Tuesday, June 21, 2005

life so FAR..

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life's been a total bore! there is nothing to do.. I mean except the whole extra curriculars, endless extra curriculars.. homeworks.. this whole taking care of the mess in my room.. my brothers.. yup... NOTHING!!

seriously I don't know where the time goes. It pasts so fast. I last thing I remember was walking out of my drums class with a big smile and a job well done, and the next thing I realize this afternoon was, I HAVE DRUMS CLASS TODAY!! One week have passed and I didn't even realize it.

I wouldn't say last week was all fun or whatever as well.. its normal..

Shahir just got elected as assistant finance director for YE. I'm happy for em! Guess he deserves it. Another highlight was that the Setia BOD actually managed to decide on our projects troughout the whole year. I wouldn't say its much of relief. I mean it is but its not good until its not done.

Having to hold these posts are actually not so fun after all.. Sure getting the name is all good and fun but wait till you have to do the work!

YE : Well another round of production has started. This time we're making jewelry box out of cartons cut out. Not that I'm not excited but I have done one round of production and trust me, it wasn't very.. EASY..

but at least now we know co-operative rate will be high as the whole STRICT gala-wala hit the company. Meeting is every week, and I guess.. I have no complaints but it will be tiring to stay back after school for 3 weeks cutting out the same things..



setia : there are tons of work! first off we started the week with a whole ceremony of merasmi-ing Bulan Seni Budaya. Diana, G and I were the little distribute the free gifts gals.. And seriously its not a joke.. Doing the thing is so damn hard.. We actually had to run up and down about 20 meters to settle everything down..

But hard works are fun when its done.. Well then today we Gnjot and I had to go around the school asking back the donation papers we distributed last week. TIRING!!!! It was worse that both of us had bad headache. YISHK!!!

NOt just that, tomorrow we have to skip classes to take care of a pameran in the library. You'd thin its fun to skip classes but not when you have nothing to do there! ARGH!!

Plus we're already in or teacher's bad side as to the fact we're usually not i class due to this whole pameran thing.. not to mention our beautiful name inked on the ponteng paper. BITE ME!!

And this SATURDAY setia BODs are invited to attend a driving Carnival in metro. Betcha my day will mostly waste there. And on Sunday, is Hari Kecemerlangan. Ok so I'm not the guest of honour, but I figure since most of my friends are going up on stage, Shahrul too, and TASNIM WILL BE THERE!!! I figure why not I go.. Give support and blar.. half day finish there and the other half will be dedictae dot my homework. JOY..

pengakap : so the teacher has been complaining bout us not doing any activiies, so my brai 'concucted' a whole masterpiece of an activity for the pengakap BOD to hold. I mean seriously, this BOD is harder to keep together, but I mean, IF WE CAN DO IT NO ONE CAN!!!! ahahahhaha!! The thing is a whole lotta shits been happening keeping us from doing this... GOD!!!

and besides that, I have a whole lot of meetings clashing with projects and works.. I mean, I ahve to attend YE meeting and help my ketua pengakap do some work for pengakap! I can't be in two places at one you know.. I'M ONLY HUMAN..

but then again to thin about it..


thats what form 4 is all about... beside the whole do well in your exam thing.. since I failed on doing that, might as well succeed in the rest..


- GOD I'm corny!!!

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