Wednesday, October 27, 2004

picture GALLERY of 2003!

this is US!!! All 16 of us. These is my group of best friends that I don't ever want to lose! I love them so much!!

these is our memoir. Our mark that we left behind to remind us of. I know this should be like, a Form 5, when you leave school thing, but we decided to do it a little early. Whoever that still stays in this school is really going to get it when the teachers sees that!! Hahah!!

this is our school. Well, one part of our school, I love this picture. Its a good angle of the place.

Hamiza and I decided to do a little posing. This is one of my favourite picture ever taken.

this is me and my girlfriends. with the exception of Shameen and Ainul that is. But still, we're the best of friends and I us so much!!

We are the tornado trio who are actually 14 years old. We skipped a year ahead and I am thankful that we did, or else we wouldn't have such great friends as we do now.

here it is. Our card caslte in progress.

this is the girls of 3 alpha. I mean, the 3 of us hangs out together. We're the tudung girls.! We might look innocent, but our mouths sure isn't.

and last but not least, me and my ever so loving boyfriend, Bernard. Thats where we got the name Bernie for me. He has been a great friend, and a great partner. I appreciate him being there for me. It'll be a drag to not be in the same class with him anymore, or even in the same school. But this won't change my loving for him. Thanks Shahrul.

- pose, smile and say CHEESE!!!!!!!!!

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our HAPPY ending!

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this was it! The last day of school! The day most of us (somehow) DON'T LOOK FORWARD TO!! (at least not this year)

For some of you who don't agree with what I said and will go all 'WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THIS GIRL!?'

Well, I've only got one thing to say to you.

This year has been the best year for a lot of us and this is the actual year where we all find our true friends.

Its true.

For me, this has been the year where I've actually realize how much fun life as a teenager could be. I have found great friends who has my back, and has actually put up with my nonsence the whole year! I have never felt so happy after the end of the year!

But then, theres always a downside to everything. And that is, the last day of school. We've all planned to come so that we can have the whole 'last day of school gala celebration!'. And we actually did. It was fun.

I came to school feeling ahppy and sad at the same time. Running through my mind was how much I love all my friends and glad that this has been a successful year, and also the fact that we have to move on. We have to undertake next year, Form 4! No more hanging out at Syed whenever we want, and no more going out to bake cookies (or even crack cookies) and no more just staying at a friend's house playing guitar and making a fool of ourselves. Its a lot harder this year and everyone knows it.

I got to school and we all started to arrive one by one. After most of us were here, we started our whole 'SIGNING GALORE' (as Atikah likes to say it) again.. For some of us who didn't come the other days, its their turn. Shameen couldn't make it and she don't know how much she've missed. And Fawwaz almost didn't come. We had to call him so he would get his butt up to school. But after he came, we're all just too happy to see him to even care that he's late.

The atmosphere of the day didn't feel so 'last day of school like'. Well for once, at one point, I was actually staring at blank space. Me, Hamiza and Atikah even actually recorded us singing a part of the 'Kiss Me' song. BOREDOME YOU KNOW!! hahah! It was pretty good. Giggles.

Me, Diana and Atikah also had a round of Uno Kelam Kabut. After that, we all went to the Taman Gemilang to say goodbye to it. Me and the girls just sat there and taking pictures and videos. Gg didn't feel so good so we all went back to class so she could rest.

Not feeling so satisfied with the whole last day atmosphere, I mean, no one is doing anything. Ok they are, but they're doing their own shtuff (again quote from Atikah). So me and Atikah decided to go for a round of the Spit Game. The unbeatable Champion thank you very much! Hahahah! We ended playing about almost 10 games before we're actually satisfied.

Iqbal seemed fascinated by our playing so he decided to start a game of Spit with Shahrul using Fawwaz's card. In the middle of the game, it was confiscated. Me and Gg tried to defend for our right to actually bring it, but that prefect seems too bitchy too care. Ooops!

Feeling a bit frustrated, I dared Iqbal to a game of Spit, since he was winning agains't Shahrul earlier. Its either he's really good, or Shahrul just really suck at it. Hahahah!! Well, me and Iqbal played 2 games. I was winning on the first game, and most of the guys were all, 'apa lah kau nih Iqbal! Kalah ngan perempuan doh!' Hahahha! But then, IQBAL CHEATED!!! And he wont the game. I didn't feel like arguing so I challenged him to another.

