Friday, June 06, 2008

head OVER heels swooned

I have a very handsome new CRUSH ;D

- enjoy

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

KLCC reunion


this is a little teaser. for more pictures, go to Atikah's Photopages.

Finally, we managed to find a time where I get to meet Atikah. She invited us for a trip to the book fair held at KLCC on the 28th of May 2008. Gg and Miza were not able to come so Diana and I met up around 11am to meet Atikah at KLCC. Nazrin and Imran were sent to my aunts' houses so I was home alone all morning watching Just Like Heaven and Lake House (ironically both about doctors with no lives). I then met Diana at the bridge where her dad was to send us to the KTM station. He commented that I was thinner and it made me blush. heheh. Diana's aunt and her family was there and they were nice people. Her Mok Su was a funny cute lady who made me laugh a lot.

We reached there and found out that Atikah was not there yet so we walked around dKLCC bringing Mok Su and her family. Diana also met her uncle who works there and he went to arrange for us a trip to go see the Petronas Tower bridge except there were no tickets left for the day. So instead, all of us went to the book fair and planned to meet Atikah there. When I did see Atikah for the first glance, I gasped. Mainly because she did NOT change one bit. She was still short and I missed that familiar button nose she had. I miss her a lot that time.

The book fair cost RM2 per person but Atikah and I got away with it because we were 18 and we weren't charged for entrance. The book hall was HUGE and I quite liked it actually. It was properly arranged and there were a lot of books. We went around looking at the available books. From thrillers to kids books. To Malaysian books and romance. Then we went for the language section where we had our own taste of Tibetan language and a little bit of Indonesian and Arab. Then we planted ourselves at the designing section where we picked up books on poster designs, advertisements, shirts and buttons. After that we had a look around a little more before we decided to leave.

Next for us was lunch and we knew IMMEDIATELY where we wanted to have it. We dropped off Mok Su and her family at the food court as they chose to eat there before we went another floor up to have lunch at Chillies. Lucky the waiting line was not very long so we got a table near the window right away. We ordered in tortillas and dip, Caesar salad and a plate of steak to share. Then we dived in a whole girl-to-girl conversation through out lunch. I love sessions like that where we talk and update ourselves with stories. Even though we might not know the people our friends talk about, for me, its fun to know how your friends are doing with their lives. My favourite part is to figure out how much different or the same my friends are from what I knew about them, to what they are now.

Mok Su called Diana to tell her that they decided to go back. We then headed for the book fair again to actually get a book as proof to where we went. Too bad it was raining because we planned to go to the park and have a photo session of artistical pictures. :p So instead we spend more time at the fair and lucky the two ended up with a book each. I did not get any because all the ones that I want,are the ones my friends already have so we settled with me borrowing them.

Lucky the rain stopped by the time we finished so we DID manage to have the session after all. I loved it but it was cut short by the time we had. It was already 6pm and we were scheduled to go back at that time. So we camwhored a few more before heading back to KLCC to buy pies and cinnamon buns to bring back home. We bid goodbye in the middle of the huge mall uncertain of when we would see each other again except we promised that it would be during the time we are still having our holiday break. The promise I still keep until now.

Diana and I were tired on the way back and my feet were killing me so the both of us did not talk a lot. We just ate and tried to endure the pain. By the time we reached Subang Jaya it was already 8pm and to add to the pain in my feet and on my back, I was nervous because I was way past my curfew. Strange enough my mother did not call me to do her usual "WHERE ARE YOU! WHY ARE YOU LATE!" check ups. Dad picked us up from the station and sent Diana back before bringing me home to mom. Came in and was glad mom did not start screaming at me but she was quite cold. I smiled sheepishly and showed her the cinnamon buns I brought back and that softened her a little. After that, I called my brothers down and the three of us presented mom with a frame that holds an artwork I did for her for Mother's Day. It was a picture of the four of us (my siblings) each holding cards that spells out HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MAMA! She didn't get mad after that so the day turned out JUST NICELY.

- She did not forget to comment on what I wore though. Typical mom.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

gone and back from Port Dickson

yes. For those of you who was not informed, I did in fact went to Port Dickson for a respectable 3 days with my family last weekend. I am sorry that I did not mention it to everyone but I am back now.

My family Port Dickson holiday wasn't as eventful as the other holidays mainly because all of us spent most of our time hanging in the apartments. There was a full house so we could only manage to book 2 apartment rooms with 2 bedrooms each. The units were not all that bad.

I hopped in the black Honda with my 2 cousins tersayang with my uncle and aunt in the front. The whole trip (which lasted only a little more than an hour) my uncle and my cousins were debating about school, studies, education and all. Maybe that was why the trip did not feel so long.

We reached there and hung out for a while. The 3 girls got one bedroom to be shared with Mak Teh(my Pak Teh did not come on this trip as he had work). We spend a few hours just waiting for lunch time as we did not know what else to do. My family just watched the Tv while I slept.

