Tuesday, December 13, 2005

farisa ROSLAN'S sleepover

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you are cordially invited to Farisa Roslan's sleepover on the 10th of December 2005.

FINALLY! I got to host my own sleepover. Mom, dad and my brothers had a weekend trip to Johor on account that my aunt had a kenduri. I know this may sound bad, the fact that I didn't go to my aunt's for the open house. BUT MY SISTER DIDN'T GO TOO.

ahhahaha. well my mom told me that it was okay for me not to go there. besides, my aunt actually spent the night at my place only a few days before that.., so yeah!

anyway, my mom was telling me countless times to clean the house before the guests comes for the sleepover. I only assured her ten thousand times that I will be on it. Good thing is, my sister too was to have a sleepover at her friend's place, leaving the house to me.

so when the rest of the family went off, my sister drilled me about cleaning up the house. and of course I did. from top to bottom. And I felt great after doing it. I gave a great deal about making my house clean. I was happy with the outcome.

My sister went off around noon. That was when I got ready for Fawwaz's open house.

After a shower, a headache of what to wear, a whole gak of makeup on my face, a really jumbled up drawer of when I was finding the right handbag, and freaking out about the right tudung colour later, I went outside to wait for shafiq.

When we got back from Fawwaz's place, I was kind of bummed as I really didn't want to go back yet but of course I couldn't control it. Atikah told me that she needed to stay at my place for a while coz no one is at her house.

SO its all cool. She requested to watch Along Came Polly the movie. And after a while, we did what all girls would do when they're together. We talked about hair. She was complaining that her hair was too straight and too flat and too whatever its not. And she started telling me her plans to spice up her looks when she's old enough.

Well, me being the best 'proefessional at hair' told her that I could use my crimper to crimp her hair. To make it all cool and stuff. Well apparently, she didn't like it. even though she said she did. pfft. admit it atikah.

so anyway, I finally gave up with the crimping and told her that I would just braid her hair. A cornrow like those rapping-gut-busting black stars you find flocking in mtv now a days, just its not all that proper. it turned out real good on her though. and she told me she loves it. besides, it makes he hair go all curly after she loosen up the braids a few days afterwards. so yeah, I haven't heard form her since then so I really didn't know how it turned out.

after I finished nigga-ing her, we had a crazy picture moment. It was fun. and after that, her dad came and picked her up. I felt kinda embarrassed to have her dad see her hair and perhaps he might think.. "WHAT HAVE THIS DUDE DONE TO MY DAUGHTER!!?"

Ahahah. But I didn't see his mouth word anything when he saw Atikah so no big deal.

I just spent the time watching Down With love while getting ready for my sleepover. I got to say, I was kind of nervous. I have never hosted a sleepover before. And it didn't help the fact that it was a last minute plan thing, so we didn't really have time to stock up on snacks. I didn't even plan what we were to have for dinner. I also didn't plan what we were going to do so I was so scared it would be no fun.

Miza came at around 8.30pm if I am not mistaken. And we were just watching some tv before we made mac and cheese for dinner. Diana came late because she had guitar class before that. What made me happy was the fact that my mac and cheese didn't turn out bad. It actually turned out right. Miza said she enjoyed it. Which is good. I sure did.

We were just watching more tv when Diana came. We were actually in the middle of Miss World. When Diana came, we settled in and Miza requested her hair to be braided too. So I was busy braiding Miza's hair while we were watching the Miss World show. In the middle of the show, we got bored so we played this tape that I got ready for them.

It was actually a tape of me when I entered a Decorate the CHRISTMAS TREE contest when I was 10. Apparently, both of them thought it was hilarious. Especially Diana. Both of them were laughing at me [or perhaps that ugly version of me] and of course I too couldn't resist. Though it may sound quite stupid to be laughing at yourself.

They said it was funny to see me when I was young. With the hair, the cheesy smile, the ugly eyebrows, and the geeky pants and shoes. Yup. I guess I was real ugly then.

After that, we tried on the tape Diana brought. It was a tape of her kindergarten concert when she was four. As far as I knew, Gg and Shahrul were in her class so I was really excited to see the 3 of them in their baby fat.

But we agreed to finish watching the Miss World show before we start on the kindergarten show. While that was playing, I shifted from nigga-ing Miza to nigga-ing Diana. Miza looks quite good with her braided hair.

After Miss Iceland got crowned Miss World, we decided to play the tape. At first the tape was just a bunch of unknown kids so we were all bored. Thats when we first saw Azizi. He was so.. different from what he is now. Back when he was still innocent and he seemingly loveable. He looks the same though.

