Thursday, November 18, 2004

1 day to RAYA!!

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Having slept late that night playing Monopoly, it was pretty hard for me to wake up for Sahur but I eventually did and the whole of us ate together. My grandpa kinda made up but trying to be all manja-ish with me. Me being half asleep just bare with it. After Subuh I slept soundly.

As usual, us 4 teenage girls are big snoozers. We're always waking up late that the adults prcatically have to drag us out of bed, and if that fails, threaten to cut of our duit raya. OK so I made the last bit up, but you get what I mean. Even the under 10 years old kids were already running around playiong cops and robbers.

When all of us woke up, we started to work. I was in charge of making the cake. This is one of the things I like about going back for Raya. That I could make a cake. Be in charge of it. And get to do it with a few other family members. We made our every year Raya cake. A simple marble cake. It was fun.

After its popped in the oven, I went to the back to help peel the onions, garlics and daun kunyits. And chop them up and also blend in all of them. I was helping Ibu to make Rendang Ayam. The rendang I am so admittedly IN LOVE WITH!!! Making it was fun too!!!

In the process of all that, Cu (My aunt), Kak Ju and Kak Azza arrived. I continued working, learning the do-es and dont's of making Rendang Ayam. My family's style. After waiting for the chickens to cook, me and Tikah continued our Monopoly game which I so was kinda winning. Hahahah. I was owing Tikah a lot of money, but still building up my hotels.

It was about 2 pm when Pak Su came in the room inviting us to go to Jusco Ipoh. Both of us rushed to the bathrooms and was running around like mad women to quick up. PakSu took Pak Teh, Kak Ju, Kak Azza, Me and Tikah to the mall.

We were equipted with RM 50 each and about one and a half hour. We all went into Levis before realizing after about 5 minutes that there was just nothing we want, or even could afford to buy with RM50 in there. So all 4 of us went to Padini Authentics.


The shop was pretty crowded. But right after I saw that 'plaited' short skirt I instantly grabbed them and headed for the dressing rooms. Tikah and I got into the same room for me to change. The skirt again fits me PERFECTLY!!! It was made for me!! I love it!!! Ok so I need to shape up my legs a little but its not like cellulite sally is hanging around there or something. I tried to get the skirt on Tikah but she refuses to try it on. After we got out, all 4 us made our way into Jusco.

We ended up at this corner displaying clothes from the brand Scarlet. Not what you hear everyday I know but the clothes there are pretty nice. I decided to get myself a pair of pants since I left 2 of them at home. And I saw just the right one. It was just hanging there amongst the other pair of pants with the same design but with different colours and sizes. I saw the colour that I've been longing for that I couldn't really get form Levis or Lee's. And the cuttin was great too! I picked them out to try.

Along with me, 2 pair of pink tops, My cousin Tikah, and a short beige coloured short skirt. The jeans fits me perfectly! I am in love with it now. It also doesn't make my legs look fat. At least I don't think so. The skirt looked good on me. If only the skirt would look good itself. The skirt was ugly but on account that it was a short skirt, I just grabbed it.

The pink tops looked great!! But the pants itself costs RM49 so the only thing I could afford after that is a lollipop. But I know that I'm happy with the pants I bought, so no regrets. AFter that we waited for Kak Ju to try on her pants. I got restless so I invited Tikah to buy something for herself. And she told me she was looking for pants too. Jeans to be exact. SO I escorted her to the jeans rack I was at before.

We were looking through the colour that she likes and she chose the exact same jeans but with a different colour. And she tried it on and she looked good. So she got it! After that, all four of us went to buy credits and we went to look for earrings until we met back with Pak Su and Pak Teh to get back.

Pak Su played a trick on the people who were looking for parking. He pretended to go to another person's car and make it his own whilst the finders would trail him in hope to get his parking. too bad no ONe bought it! HAHAHHA!! I was really laughing!!

We got back to pray and stuff and we, as in me and Tikah, played Monopoly again. Until it was breakfast time. And that night, Atuk hosted a 'Morrey'. I thought Fandi would've come to the Morrey as he was there in Ara Payung himself. But he wasn't. And after that, the whole family sat outside to have our dinner. Me being stupid, left my handphone on the coffe table whilst I ate at the dining table. Until I saw Pak Su looking at my phone, holding it and smiling. And at that moment. I FREAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed his name and started crying!!! My sister was like.. 'ooo... habis!!' and my cousin was like.. 'ooo.. damn! busted!!' And I was sitting there, crying and never felt anymore mad than ever!! I refuse to tlak to Pak Su later that night.

