley through another BRUTAL train ride. Or in my case, RIDES. We stopped for tea at some goreng pisang shop and made our way home. And regardless of me telling myself to study at night, I ended up replenishing my myspace and straight to bed.

Lucky for me, Sunday wasn't as eventful as Saturday. And it was definitely more productive. Got a good fat 12 hours sleep the night and woke up to Mama ushing me to get ready for breakfast. Apparently, breakfast today was all the way in KL. To Tanglin. I thank my lucky stars that my phone has an mp3 player so the ride wasn't too boring. It got me off thinkng about my grumbling stomach.

Got back from Tanglin to another moment of Myspace checking. I'm addicted to this thing. Don't need to ask why! Because I wouldn't be able to answer you that. BY the way, spent almost 2 hours online-ing before I hit my maths book. Yeah, that lasted for half an hour before mama ushered me to get ready again. This time to Kancil's Physics's Crash Course.

I was worried about being alone there but Shahrul told me that he was going so it was okay. Got there 1 hour too early because Mama wanted me to get a good spot. And I did. Saved seats for the guys too. Until we had to change halls because of WHATEVER and shahrul, fawwaz, pragash, ridhwan and I ended up sitting at the very first row of the hall. and yes. It was painful to the neck.

But the day turned out quite good. Got loads of great informations on physics especially for SPM. I was glad I joined. The terrorist lookig teacher got us all worked up because apparently, he KINDA knows whats to come out for SPM. And the place wasn't all that hot, and the guys there ain't so bad either. Ahahha.

During recess, we were outside hanging out and talking when i spotted two girl looking at our direction. I tried to make out their eyes when i found out that they were checking out Shahrul Iman. MY SHAHRUL IMAN! (it could ahve been fawwaz but I think it was more shahrul) "NO YOU AIN'T" was what I thought. I immediately went to talk to Shahrul. Apparently, he realised that they were doing that. So I dared him.

I dared him to pass the girls and see what they would do. I also asked him to give those girls the eye and make them think he's got something something. I guess "no you ain't" is no more. But Shahrul didn't get the chance. Besides, he said one of the girls looked like she was sick and about to die. I thought she was pretty.

The course ended around 7.30pm and we were all gathered outside the building waiting for our parents. Shahrul's primary school friend, Khairil, went to greet him so I made friends with Khairil. Mama made me make a new friend that day, so i guess I kind of did. Apparently, he is Lynn's classmate.

The ironic thing is, I have met a guy form sj named muaza, and he was lynn's classmate. I met a girl named sonia in form 3, she was lynn's classmate, now I met khairil, and he ends up being lynn's classmate. Lynn sure got a big class. Or rather, I ahve a small world. You decide.

I got hom to a messy room when Mama made me cleaned it up. I dragged doing that. And now I am slaving myself in front of the computer reporting what happened. While my mod maths books singing my name, my mind is screaming for my bed. Gotta study now.

- "budak yang pakai baju coklat tuh lagi lawa"... "DON'T YOU DARE!" was all I could say.

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