Friday, April 18, 2008

i'm going to a GIG

It is a Friday night and I am going to a gig baby!! There will be an event called the I-Care Charity gig at Segi College in a few hours and my cousin promised to bring me there. That means tonight I will be dancing and screaming to THE TIMES, HUJAN, COUPLE to name a few. I am so excited as I just want to get away from Intec. Plus, my cousin's boyfriend's band will be performing that night so I'm hoping I get to meet him for the first time. (this is my dad's side cousin so I'm not all that close to her)

It just so happen that I will be sitting for my Pendidikan Islam finals the next afternoon but I've already studied my handouts so INSYALLAH I get to finish it on time. Besides, my college curfew is 11pm so I'd most probably come back by then or else I'd have no where else to sleep. Ouuh. I am super duper excited! I feel so rebellious going to a gig on a Friday night and an eve final paper day. ahahah. Farisa dah jahat woohh!!

On another note, after our CTU (agama) paper tomorrow that ends at 4.30pm, my classmates will be celebrating Rashid's birthday at SACC mall. Supposedly it's a surprise so lets just hope it turns out the way the boys are planning it. I am excited for that especially when I would give his presents. I got him 3 of the most ridiculous gifts wrapped in a pack. I bought him Sin Chan stickers, a few kiddie erasers and those chocolate bars with FUNKY kiddie pictures that we used to love during our children days. I hope he likes them.

On to Saturday night, my college is having an inter-block BBQ night and apparently, they have requested that Fiqa and I perform for them. I am not as excited about eating the stuff than me performing but since many people are going to be there, I hope it'll be fun. Too bad it's just girls though or else I would have requested to perform with a certain mr. 'Prince' if you know who I mean. ;D ahahah. I'm like a little girl with a swoony crush once again. Except, I'm not hoping for this crush to go anywhere. I've learnt my lesson with boys.

Oh well. That is it for me for now. I'm gonna go get a life now. With THE TIMES and COUPLE!

- selamat tinggal dunia.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008


I want a boyfriend.

Not because I am weak.

Not because I am mengada.

Not because I am gedik.

And definitely not because I am desperate.

I want a boyfriend because I need to hear somebody say "She doesn't hate you lah. She's just jealous of you." instead of getting the same old "Perasanlah you, she doesn't hate you. God! you're so emotional."

It does make a difference.

- God. the girl who just sat next to me smells.

from the mind to the fingers of Farisa Roslan | 9:13 pm