And after that, me and the girls were watching One Tree Hill. I'm beginning to like that show. Until Mom told us she would be going out to 'buy stuff' at 12 o'clock in the morning. And her and all her brothers went out. My sister and I were both confused of whats going on but it seems to me like OTH attracted us more.

After that, I got so bored. I didn't wanna sleep yet. But I know I had to as the next day was Hari Raya and we're suppose to wake up early for the whole Sembahyang Raya thing. But I couldn't. And so couldn't Ayong, Tikah and my Mak Su. So what the hey. We ended up watching White Chicks at after 1 o'clock.

Now I know I shouldn't because for me, I'd always worry if I'd have nough sleep. Though I'm not sleepy, sometimes I'd force myself to sleep as I'm afraid I won't be strong enough for tomorrow. Which is good in a way.

But I didn't wanna not watch the movie so I joined them anyways. The story is HILARIOUS!!!! With capital EVERYTHING!!! I was laughing real hard watching the movie and it was early in the morning. The rest of the family had already slept. But all 4 of us were making noises laughing. And I'd still laugh whenever I watch that movie.!

It was 3 o'clock in the morning when Mama and the rest came back. We were acting as if they're just back and we're not curious of what happened. And we continued watching the movie. I got worried when we're done as I was worried if I'd have enough energy for the BIG day tomorrow. So I went straight to bed.

Until tomorrow..

- Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I'm home bound..

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2 days to RAYA!!

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So we had the whole Hari Raya Tradition. It was pretty good. I had fun. Let me just get on with my story.

Mama made sure I woke up early on Friday so that we could get everything ready! Ayong (my sister) and I being ourselves only planted ourself infront of the tv and computer. Thank God Mama had to go he office that morning. There won't be nagging done.

I got my bag all ready, but in doing do, playing the computer. I got my toothbrush, put it in my bag, and played the computer. And after a few minutes or so, I'd get up to get my shampoo and conditioner, and put it in my bag, the back to the computer before I get up to get my brush. It was slow!

But in the end I got everything ready. Eventually.

Abah didn't need to go to work that day so he was happily playing PS2 downstairs. And I realize that I haven't post my Card Raya-s yet so I invited Abah to Carrefour as I still need the stamps. We were suppose to leave to Carefour at 10 but I got a little late.

When we got there, Abah waited with me in line at the post office. Seeing how much Cards I had to post, Abah helped me stamp-ed them. Then Abah went inside the supermarket to the CD racks, and I rushed 2 floors down to buy batteries and snacks. (though we were fasting then)

The line was unbelievable. I was ready to kill the person in fornt of me just so I could go infront quickly. And we had to be back my 11 as that's when Mama said she'd be back. And she told us she'd want to go ASAP!!!

After I got past the line, I rushed upstairs to where dad was. He picked out 2 CD-s to buy so we lined up to pay. There was this freak who was paying for foods at the uppest floor and in the only 10 items or less section. He had a whole cart of food in there. It so wasn't only 10 and its food!!! I mean, get some sense and go pay downstairs, where the food floor is. Or at least get your ass away from the less then 10 items line. And the fact that the cashier was SLOW didn't help either. We ended up spending 30 minutes just waiting for the guy to finish his shopping. And there was still a few other people ahead of us. And worse, it was already 11.


Actually, she wouldn't really mind much to the fact that we both went out to Carrefour, but I wanted to get back before mom so I could do my hair.

Owh by the way, for those who don't know yet.

I HAVE BANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(don't kill me just yet, look at it first!)

So maybe most of you wouldn't agree with this new hair of mine, but like I said, I need to do it. Besides, how could you guys think the old messed up hair of mine, pretty? or even unique? Its ugly!!

Mama said that she didn't want to bring me to the saloon. (she changed her mind) so she said she'd just buy me a hair straightener. I didn't agree much on this (not the buying the straightener part, but the not going to the slaoon part) but I'd settle with what I can get.

So when I got back from Carrefour, both Abah and I mumbling about the guy who didn't follow the rules on the way back, luckily Mama hasn't got back yet. So I just stuffed my batteries n the bag and went to my room to do my hair. Ayong and I was experimenting with the hair starightener. Though I've used Hamiza's before, we'd still need to figure things out.