I won this time. Hehehh. But the game took a long time! I mean, LONG! About half and hour or longer like that. After that, the guys got into 'BUILD BACK HOGWARTS' mode. Whats that you ask!? Well, my cards were Harry Potter cards, and the guys were building a card castle out of it. Therefor, its Hogwarts (according to Aizat la that is)! It took a long time too. Most of us were holding our breathes, especially when it comes down to the final 10! It was scary!! Not to mention Pressuring!

But when its done, we were all so proud of it. The builders group consists of Shahrul, Iesqo, Aizat and Iqbal. We took pictures of the whole thing and after that, Iman recorded the 'downfall of Hogwarts'. It was pretty cool! Me and the girls decided to play Uno after that and the guys have disappeared god knows where! I've finished my cards when Fawwaz came running behind me (as I was sitting at the door) and shocked us with his bleeding arm!

Now we know where the guys have gone to! They went to make their owh version of 'Jackass - Part 2 = Falling from the Roof'. Thats how Fawwaz got his scar. All of the guys scattered around and were to meet up again in the class. When they all were gathered, Fawwaz proudly showed of his new earned scar.

It was almost time by then so we all decided to go to the 'secret place' as we like to call it. We can't carve our name on the tree coz we didn't have a carver. So we settled with the next best thing, writing our names and our 'aka's on the tembok there. There were loads of names there. A group of Form 3 teenagers writing a memoir on the school. Leaving away memories and smiles and probably a little publisity in the years to come. Giggles.

I also made a new friend today. A little yellow bug named (after me) Bernie. I mena, it fits a bug much more then it fits me I'm telling yah! I couldn't stop looking at it and I loved it. And can you believe some people are actually disgusted by bugs and worms. THEY'RE SO CUTE!! They really are. They don't even bite or have creepy cute eyes that can stare at you like they want to eat you. LIKE CATS FOR INSTANCE. GAH!!! Yucks.

Niena came to the rescue when she joined all 16 of us for a photoshot. We had to take about 12 pictures with the same pose. Now I know how hard it is to be a star and smile all the time. But it was fun to have all of us together in our group picture.

And all of us got into 'this is it! the last day of school' mode after thats all done. Some of us are going away next year.. Tasnim, Atikah and Ainul (maybe) are moving away from the school. And at that moment, all of us were as if struck by the 'realization thunder' and we all got into this moment where we all started to cry and hugging each other and the whole speech on how we're to miss everyone! And I realize, I tried hard to imagine my life without 2 of my best friends. Its as if a part of my life is moving away. And this of course made me cry harder.

We all just hanged out at the secret place till the end of school. And by then, we all stayed back. But then one by one of us had to leave. And at last, its left with me, Shahrul, Hamiza, Diana, Atikah, Tasnim, Gg, Fawwaz and Iesqo. We all just hanged out there, basically talking. We left at about 2.30pm. And by then, all of us were tired but feels as if we don't want to leave. As if we don't want to leave this year.

We don't want to leave the precious memories we've shared. Sweet laughters, joy and sadness. All of the things we've done together that didn't mean so much to us before, has suddenly turned into this huge thing where you just won't let go off. You just want to hold on to it forever. All those moments and those events we had. All those dumb things we did, all those funny jokes we shared, all those times where we all just goofed around. Everything. It just seems as if we're leaving a thing so beautiful that if we let go, we might never get it back.

The pictures we've taken, the sorrow we left behind, they're one of the most important part of our lives. And theres nothing anyone of us can do, except to cherish it as best as we can, because we have to leave it at one point, and to start a whole new year. A whole new story! To re-do what we did this year, and to add in more plots. MOre actions. And definitely more characters in it. And then will this story be a bestseller. We're our own person, and we are in charge of our story. And the two things you need most to make it great, is a good personality and a great group of friends.

That is why I plan to reach for the goal. Balance. Practice perfection, not missing on any social outings, make new friends and hold on to the ones I've already had, and still have time to put in on my studies. Thats my goals for next year. For the year 2004. For the year where new beginnings will arise and more smiles put into it. More memroies to share, laughters and sorrows, and most important of all, to always be yourself. (unless yourself is OMar) haahh. Just kidding.

And thats another thing. I'm to forgive everyone I've ever had a grudge on, and to not judge people by their first impression, or base on other people's impressions. I am to get to know them before I would to judge them. And I know I'll have supports at the back. I know that if I ever were pushed backwards, all my 15 best friends will get my back. No matter what.