And thats when we got to Diana's class's performance. All three of us got real excited. The first time we saw:

Diana : in her so called 'pretty' red dress, we screamed with laughter. She looks so cute and you'd recognize her by a minute. Except she has a lot more fat on her than now. But she looks so cute you just wanna squeeze those chubby cheeks till it falls out and cook it and just chew on it like an angry dog. My point is she was so cute. She seems to really enjoy the performance as she was actually singing the song along the stereo. You can tell that she was serious about dancing. Her jump was one-of-a-kind.

Shahrul : well, what else. I shrieked of course. He has the cutest pair of ping pong like eyes! And the cheeks makes him look so adorable. All three of us were shrieking like we've never seen a baby before. He looks so cute and innocent. And he didn't look like he's too keen to dance. But he did do his parts. And at some parts he actually 'sempat' dig his nose and tuck in his pants. We roared with laughter when we see his momentarilly funny stunts. He looked really cute and at one point, he was dancing this certain kind of dance that makes me drool even till now.

Gg : we recognized her instantly. who could miss those curly hair. and her nose hasn't changed one bit. Half the time she looks like she has no idea why she was on stage, and half of the time, she was jumping and dancing like she was a 4 years old beyonce. Yes I'm exagurating but she looked so happy to be doing what she was doing on stage. She had the widest smile, and did her dances very seriously. She also made a point to wave at her mom.

The three of them look so adorable that by the end of the performance, I was practically stoned. I couldn't laugh no more but I was.. gasping. They look soo the cutest. I wish all of us [with the guys] could watch the tape and have a nice big laugh.

Well after that, Miza and Diana requested to watch and Indon movie I borrowed from my cousin. Eiffel...I'm in love. Well, of course by then its already about 1 am. But no matter, we watched it anyway. These 2 people were so into the movie I tell you. Sure for me it was exciting at first, but it just gets.. blah... for me at a certain point.

It got even BLAHH-er when these 2 people were BEGGING me to continue with the 2nd cd even though it was past 2am. I gave in because well, its not like I could get them to close their eyes anyway.

So up we went continuing with the Indon movie. Miza was going on and on about someone dying in the movie, while Diana, well.. she was feeling it!

fun fact : well, at one point in the movie, the hot sexy lead actor "Adit" [his character's name] was doing some sort of chicken dance and the 2 of them roared with laughter. I laughed because I expected that reaction. They requested that I rewind the cd a bit to make out the words that the dude was chicken dancing to, but apparently, I have no idea how to rewind.

So I tried some, pushed and clicked some buttons here and there. Which finally got me nowhere but stopped the cd. As I have no idea how to forward, and its a vcd not a dvd {which mean we can't just skip skip skip to another part of the movie} we're stuck watching the bloody 2nd cd again. and we already passed about 30 minutes of it. Just what I need to get these people into bed early. -er.

Well, they insisted on waiting, that put me to sleep. I couldn't take all of that again! the next thing I remember, Miza woke me up complaining about no one being dead. Just what i need to hear at about 3.30 in the morning.

So I forced them both to sleep. Apparently, that didn't go so well. The three of us were already comfortably [or uncomfortably] tucked in our sheets, when Diana started laughing out of nowhere. The two of them couldn't stop talking about the movie. [which means, Miza was still complaining about the no-on-dead-ending]

and it took about an hour before I heard silence in the room. Or not heeard at all since I myself was already working on my snores. But seriously, to get these two people to sleep makes flushing your head down the toilet sounds easier. And funner.

At one point, we agreed to just shut it and sleep. 5 minutes later, Miza started off with a question that made Diana burst into laughter. *So much for Daniel Radcliffe in his jaguar underpants.*

So I just gave in to them and joined in the conversations. My sudden running nose didn't help me either. I was really loosing my mind because THESE-PEOPLE-JUST-WON'T-SLEEP.

Seriously, I blame the late night INdon Movie and the Nigga-ing. I don't think they'd be half that hard to put to bed without these 2 factors. Well, eventually, they went to sleep.

So when I woke up in the morning, I saw Miza's smiling face. Fresh and, cleaned. I was all tired and lazy. Diana was still sleeping. Miza started talking about last night. AGAIN! and that woke Diana up.

We started talking about breakfast and I was glad that I got my dose of McD breakfast that morning. We all freshened up and had our breakfast when the delivery dude came. Well they both freshened up, I was still in jammies.

After breakfast we did glass painting, but that didn't last long. I had fun though. I finally got a bottle of my own. I picked out the easiest design I could find and started on it. I didn't do that bad.