When it was time for lunch, we were rushed downstairs and all of us convoyed to find the nearest restaurant that sells white rice. We found a dodgy place called JOM MAKAN and since its almost 3pm anyways, the place was running out of choices. Then surprisingly, the grownups just brought us back to the apartments instead of bringing us around. We spent more time doing nothing at the apartment until around 5.30pm where the kids were brought for their much awaited swimming trip while my two cousins and I, and my Mak Teh followed my uncle around Port Dickson. He gave us a tour of a few camps he was admitted to during his army days. He told us all his old stories and I was awed and disgusted at the same time.

He then brought us to a beach side. The sand wasn't as clean as the one I found at Cherating and the space was small but it was acceptable. We came in jeans and pretty shoes so anyone could tell we weren't prepared for the beach so all we did was make noise, draw on the sand and took loads of pictures. It was until sunset that we went back.

That night we were going to celebrate the birthdays of the May people. My cousins and I were not as attentive to the party as we were practicing for a performance we were going to do that night. It was sort of my first performance in front of my family so I was really nervous. We sang and ate pizza and before I know it, the people were getting sleepier so I rushed my cousins for the performance.

We did not practice that well so we played I WILL SURVIVE almost horribly I felt but some of my uncles/aunts were singing along so perhaps that was alright. But after the song, the comments came bombing towards us. My Pak Su especially were kutuking us. They even had to comment on how my legs were moving to the beat of the songs I played. It is only NATURAL to bump your legs on the floor as to move to the beat but NO! They thought it was hilarious and on purpose. I know they don't really mean that we were awful they just don't do well complimenting us. ahaha. ;p

Next song was a piece my cousins and I rendered. We took in Kak Yuna's song DAN SEBENARNYA and changed the lyrics to fit in a song for our mothers since we didn't really celebrate MOther's Day. The song took in the tune of Dan Sebenarnya but most of the lyrics were changed to either perli our moms or tell them that we love them. The mothers really smiled and almost cried as they were so touched and that felt awesome I thought. The performance was taped so I will upload that as soon as I get it from my cousin.

The next song was a duet of my uncle and I. We sang BETTER MAN by Robbie Williams and surprisingly my uncle was shy. He has a great deep voice that I love but he was so shy to sing. We did it well anyway and it was great because my other uncles/aunts were singing along to it as well. Pity my grandma and my grandpa were just sitting there smiling as they didn't know the songs we sang. I was suppose to duet the song MALAM BULAN DIPAGAR BINTANG with my uncle except I couldn't find the chords for that song.

More comes the perli from my uncles so my cousins and I were just convincing ourselves that we were good. And then my dad was screaming from across the room for me to play TEARS IN HEAVEN that I have been practising. I wasn't sure that I was ready to perform the song because I didn't memorize the whole song but they urged me anyway so I did. I played and sang the song halfway and I was so nervous because it was NOT an easy song. But it was great because when I finished, my Pak Su actually got up and clap for me. They all complimented me and I felt great after that! So did my cousins. It was a good night.

After everyone else started packing up for sleep, my three cousins, my two uncles, my aunt. Nazrin Roslan and I went downstairs for a karaoke session. We spent two hours singing and screaming to songs like Lady Marmalade, Bunyi Guitar and Mr. Postman while half of the time we sat and endured the horrible old songs my uncles/aunt were singing. After that we went to bed.

Next day our uncles went to play golf so we all just hung around the room. We went down at one point to go and play pool at the game room. Then we prepared for lunch where they brought us to the Golf Clubhouse and had AWESOME food. We took more pictures there. Again surprisingly, we were brought back to the apartment rooms. Usually, times like these are the times we would go around looking for places to go sight seeing or find a mall to shop. Around 5.30pm the whole lot went down to the beach near the hotel.

These part of the beach was no better than the part we went to. There were no white sand at all. But there was this thing called a Banana Boat. It is a float shaped like a Banana and it is tied to a speedboat. The speedboat will drive us around the sea before making a sharp turn where ALL of us would fall into the salty sea. IT WAS THE AWESOMEST fun except it was so salty my eyes hurt. And at one point, my pants almost fell off while trying to get back on the boat. BUT IT WAS FUN FUN FUN. You can say we had kenangan masin there ;D Then we went on a boat trip where they brought us around islands.

We then went back to get ready for dinner. I did not know why but we spent ONE BLOODY HOUR just looking for a place to eat around those parts. I was sleeping in the car. We finally settled with ANOTHER dodgy restaurant that prepares food really late and it was 10PM already. The food wasn't all that good and everyone were cranky. We ate and left

The next morning we had breakfast at the room and packed up to go back. Before that, they managed to find a shopping district in the middle of Nilai somewhere. The place sells cheap toys, fancy carpets, pots and pans, and bundle clothing. I didn't really find anything I fancied so my Pak Su invited me for a trip around Nilai. He was looking for a restaurant that his friend recommended so we left the whole lot at the place and went around the area looking for the restaurant. Too bad it was closed so all of us ended up going to Shah Alam for our final lunch of the trip. We came back tired.

- oh bunda ;)

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