Saturday, April 05, 2008

musicial interpretation

I am putting the blame on Atikah. She has introduced me to Yunalis and I am now addicted to the musical genius that is her. I've downloaded a few of her songs and am currently studying it because her kind of songs are the kind I would love to write. And because of this obsession, I composed a song similar to her genre. It is not done.

Check out my favourite song of hers.


On a different note, you people know how Encik Faza has influenced me? Well, check this out. It is a skit from the band Butterfingers, with their latest song 1000tahun. Note: Rikhail Win Dzar = Encik Monoloque yang menawan hati. :)


- Check out more of them.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

first week of April

It is a Thursday today. Times goes so fast ain't it? I so remember packing up my bags to come back to Akasia for the week and now, come tomorrow, it is time to repack and go home. That is my cycle of life.

I need some excitement in life. I know I said I loved the fact that things go the same way. Well, that was before. Now I just wish I was somewhere else doing something else. Kind of.

There are many things in life that I should be grateful for. I have had a conversation with Encik Rashid, a fellow classmate of mine, and he has opened up my eyes to many things. Religiously especially. I now know that just by combing your hair backwards, then have it middle parted, that I am already practising a Sunnah nabi. Meaning if I niat for it, I will get pahala JUST LIKE THAT. Isn't it interesting? I also learned that Rasulullah's favourite colours are red, green and white and if I wear any piece of those colours, I will get pahala (with the condition that I niat it because I want to follow prophet Muhammad).

Allah Maha Pengasih, Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang.

It is so very simple to score pahala actually, in everyday life. Just by waking up with a bismillah, smiling when you pass someone, greet them with Assalamualaikum, eating with your right hand, picking up the pencil for someone, turn off the lights when you're done. Indirectly, whether we realize it or not, we are practising Islam and getting pahala just like that. It is simple to get pahala, its just that human find it hard to practise it when they know they have to.

I have an accounts quiz tomorrow, followed by a Maths test the next day. My tummy is grumbling, my back is aching and my hair is taking the form of disgustingly ugly barb wires. I feel like I need time for myself. I need a long bubble bath with soothing music in a yellow lighted bathroom with a good book (Growing Up in Trengganu in mind). Or have myself in the room alone singing, jumping and dancing to my favourite songs, or simply be on my bed, with my guitar strumming a perfect song away, maybe even write one. I long for the feeling of being free and letting go.

Have made friends with a few new people. They are not new but the relationships are. The other day, I had to meet the president of my CULTURAL club (which I am the naib secretary to) and dreaded it way too much since I am not a particular fan of her, vice versa. But that night, she was doing her architecture project at the study room, and she was accompanied by the Naib President of the club whom I can still make conversations with. And what do you know, when I met the two, I decided to stay a while for a chat and I ended up laughing and joking with them till up to TWO hours. They really gave me a break from my normal circle of friends, and I needed that. It was a good night. I got to know many things from them.

Sigh. I really need to see my old friends again. Because I know they will be the one reminding me that I am good enough as a person and I can be myself. I need a break from life.

But all in all, I am so very thankful of what God has given me. I am not physically defected except probably for my fat thighs (:P) and I am able to do the Australian Matriculation program even without a scholarship, I have two healthy parents and I live in a country where Muslims are the majority, food are mostly halal and there is no war. What can be better than that?!


Oooh! Buka puasa time is soon. I am still a total virgin with my Cash Budget which I need to totally strip for my Accounts test tomorrow. So I am going to go now.

- does anyone know who Myra is? ahahah.

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Monday, March 31, 2008

dan sebenarnya

I'm waiting on the world to change! but so far, it's going better than it has been these past few weeks. I am fat once again! and I need a life. :(

I still miss Encik Faza :(

- dan sebenarnya

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