We then buried our asses in front of the tv and watched Gilmore Girls. We didn't just bury our asses, we also managed to put more fat in it. By this I mean when we were chewing on those delicious chocolates Miza brought. FAT FAT FAT!

After that, we packed up and cleared the house out of all trace of girly-night destruction. I had my shower because my uncle was going to pick me up and bring me to lunch while Diana's dad was going to pick them up.

While waiting for our rides outside, we had a picture gala moment. POses and smiles and cheesy moments. But it was a fun time to pack up the fun. Our rides came at the exact same time. So we said goodbyes and stuff.

When I locked my front gate, thats when my sleepover was over.

They both told me that they had a great time there, which made me glad. Real glad.

- we had fun. and thank the Lord no one died Miza. and Diana, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THOSE CHEEKS!?

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Monday, December 12, 2005

fawwaz's HOUSE warming

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of course, the news of Fawwaz's move didn't come as a shock. but what surprised us was that, the time that he told us he moved. He called up Gg one day, and told her that he moved already. Then Gg told me. So it was kind of suprising as he didn't give us a notice of when it was to happen.

nevermind. so anyway, I've heard stories that the house is a really big fancy bungalow with a pool. I was really excited to go see it. Especially when he called me up one day to tell me that he is having a house warming at his new house in Bukit Jelutong.

Like every other time, we'd have to go through the whole process of who's going with who. And apparently my parents were at JOhor for Cik Ti's kenduri. So Atikah agreed to hitch diana and I. So yay.

UNtil I found out that she is going at about 3pm. The house party starts at about 1pm so I really didn't want to be there at 3. That is when I actually called up Iman, Omar and Nasriff to ask them if we could ride.

Apparently, all 3 of them were full. And the last person I could think of was Shafiq, and thank God he agreed. So at about 1.30pm, he came to pick the three of us and on we go to Bukit Jelutong.

The house even from outside looks really big. We reached there and were greeted by Fawwaz's sister, Farhana. The first thing I did was find the mom and salam-ed her. And then I gasped when I went into the house. It was HUGE! like literally. it was kind of a square house and nope, there was no pool. BUt there was a garden in the middle of the house. It was gorgeous.

We had to go around the house ot reach to the kitchen. Thats at the other side of the house. Thats where Fawwaz, Gg, Miza, Tasnim, and Aizat were. We got greeted and everything and then we head to the food.

Fawwaz claimed that his ukit Jelutong friends wanted to meet us. Well, I felt kind of weird that we had to go to them, espeically when we are the girls, and they're.. not.

But all was fine.

After that, we head for the food. I loved the ayam merah, and the non-pappadam-looking-pappadam.

After lunch, we had a self-tour around the house. We went upstairs and got to see all the four rooms that belonged to all four children. And I have to say, Fawwaz's room is absolutely the bomb!

I mean, it was so neat, the bed sheets were.. kind of weird but nice non-the-less. Don't even let me get started on the Walk-In closet. It was so.. organised. And the desk was so neatly arranged. I felt to embarrassed because my room was so.. yishk. Well for one thing, I'm sharing the room, and for another, my room was half the size as his.

The room was really comfy and fun to be in.

fun fact : at one point, us grls were hanging out in his room and then suddenly, fawwaz ran in the room and told us to get out because the mom was coming. well apparently, we didn't make it out before the mom came. and the mom said something like its funny for girls to be in his room. 5 girls at that. ahahaha. but nothing came out of it.

we really didn't know what to do so we were just sitting around, and talking. apparently, there is this boy who really wanted to GET-TO-KNOW miza and fawwaz was more than glad to be the one who makes that happen.

and finally, he did! Redzuan and Miza talked through the time. Gg was talking to Fawwaz's other Bukit Jelutong friend. So the four of them knew exactly how to spend my time. While Atikah, Tasnim, Diana and I, wel.. didn't.

Shafiq offered a ride back but apparently he had to go back early because he needed to go somewhere else after that. dreading the fact that there is no other way for me to go back, I again hitched shafiq. I really appreciate it though.

Atikah went home with Shafiq too. In the car rid back, Shafiq's dad talked about careers and stuff like that. Made me a little worried. But at one point I just tuned out.

Well, I couldn't say I had the best of fun because I stayed too short to actually have a good time. But I did enjoy being in the house. The structure, the colours, the space, the rooms. They were to die for. I love it! And the best part is, the kitchen. I am in love with the kitchen. There is enough space for you to bake!

So yeah. There you go. I want Fawwaz's house. Fawwaz's room. And Fawwaz's clean personality.

- He's a better girl than I am.

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