Tuesday, March 20, 2007

in MEMORY of my SPM

I wasn't expecting it like I wasn't expecting any other sad circumstances I get in life. I was most comfortable in my shorts and my braless shirt aching my butt on the metal chair I use for my computer desk. As always my nights will be spent with the endless tapping of the keyboards and the occasional laughs to the computer screen. Not exactly what I would call "living the life" but I enjoy it.

A friend of mine got me hyped up on a barbecue party we will attend this weekend. To live up to our one time tradition, my friend suggested that we perform that night knowing perfectly well how I always fall for performing. So our endless rambles on what song we should play finally lead us to one PERFECT song.

Graduation by Vitamin C.

I believe Vitamin C (God knows what her real name is) did not expect this song to be such a huge hit when she was prancing around in the high school hallways while doing this song. I also believe that this song now IS the tradition. For everyone. For the whole world. Everyone who goes through it, loves it.

Which is why I am currently on the verge of my tears. I've always known the song. I've always waited patiently for the right time for me to use the song. To the time when the song would actually relate to me. Would actually define what I am going through. And I have come to that point after all these years.

I am graduating.

This is painful. I was trying out the song on my guitar and for the first time I actually knew the exact words of the song and God help me, it is so true, so right, so sad. But I have to face the truth. We will be going our separate ways. We will grow apart and say goodbye. We will become men and women and we will graduate.


I went through it. I passed it. I've gone through yet another major event of my life. I got my SPM results. I needn't repeat myself as I was right. What I imagined to come true, did in fact come true.

I had continuous AAAAHHHHHHHSSSSS in my head. Shahrul scored awesomely. I cried hysterically. and Shahrul laughed maniacally. I was glad that I didn't die though. But I did draw attentions. And I was embarrassed of that! But all is fine. I managed to score 8AS and 3BS. I couldn't be more thankful that my Pendidikan Islam and English Literature turned out to be As. But regret that somewhere along the line, my Bahasa Malaysia dropped a B and I only scored 4A1S.

Don't get me wrong. I feel awesome scoring that! Surely I expected better but it could definitely be worse. I'm glad. I'm happy. I cried for nothing.

Well it's ll fine and dandy. We all managed to score reasonably well. Some people did worse than I expect them to do but we all go through it. I was really glad as my friends and my family are well supportive of my results. We got to Syed to celebrate.

After that Shahrul, AIman, Miza, Diana and I got to parade to have lunch with each other. We ate at Secret Recipe and saw a familiar waiter whom my aunt claims to have a crush on me since everytime we go there, he would have a sheepish face. It sucks.

After lunch the boys went to work while the three of us went to MPH just so Miza could find a non-existent book and flirt with the 8 years older than her MPH guy. IT WAS SO OBVIOUS MIZA!!! ahahaha.

After that the 3 of us went to Blook to have a small session of trying out dresses we don't really want and probably can't afford. It didn't really look that good on us anyway. After that we managed to have another session at Voir before I had to rush out and meet my auntie as she was going to buy me a celebratory ice cream.

It was so awesome. I got a good scoop of ice cream and my cousin and I sort of, kind of, maybe just a little, flirted with the Baskin Robbins guy. At least we scored some balloons.

I must say that my cousin and I have this growing crush on a Parkson promoter who is working at the perfume section for Dunhill. He is incredibly to melt for and we rant about him to my aunts almost all the time. So on that day we saw him going to Roti Boy from Baskin Robbins so the both of us actually ran over to Roti Boy to pretend we're buying something JUST SO we could suddenly bump into him. I bumped into Jalal though, who was there with Dunhill-boy. But I was talking to Jalal that I didn't get to even sneak a peak at that guy! Damn the perfect moment!

So anyway, after Baskin Robbins, my aunt and cousin got a hankering for Nandos so we got some of Nandos chicken. Then my aunt went back when my cousin and I went to Blook again to try on some clothes. After that, I invited my cousin to Kenny Rogers so I could check out Shahrul (for like the thousanth time) and my cousin claimes that Aiman is really cute. I almost barfed in my soup.

After that my mother gave me a stern all telling me Imust go back and right after I reached hom, we immediately went for a celebratory dinner at Pizza Unos. I think I gained 5 pounds in a day.

All in all I am glad. I have been very lucky to be in the position I am in right now. It has been a little ahrd to apply for scholarships with a B some Bs in my hand espeically my BM but I'm doing alright.

I must say I believe that my family are the best I could ever hoped for. My auntie Ibu, rewarded me with Baskin Robbin's ice cream and lunch, my uncle Ayah gave me some cash, my parents are giving me some cash for my achievements and to top it all off, my aunt and uncles shared a bloody Olympus camera for me.

That Sunday morning I treated my whole family with breakfast as I nazared to God that if I get good results, I would take my whole family out to eat. And breakfast was on me that morning. That evening we went to my uncle's condominium and went for a swimming trip. That night we ordered in pizzas and my uncles and aunt sat me and my cousin down with a present.

It took a long time to open it as it was layers and layers of newspaper. When I reached the end, I saw a bloody Olympus camera box. I dropped it and I almost cried. Not because I received it, but because I got a bloody camera for achieving only 8AS, which to me isn't that awesome compred to what my sister accomplished. At that moment I felt like a total spoiled brat. I stopped track and sat down totally shocked and I felt so undeserving. At that moment, I realized that I was really really blessed to have what I have. I mean, a bloody digital camera for got sakes! MY VERY OWN!

I truly believe I don't deserve it.

So that was my SPM experiences. I felt so spoilt but at the same time so very glad to be where I am right now. I love this. I love not going to school. I love waking up in the morning and have breakfast of whatever you want (usually it ends up to whatever is available). I love lazing aorund the house taking my shower as late as possible. I love slumping in front of the tv for the sake of watching it! I love smacking my computer anytime anywhere I want.

I love the unemployed unschool life.

But it will come to an end soon.

- my favourite lines of the graduation song are :
I guess I thought that this would never end
And suddenly it's like we're women and men

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