Wednesday, June 20, 2007


well technically we can't call it sleepover as, of course, we slept. But maybe we could call it.. Atikah's SleepLate?


Anyway, ever since we stepped foot that very first time in the hella big of an ass mansion Atikah just built all the way up in Kajang, all the far end away from all her beloved friends, although she has no choice because that's where her parents want it and all her close family are there so basically whether she likes to or not she still has to go there, but judging by the size of that house, I'd live in it even if it was all the way in Pasir Mas Kelantan.

Okay. Sidetracked.

The point is, the moment we stepped foot that very first time in that house, we immediately knew that we needed to have a sleepover. So 6 months after that, dear old Atikah finally planned a whole sleepover for us on the 7Th of June 2007. The four guests, Farisa, Diana, Miza and Gg, actually had a whole meeting just so we could plan the whole journey, night and back.

On that fateful day, we took a cab to the KTM station and was ready for the whole journey to Kajang. My memory from that is TENGAH HARI. PANAS. GENDONG BEG. KECOH. GELI.

The train to Kajang was not very packed yet we didn't manage to get seats for four but found one. We took turns sitting down and gathered around that seat while talking all the while. At one point, there was a scary twisted looking Indian guy with bad fashion sense, who didn't look all that saint, were starting to get closer to Miza than he should, and at one point, grabbed Miza at the back (macam meraba but I don't exactly know where). Miza shrieked, moved and grabbed the attention of the whole cabin while explaining to us what had happened. The fucked up part was that, when Miza shrieked, we took a look at that guy and he didn't have any kind of remorse, or HECK EVEN FREAKING AWARENESS of what he just did. Luckily the next stop was ours, we immediately made distance with that freak.

Waiting at the KL Central wasn't all that fun either. It took about 15 minutes before we boarded a more direct train to Kajang. I sat with Gg at a corner, while Miza and Diana ended up in another. We shared stories and laughs before squeezing to the next train. This time, all four of us managed to get seats close to each other. It was just plain conversations all the way.

Since we arrived about one hour earlier than we thought we would (totally the KTM'S fault) we were asked to wait at the Kajang KTM Bus Stop for Atikah for about an hour until it was 5pm, when we were supposed to reach Kajang. My memory of this part is PANAS. KEROPOK LEKOR. KOTOR. BOSAN. PANAS. PANAS. GILA.

When Atikah came, we sort of made a pack to keep silence as konon to be mad at her, but that backfired instantly. Even before she reached us, the four of us were laughing like crazy particularly a certain Gg. When we reached there, I was running around excitedly. It was exactly how I remembered it. BIG. BIG. and MORE BIG. We settled down at Atikah's room for a while when I broke my big news. After prayers, we danced a little to Miza's OTH Hallowen dance, before finding out that Atikah had NOTHING planned for us. So we ended up with 2 rounds of PICTIONARY.

This is fun fuN FUN!! Diana and I were mates, while the other 3 cupped a group. We were screaming on top of ours lungs all the way till 7pm or so. Before we started playing, I was ready with these two possibilities.

We win : I'll simply say that Diana and I are two good players.
We lose : We simply point out that we were outnumbered and the game was unfair.

Too bad the case was the latter. I still believe that Diana and I make a good Pictionary game even though we lost. Twice. Sheer Dumb Luck.

After that, we performed our prayers and got ready for our swimming session. Atikah's parents and sister left the house for their cousin's house while the 5 of the little noise makers a.k.a. US, were left at home with the maid. We had dinner outside and talked happily. Miza made sure that the 30minutes-before-pool-time-after-dinner-rule were enforced so we went to Atikah's little Tiki Hut and shared our love lives. It was rather interesting. When we realized that we exceeded the detention time, we jumped into the pool. It was just the right amount of warm.

First thing we did was play "Passing Energy". Again, Atikah determined to beat people by splashing water to their faces as so they get confused and response late enough to lose. After that we played Marco Polo. This one is fun. I got to be Marco once and it was fun funny FUN! After getting tired and pruny, we had a little photo session in the pool before getting out to sip on hot Milo.

After drying off a little, we marched upstairs to take turn for showers. After the whole hoopla, we settled in front of the living room tv upstairs, and were equipped with chocolate cake, marshmallows, and popcorn also with long strings, tape and scissors. We popped in Bring It On 3 and tried to learn how to make friendship bracelets. We picked a nice combination of brown, marron, and pink and trust me, it took us two whole movies, and 4 episodes of Friends before we could finish it. At least, Gg and I did. The three of them decided to raincheck it on account that it was getting late. At around 5.30am, we were sharing old stories back when we were in primary school. That made us a little closer than we were.

At around 6am, we were really getting very tired on a point that we were, insane. My head was spinning and screaming "SLEEP DAMMIT" while Gg's head were scewed with the word "LAUGH". I performed my Subuh and took my place on one side of the guest bed. Gg settled in on the bed in between Atikah and I while Miza and Diana took place on the floor. We were talking if Im not mistaken, before all of us dozed off with the outside sky turning bright.

Next thing I remember was that I was sneezing, had a bad ache, and a dream I don't recall was good or bad. Then I was woken up by Miza explaining the whole UITM Appeal steps on the phone. I grunted and wondered why the fuck would someone call to ask about UITM at 6am in the morning. Only to find out that outside was as shiny as it canbe, and the clock striked 11am. GREAT. It's bad enough we were sleeping late making noise, we gave an impression to Atikah's parents, that we were lazy unsopaned girls by waking up real late. This result of my mother putting that thought in me.

We freshen up and headed downstairs for breakfast. Had a good one especially because Atikah's mom joined us and was sharing with us a few tips here and there about going to college, and Islam and stuff. It was made better when she complimented us to be good friends and influence to her daughter. BANGGA SIOT!

Then we went upstairs to get ready to leave. Only before that, we camwhored the real camwhory way. We even did upside down pictures. That was why we took SOO long to get ready to leave. Everything was fine when we had our showers and packing and stuff. Atikah's sister sent us back to the KTM station Kajang and we went home from there ending a perfectly well and fun sleepover. Another chapter in our memories together.

On the train, we entertained sleepy self by playing the self titled game called "One Thing In Mind". The game goes with one person saying a word while the next person says the first thing that comes to her mind when hearing that word. We played all through the journey and had covered a very large range of.. things when we reached KTM Subang Jaya. We walked all the way to Subang Parade with heavy bags pulling us from our backs, although the Appam Balik made me feel better (crap I want Appam Balik).

We reached Parade and had heads turn to look at us. Who wouldnt attract heads if they go to a mall carrying two bags on your shoulders and such. We decided to have lunch at Nando's which was perfectly fine with me as I has been craving it. Only that we met with my mom and decided to hold my craving as I didn't want to spend anymore money than I already had. So right infront of the Nando's entrance, I bid goodbye to my friends, and walked around parade with 2 crazy heavy bags, following my mom shopping.

The sleepover was amazing fun and it's something not to be forgotten. We even got pictures and bracelets to be reminded of it. Although we never did settle with one perfect friendship song. Owh well.

- I love my friends. I love my mom.

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