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a fight of HONOUR!!

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before I start, I would just like to say that I have a hankering for waffles. and my cookies! I WANT MY COOKIES!!!!

ok this is the end of the road. KDU debate. I wish you goodbye.

thats right. we didn't make it to semi finals. but we did have one win AT LEAST!! It was great! it feels good to win! even only one.

but imagine the shit load we had to go through for this debate. sleeping at 3 and waking up and 6 the next day. not a very healthy thing to do.

but it was a good experience. at least we always ensure ourselves that!

before I go into details, I would just like to say thanks to everyone who have helped us in this debate. Its such an honour, its such fun to work with many people and I made loads of new friends.

Berlin, Lee Ann, Sharon, Julian , Shamugam, Ganesh to name a few. They really are nice people. It would be such great fun to go back to go head to head with them again.

So here we go..

first debate - 4th April

First speaker of the first debate. I freaked out. I have always had problem with speaking in front of a crowd. Well, I was really scared.

So it was already 10 when I told my dad to come pick me up. I was in such a sucky mood because I thoguth I was going to miss OC. rephrase. I AM GOING TO MISS OC! And after 10 minutes I got a call from dad saying that he didn't see me so therefor he went back home. I got so BLAH because I was already late for my show. So I ended up with a ride from G's ma! I was rushing and all to watch the show. Only to find out that it starts at 10.30 now. GOD LOVES ME!!

So I had to do my speech while I watched my OC. It was almost 3 am before I am ready to start with the opposition speech. The whole night spent on the government's. So I got so tired that I decided I could take a 5 minutes shut eye. The next thing I know it was 6.30 am and I had to be at Michelle's by 7.15am. Papers were scattered around me. The minute I woke up I grabbed my pen and continued writing my speech. My mom was telling me to go for my shower. I coudln't do anything. I had to get ready. And in my head, the only was in my head was thet, SHIT!! GG!!!

because the last thing she said to me that night before we left was 'farisa, if you don't finish your speech, on cue cards by tomorrow, I will strangle you!'

So yes, somehow I manage to get my speech done by the time I got to Michelle's. And on the way to KDU, I transfered it into the cue cards. By the time I got there, I WAS READY!! We hung out outside the auditorium before we went in.

We saw a few people in blazers and by what Miza said, they were Sri KDU - our first opposing team. We were so intimidated because they looked so mature and big. Turned out the Sri KDU group were just as tiny as we are.

The didn't look so intimidated. They look friendly actually.

We got 30 minutes quaratine. And that time we drilled ourselves on our speech after we found out that we're getting government. When we were kind of hoping for opposition. NO matter.

So there we were on stage. Ready for action. It was so scary as I am the first speaker of the debate. GAH!! I thought I was gonna die scared on stage.

But the funny part is, I tried so hard to look confident so that the other team won't think that we're unprepared or any sort, I actually didn't feel nervous at all. But the feeling of standing there on stage, talking in the mike. It felt good. It really does. I wasn't stuttering like I thought I would. I was so proud. I was even sort of giggling when I was asked to come forth to speak. BLAH!!

Well, the sound system of the auditorium was BAD! We couldn't even hear what the other team was saying. Even they complaint. When the adjudicators were discussing the winner, we mingled with the Sri KDU people. They were really nice people. We became friends instantly.

In th end, we lost though I thought we had a good shot of winning. It was sad but it was fun.

second debate - 5th April

I sat out of this debate. But after yesterday's debate, we really bucked up and did properly. We worked extra hard.

We even came about 2 hours earlier than our quaratine time so we ended up hanging in the library discussing. I was pretty bored as I have no speech to pay attention to. But I did help the 3 girls. At 2, I went to watch Sri KDU against Sri Hartamas. I felt that the Sri Hartamas people were pretty, GAH!!! BUt non the less its fun to watch.

After that, we went to pick lots. We got governemnt again. When we were hoping we could get oppo.

It was a fair debate against Katholik. The both were good. I also did mingle with the people there. It was fun. The girls were great! Gg was better than yesterday. She's more confident. Hamiza did so good on her reply speech. And michelle were just great!

And what do you know. It paid off. WE WON!!!!!

It felt good. After the whole thing we mingle some more. It was great to chat with them. Exchange stories and stuff. Also we talked with one of the adjudicator and asked her for tips.

So we were all happy dappy when we got home.

It was only 10pm when we got started on our third topic. It was so ast minute that I was so scared already.

third debate - 6th April

I got up feeling so scared. We are so unprepared. We don't even have any of the speeches and our debate are to start in about 5 hours. We were freaking out. It was so shitty because by the time we were to levae to KDU. I only had the government's speech. And even so, Its not proper.

We were to meet Puan Kalwan in the school canteen. But we were kind of late so while Miza and Michelle ran to find her, I ran to the Bio lab to look for shahrul. Its so bangang that it wasn't his class. So I was running around looking for him until I heard someone call my name up above. It was him and I was so glad that I ran upstairs.

But everyone HAD to come down at that moment so it was so crowded. I almost lost hope when I saw him coming down the stairs. So he sent me back to the canteen to join with the others. I was freaking out and putting everything on him. And we couldn't find the teacher. It was so sucky.

But he gave me a stay calm and good luck kiss. And we got just that!

I stayed calm.. and we found Puan Kalwan. Then we were truly late for the thing. An hour before quarantine time. And I was looking forward to the quarantine time for time to write my opposition.

And lucky we got there in about 15 minutes. So we had time to calm down. The SMK Subang Jaya group looked pretty intimidating and arrogant. But there was one cute guy. Hamiza kept emphisizing on that!

Even though our opposition side stands better argument, though I wasn't prepared of my opposition so it was lucky when we got government. So my quarantine time was used mosly on touching up my speech. But I wasn't prepared. I FELT SO UNSAFE. I was laughing myself off when I got there. But again the confident mask!

It was the moment the chairperson invited me up to speak, was the time I finish writing my last word on the speech. I was laughing at myself for actually going through with the debate.

And I did though I so know that it was all crap. I was going all 'what the puding did I write!? that doesn't make sense!'

The opposition played a good debate. An Michelle apparently didn't favour one girl in the opposition team so the whole time the girl went on, she was cursing the girl that I just couldn't stop laughing. believe that! THE PRIME MINISTER WAS LAUGHING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DEBATE!!

owh yeah... I failed to mention that I am PRIME MINISTER. Its funny that I got of one day being a dork school girl with chillied tudung, and the next, I'm Prime Minister of the debate.

So today, I had to do reply speech. Its when you listen to what the opposition team says, and we rebut it. Go against it. And OWH MY GOD!! How I felt as if I crapped so much!!! I was even laughing in the middle of my speech. Even the judge was laughing at me.

But it felt good that I got through it. That I could do it you know!

When the judges were deciding, we went to mingle with the SJ people. Hamiza can't keep her eyes of the cute guy. And all I could do was show off my perky silly dorky nature. It got me four new friends!

So we lost. It wasn't surprising. I was clapping hard and all smiley when we did. They deserve to win. And also that I cannot afford another 24 hours of researching and speech writing. ENOUGH!!!

We got back to Michelle's house celebrating. Playing guiatr, singing and eating puding.


Seriously.. It was such a great experience I had. And I am most proud of myself as I got through my fear. Talking in front of an audience. It felt good. Fun! It was fun!!


I can't believe that just by agreeing to go to a debate workshop, brought me into cracking up my brain working on 3 debates in one week. But it was fun!


- back to homework now...

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