And there is one thing left I want to say before I close this year. We've been concentrating on how much we'd miss Tasnim, Atikah and Ainul. I mean, what about me!? I might be leaving too. But its just a might. But to think, I might actually be leaving the school next year and didn't even get my hugs and kisses and tears. But no matter. We're not dying right anytime soon right?

- If tears were to be paid for, I'll waste any of them on my friends!!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

sadistic my ASS!!!

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younger brothers sucks! has anyone ever told you that!? well they do! well mine does at least!! and you wanna know what!

I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

yes I do! he's so annoying! I mean, okay, I know I've conquered the computer the whole day, but WHATEVER!!! Computer is soO mine!! I mean, you've got your freaking ps2! And GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a 14 years old teenage girl, what else do you expect me to do!? sit around and read a good book? NO!!!!

Well, I stated my case! What else can she say!? What else can I do!? NOTHING!! I mean, she's mad about the whole online 24 7 thing but online or not, my brother still gets the computer so what the fuck right! I hate this!! For anyone who don't have younger brothers, I ADORE YOU!!! Don't even think about wanting one. They're pure hell I tell yah!!

Now my mom is nagging me, he is happy and I am stuck here, CRAVING FOR MY CHOCOLATE!! and a SLOW DANCE!! Yes poeple! I crave for these....

Now he wil be conquering the computer the whole day tomorrow! And just coz I'm nice, I'm letting him play it tonight too. But thats just coz I'm sweet talking him so that I could play it tomorrow too. For my internet date with Bernard. Hhahhaha!! And for your information, bribing and blackmailing didn't work! He just wants to win! I don;t think he even wants to play it anymore.

He's watching wrestling now. Good! Heres my revenge. I'll let him play so I can watch tv. No matter even if I don't feel like watching tv. Make him feel gah!! over not watching wrestling.. SERVE YOU RIGHT YOU ARSE YOU!!

Mind your language I know..

And you know who else sucks!?


Yes! He does. Why!? Coz he is a sadistic!!

Sadistic = a person who lies to another and make them feel really bad and hurt them just for the sake of entertaining himself.

I don't even want to get into detail. Coz I'm just so mad. Funny I actually thought he had a heart. Most of my friends don't even bother to get to know him. And lucky me! I did! And I got stabbed by that. Stupidity hurts bad!

At least his pahala puasa is transfered to me! Like it or not Omar, your pahala sudah berkurang!! Hahahah! Thanks!!

Now today has been a pretty good day, but because of this butt ugly people, its ruined. I cried my little eyes with tears just now and do either of them care!? NOpe!

SAdistic they are!!

Owh well. For all of you that reads this post, STAY AWAY FORM BOTH OF THEM!!

oR else you'd waste money paying for your tears..


- sadistic = you = SUCKS BIG TIME!!

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

a 'lil bit more CREDITS!

as you all can see, my blog has a tag board now. Also, I have my links to some sites. And also, the ever so beautiful picture of my Bernie. Yes, that cartoon girl name is Bernie. It fits her! Hahhaha! I planned to change my skin. New layout, new look, but gah!! I found one PERFECT one! and I mean PERFECT!! ask my girlfriends! they've seen the 'supposed-to-be' skin of mine and they said that it was so.. ME!!

so why-oh-why is it still this same old boring one!? well, simple. because i didn't really like the positioning of the boxes of the skin. so nah.. I decided to find another skin. later. but non the less, I wanna give some credits to the people that has helped me during the whole construction of my blog.

Iman - he has helped taught me how to upload a picture into a server and has taught me how to customize a picture to make it nicer. he has taught me a lot so thanks! he has also done me a great favor!

Atikah - she taught me how to fine blog skins, download them and put them into my blog so I can change the layout of my blog. This is a very big part in a blogger's career so thanks!

Hamiza - she has made for me my tag board (which at first didn't come out so nice, hahah) and she has introduced me to the wonders of tag-boarding which has lead me to this beautiful tag board of mine. Thanks.

Gg - although she has done nothing that has helped me with my blog, she did help me keep away from my boredom whilst I was actually doing the constructioning. without her, I'd be sleeping halfway through my work. so thanks!

Blogspot people - they're the one who start it all. without them, I wouldn't actually
have a blog right now and won't be able to write in my thoughts and stuff so I owe you guys a BIG spotty thanks!

Blogskin people - for actually giving us the wonders of blog skins for us to choose form, FREE! and most of them are nice. Thanks a bunch of skins!

