Tuesday, January 01, 2008

the year two thousand and eight :D

It is infact A NEW YEAR. Today is the official first day of the year 2008. This means the ending of year 2007 and the beginning of many new things.

I have no idea if I am excited or not. I do not know what I feel actually. But I know that I know what I want for this year. I want to start many things, accomplish more things and experience old and new things.

As usual, I would spend New Year's eve with my family. So we head up to Ayah's condo at Sunway last night to wait for the clock to strike 12am to indicate the starting of a new day, a new year, a new me. We arrived quite too early so my cousin Amy and I just stayed in her room for a while talking about, well what else, boys.

After an hour or so, we got bored and joined both our mothers who were having a heated conversation of their own, out in the balcony. Although it was just an unofficial mother-daughter bonding time, I felt very comfortable and glad that the four of us were there talking about what we did. We 'reported' out new year's resolutions to our mothers and also got to share their opinions on dating and life.

More of our relatives joined us afterwards and it was all talking and laughing before we realized that it was almost time. So when I declared to take our places, everyone gathered round the 2 available balconies to get ready.

BOOOM! fireworks fired from Sunway Lagoon exactly as the clock striked 12. It was a good spot to view it form as we were able to see fireworks from Sunway Lagoon (the nearest), Kuala Lumpur, Damansara, Shah Alam and other major spots. It wasn't all that awesome as Sunway Lagoon did not fire as many, but I know I felt that rush. I felt the rush that this was it, the moment for a new beginning. I played all my resolutions in my head before my cousins and I screamed a simple, "HAPPY 2008!"

New Year's Resolutions
1. I am to pray 5 times a day (as I am suppose to) and read more Al-Quran
2. Get over my worst habit which is Procrastination
3. Keep updating blog to preserve memories (take more pictures for keeps)

New Year's Gold :
1. Get enough TER for a scholarship to fly to Australia
2. Keep old friends and make new friends
3. Start an independent label and get it featured
4. Get a driving license and drive at least as far as Petaling Jaya

yes. you may think some are ridiculous. and you may think some are overdue. but these are it. I am listing this down to remind me constantly about what I need to accomplish. I believe I think better now and I am all geared up to make the most out of my life instead of taking it for granted like I always do. I spent the whole of the first day of year 2008 sitting at home organising files and papers. hardly a promising start.

good luck to you and wish me some too.

‚óŹ I am launching my blog today. :D

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