Monday, October 09, 2006

SPM is indeed in ONE month

wow! weird isn't it that one moment you realize that you have one week of no school and this is the chance for you to use the time and study. and the next thing you realize is tomorrow is a school day and that one week spent was not exactly the best you could have done.

I often reminisce and painfully try to grasp the reason why I can sometimes be so clueless and so, undisciplined as I am now. Don't get me wrong, I did not totally neglect my books but that 100% I could have done during that one week has only led me to achieve 50%, if not less.

I regret that I am only able to just complaint and pour my heart to the problem and toss in a bowl full of tears and yet still not able to discipline myself and finally scream it in myself that I am.. READY!

I understand when I tell my peers this, they would simply just say, you've got another month so use that to the fullest! Yes I agree that in a motnh, it will be sufficient enough for me to be READY with the condition that I declare myself with full concentration. Ahhh.. My weakness lays there!

I have carefully thought about it! I foreshadowed the future. And all I see is myself feeling not READY, incomplete after that one month is done. Yes. I can feel it. I can see it. I know it. I suppose there is no use of me filling in my blog posts with the problem when I am not filling my time, tryng to cure it.

Ahhhh... I shall try to forgo my internet time. But you know, I feel that it is pointless to forgo relaxation and focus 24-7 into studying because NO BLOODY ONE can study 24 hours per day. Therefore, we need balance. I just wish I know how to rearrange my priorities sorting with the most important.

My future.

- SPM is so near, and yet I feel so far.

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