Photobucket people - for giving us the uploading to your server service. without them, I wouldn't have Bernie on mt blog. thanks a bucket!

Tag-board people - for giving us the wonders of tag boards. without them, I wouldn't be able to put up my lovely tag board and now I get to actually know what people think of my blog. so Tags a lot!! hahah!

there you go! all the wonderful people who has make this blog possible. I am proud of this blog, happy and satisfied. One more pat on the back! please comment about the constructed blog!

- yes! Its still pink! And will always be!

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let all be DAMNED!!

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I think I have gotten a new fandom! Yeaps.


I mean, its predictable right that I at one point will be a fan of hers. Hahha! I'm already a fan of Hilary and Ashlee. Whats weird though is that she's 13. My sister refuses to be a fan of hers as she said its not appropiate t adore someone younger than you. And it may be right, but you know, 14 is a 13 just one year older, not biggie right. So that be damned.

I think she actually has talent regardless of her age or poeple's opinions on teenage girls with big boobs and poppish songs! Let that be damned too!

I was playing launch the other day and I came across a song. Somebody - Bonnie McKee. I think the song is real good. You guys should go hear her sometimes. It may not seem like the kind of song I would like but then again, I have a weird taste, and my interests are not catogarised. And this is especially find this hard to answer the 'whats your favourite type of music'. Be damned with this question!

I think I am now craving for a costume party. I find myself thinking about it more often now a days. Why can't malaysia actually celebrate Halloween!? They probably do but why isn't there the whole 'trick or treat or we'll go crying back to our parents if you don't give us candies!!' tradition. Its not wrong. The thought of having to dress up as something every year (and actaully going through the whole 'what r u being this year?' condition, is just fun! And to think, if on this year's Halloween, I put on my Hermione costume and knock on next door, they'll probably go all, 'what are you suppose to be?' or even 'are you from this world?' or even 'wait here, I'll call the police!'



And guess what! I think I am deaf! Why!? Because I had 4 missed calls. I didn't hear one of them but I am only in the next room and the phone was set to LOUD mode. Sigh... How can that be!? See! Theres only one explanation! I AM DEAF!! DEAF AS A DEAF PERSON CAN BE!! Haih... Be damned with that!

I miss Shahrul. I miss my friends. I miss school. I miss my old 'you-have-to-go-to-school' life!

- DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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claps for me!!! I did it! I actually did it! And all by my own! did what you ask!? OBVIOUSLY YOU DIDN'T READ THE PREVIOS POST!! hahahha! No problem.

I did it! I cleaned the whole store room!


Again, I have gotten myself a pat on the back! OK! So the store doesn't exactly look emptier. But it is messier though. And thats a good thing!

I started at about 12 noon. I had no idea of how to start actually. I mean. Like I said, everything is everywhere! But then, I decided to actually take EVERYTHING out. And boy, there are a LOT of things in there. There were TONS of boxes and some of them empty, some are even too heavy to move!I had to do A LOT of work and break A LOT of sweat to get all of them out. And the floor are scattered with colour pencils. Everywhere!

After I converted all the stuff from the store room to my brother's room, which is connected to the store room, it looked as if my brother's room has just been raided! Like an explosion has occured! I mean, I didn't exactly put everything neatly when I transfered the stuff. Whats the point!?

And here comes the worst part? Collecting the colour pencils! Hahahah! I know its ridiculous to say thats the worst BUT I HATE DOING IT!! I hate collecting colour pencils -for future references!

After everything is out, I swept the place. There were a lot of dusts there. Surprisingly no dead bugs or creepy crawlies anywhere in sight. After I swept, it seems cleaner. But it doesn't feel cleaner. I mean, it was probably insanity but yes, I decided to clean the floor too. I mean, since I'm already cleaning the place right? So I mop-ed the floor and use wet cloth to clean the shelf that was in the store room. After it was dried, I walked in the place and felt good to step on it. It feels cleaner now! I can actually sit on the floor but not us to the state where I actually lay down. That's too disgusting even for a freshly mop-ed store room floor.

When thats done, at one point,I actually sat at whats left of my brother's room floor and looked around. And at that point, I felt like slaping myelf. WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!!

I looked around for almost 10 minutes. Wondering where do I even start. I mean, whoa. I was blank. After that, I saw a box and in it was a bunch of little stuff. Thinking I should start with that, I set out my plastic bag, and a big box of 'to keep or not to keep' and and I rested my butt on the floor on began working!! I started on the little box and worked my way up to those big boxes. And yes, I did find some interesting stuff.