Take note : My front extremely curly hair is actually long enough to be bangs when its straightened.

We tried the hair straighetener out but it wasn't straightening my hair. It was hot enough but something went wrong. It did work but my hair wasn't straight enough. Ayong and I eventually gave up as Mama was already home by then. So I decided to just take out my hair dryer and repair my front hair. And it looked like bangs when I beautified it.

The car trip was so unconfrotable. I had to sit in the middle as Kakak (my maid) and Ayong would be there too and its already a fixed rule that the youngest has to sit in the middle (at least it is for my family) and that sucks!!

2 freaking hours of uncomfortable-ness. And after about an hour in the car, Mama woked me up to tell me that we left 2 of my raya pants at the tailors as we were getting them cut. You couldn't imagine the tantrum that I threw in the car. It totally ruined my Raya mood. AND THERES 2 OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!

I forced myself to forget about the pants when we reached there. Everybody commented on my bangs but I only smiled. I put on a happy face when I got there. I was pretty excited to see them. I miss them much.

Ayah (my uncle) and Ibu (my aunt) was going to go to Ipoh Parade at the time when I reached there, with Amy (my cousin, their daughter) and they invited me. After I salam-ed everybody I hopped in the car and of we went to Ipoh Parade. The car ride was pretty fun. Ayah on-ed the radio out loud and the four of us was singing out the song accompaying Aerosmith on the radio. We sang on the top of our lungs whilst Ayah mumbling the rest of the song as he didn't exactly know the lyrics. It was hilarious.

We got to Parkson and looked for Ayah's orange shirt. He was going on a striking Gala! Only looking for striking colour shirts. After that, Ibu, Amy and I went to the ladies section to find stuff for our own. We went to Nicole and Ibu, Amy and I went on a clothes frenzie. We didn't even pick out the pants. We just grabbed a handful of clothes and went to the changing rooms to try them out.

Whats weird with me is that, I didn't choose the typical blouses or shirts. What I brought in the dressing room was a very very cute summer dress. Its got flower patterns on it, very summer like, and it sleeveless, only 2 straps, and its short, higher than my knees short. And that was what that attracts me. And not only that, I also saw this very very very cute balck and white checkered skirt. Very short too. And near it is a matching white top. It was exactly like the top I got for my Raya only that I got a black one.

Amy and I shared a changing room together. Amy picked out about 5 different tops to try on. She ended up getting 4 of them. She didn't get the other one of them on account that I got it already though it was in different colour. But I looked GREAT in those clothes that I chose to try on. I swear if I had the money, or even allowed to wear those, I would totally buy them there and then!!!! And I don't swear often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its as if they were meant to be for me. I looked good in it and its just Perfect. Capital P. It was such a waste that I couldn't get them. Along suggested for me to buy the summer skirt and wear a shirt inside it so it won't be too revealing. Plus add pants under it, or maybe wear it overseas. And influenced as I always get, I was actually ready to do just that, but then it was embarrassing to ask Ayah to pay for those since its only a "teenage girl like me 's" fantasy. So I decided to just come back with Mama, makes it easier to plead her.

I ended up with an orange t shirt that I instantly fell in love with. Love at first sight I might say. Giggles. And Along and Ibu ended up getting 6 pairs for their own. They're pretty loaded. After that all 4 of us went around the mall to find Aida's (my 8 year ols cousin) her birthday present. She doesn't have any particular interest so it was pretty hard to find her something. We ended up buying her an alarm clock. Pretty stupid present for an 8 years old I could say but its a present from them not me, so I'll just shut up.

Besides, Ayah was already complaining about going home. So we just settled for what we can get.

It was already late when we got back. So I had to rush for my prayers before I break fast-ed. Whilst all of us were busy, hustling and bustling while we were eating, my granpa told my cousin Amy that one of his granchildren were missing. He loves to tease me so I thought it was just another one of those. But later that night, he came to me and he told me that I didn't care about him to the fact that I didn't salam him yet. I was stunned. I was trying to recall to that fact but he walked away from me. I got mad. When I reached kg, Atuk wasn't there so I didn't get to salam him, then I went out with Ayah and when I got back, I had to pray then breakfast. I didn't realize that I haven't salam him so I can't entirely be blamed right? Whatever it is, I got into a bad mood.

I spent the rest of the night playing Monopoly with my other cousin, Tikah. (just another Atikah)

- though I don't have the perfect legs, but those skirts looked PERFECT on me.

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