Dad's Old Records
These things are SO COOL! Its real ancient! I was somewhat fascinated to see them. I mean, not that I never see records in the movies before but having to hold one was real exciting! I looked through the collection that my dad owned and he has loads of them! And I mean, LOADS! It was kinda fun to see all those old band. There were:
LedZeppelin - of course this is familiar
Blondie - My dad has mentioned of her before, judging from the name, I thought she was some hot shot BLONDe girl with real nice body and pretty face. Don't get me wrong, she was a hot shot and has a nice body, but in my opinion, she didn't look that much pretty. To think about it, she looks kinda scary. So kill me for saying that!
VanHelen- heard of him before. his record was kind of interesting. the picture was of a baby smoking cigs. kinda cute.
Chilliesmacks- at least I think that was the name. But it was pretty hilarious to come across such name.
It was kind of funny. Its as if I walked down memory lane. Those poeple in the records looked really, hippy. Big hair and bell bottoms. God. And to think those were ever in style. Yikes.

Old Record Player
You gotta have the player to play the records right!? Well here it is! It was pretty cool to actually get to touch one! I mean, I've always wanted to see one. Anyways, it was really dusty ofcourse but at one point, I actually pretended it to be a turn table and scratched the record thats in it. Hahhah! It was kind of fun. Pretty cool either. Doesn't work anymore though. At least I don't think so. That thing looks as if its as old as my grandma! No offence opah! there was also a microphone.

My Barbie Dolls Collection
I miss it so much! Hahhaha! I do! Its been ages since I played with them. When I found them, I was actually on the verge of tears. I love them so much! I have about a few dolls. And all of them still in good condition. And I also came across those Barbie stuff I bought. The Barbie Collection. I actually have :
the dining set- came with a table and 2 chairs. also a cupboard to put in the plates and glasses. There were sets for dinner, lunch, breakfast and tea. There was also a centrepiece.
the supermarket- my personal favourite. there were shelves and there were alsostuff poeple sell at a supermarket. Breads, cookies, sodas, magazines, ice cream and many other stuff. Its so cool. There was also a counter and actual money! OK ok! Actual Barbie money.
the toy store-
there are the counter place, and shelves and shelves of toys. and came with it is a set of troleys. And paper bags.
the arcade- there are actual slot machines and game machines. They also throwed in some prizes for the thing. And also a counter and actualy tokens for the mahcines. There was also a pinball machine.
I love these sets things because they look like the real thing in life and we can imagine a life of a Barbie actually going through the same thing we go through in life. They're just adorable! And whats fun of playing with a Barbie doll. Coz you can set up its world and control it! And make do with what you want. They do what you want and stuff. I know we have The Sims for that now but its still fun you know.

My Old Phone
Its the kind where you have to twist and turn the numbers to actually get it. You know, those really antique ones where you have to put your finger in the number whole and turn the thingy. Hahaha! Go watch an old movie and you'd know what I mean.

An Albino Coakroach
Believe it or not! I was going through my sister's old files in there and I opened up one of it and saw one dead coakroach. So I thought my cleaning was complete now that I already see a dead coakroach. But turns out, after I fiddled the file a little, another all white coakroach came moving towards me, I was too disgusted by it moving, I let go of the fiel with a BAM and ran away. But the coakorach looked realy pretty though. I think its a girl coakroach. From what I remember seeing it for about 3 seconds, I think it actually has nice eyes. I mean, blue eyes if I'm not mistaken. I think even miza will find it pretty though I know she has the whole i-hate-coakroaches thing going on. Wished I could snap a picture of it though, but it already ranned away after I came back for the file. May god rest it in piece.

Well, after thats all done! I realize how heavy records can actually be. Carrying them back to the store was pain. But somewhat better than collecting coloured pencils. Yeah yeah, call me wierd. I also found out how many bags we actually own. GOD! Some I have never even saw before! And now, packed together, we have like 2 big boxes of bags. Damn!

I also found a few old books of mine that was good time memories. And a little information to share with you guys, Coakroaches' eggs ARE NOT PLEASANT!! Avoid them if you may!

As result, I got a sore back, I think I lost some weight, a big garbage bag full of trash, a cleaner and neater store and the satisfactory of doing a job well done and the thought of helping my mom. And what I didn't get was some cash but non the less, I think the pahala is good enough,

: D

So thats done, and I'm happy.

- 'Thanks angah! One kiss for you!'


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