Thursday, December 02, 2004

gG's OPEN house

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You are cordially invited to Nadzirah Yunos's open house.

The day was going on as usual.

Half an hour before the open house starts, I got ready because Shameen was going to come pick us up. Ainul came to my house 5 minutes before 2 and we spent about 25 minutes waiting for Shameen. Apparently she had trouble with her cat! Believe it or not.

I was being all cute with Shafiq in the car. He's SOOOO cute. And apparently obsessed with Spiderman. Iman and Iera was there too. We had fun talking on the way there.

We were dropped of at Miza's house and when we found out that she had left, we made our way there. Ainul was made to believe that Gg's house was FAR from Miza's and she was complaining. It was funny to hear her whine.

I sneaked pass Gg's house to go to Diana's so I could go with her. When we got there, Gg welcomed us with open arms, and a big smile and her phone at her ears. Hahhaha. We both joined the others at the living room.

I spent my time there wandering around the ground floor of the house. And staring excitedly at the food. I am starving! AFter everyone came, we all grabbed our food. The foods were delicious. I personally enjoy the rendang Ayam. Its simply delicious!

I spent my time there talking, and walking around, eating, and talking, and eating, and helping gg's mom, and eating and walking around and sitting, and talking, and eating, and walking around, and just being there.

It wasn't all bad though. After Zakhreen's mom came, it got funner. I was doing nothing so I decided to share a piece of chicken Rendang with Diana. And coincidently the mom was there too. So we started a conversation with her. That lasted for the rest of the kenduri.

It was so much fun talking to her. I didn't mind standing up for a long time as it didn;'t even occur to my mind that I needed to sit. She made the conversation so interesting that I didn't think about anything else for the moment. In between laughing and listening to her talk, I was chowing down on the Chicken Rendangs. Its soo good gG!!

We talked about how a good figure is like. And what kind of guys she falls for. And what kind of guy would be a good husband. How the ass of a person does not matter, and what is is the broadness of his shoulder. And what is and whats not about guys. Its really fun.

And after that, she was going around asking for everyone's name and making a list of us with a little something to remember us as. Iman and Iqbal looked freak when she did. Giggles. After that Atikah, the mom, Hamiza, Diana and I sat at the living room and chat! I especially enjoyed it.

So a few English accent accidently slipped out once or twice. I couldn't help it. It wasn't on purpose, it-just-HAPPENED!! And right after I did, I immediately tried to cover it up. Its embarassing I know.. She's so knows its TOTALLY fake! with a big FAT F!! And Atikah and Hamiza were laughing about the whole 'english-accent-frenzie' IT SLIPPED!!! Hahhaha

She had good storied to tell, and good english accent to listen to. What else could take me awya from her? Well, there were a few things that could but none of them really happened. So my ears and eyes were glued to her. She's one cool lady!!

Only then Mama called me to pick me up. So I had to excuse myself and get myself back to reality and settled stuff with my friends. I was invited to Nasriff's open house but I couldn't go. Family business. But I had a good time there so it was all good. DON'T WORRY GG!!!

Owh by the way. Add Pepsi, Grape and orange juice and you'll get a real good taste!! - courtesy of Atikah.

- I DO NOT LIKE SCRAWNY GUYS - aunie mom. well I have a different taste!

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miza's OPEN house

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We all brushed our teeth and gobbled up on the onion rings Hamiza's maid fried for us the next morning. I got so hungry. For a while all of us hunged out at the living room talking about the previous night. Until Hamiza's sister and aunt came back form the market.


Ok so when Hamiza said, help out.. I didn't think she meant HELP OUT!!

To get ready for the open house, we had to do a lot for the cooking!

But worse of them all is our first task, where we had to pick out the root of the tauge-s which a A FULL BIG BAG!! Sure its fun at first, but by each of our second piles, we got tired already.

Getting bored.......... Hands getting all soggy................... Need excitement........................ Theres' still more!?.................... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!................

When Kak Aida came in to offer the job of peeling the onions I straight up volunteered. Besides, I like peeling onions. Mid way my eyes was watering so I decided to stop and let Shameen continue. Back to the tauge-s. Sigh.

After we're all done THANK GOD!!!!!!!! We all gathered in the kitchen to see miza's aunt make her Laksa gravy. YUM!! I love cooking and I love laksa! After that we were in charge of cutting of the 'white carrots' or so it seems. Hahhaha. But there wasn't enough knives so me and Shameen decided to iron instead.

When Shameen was ironing, I joined the others to cut, taking Hamiza's place. It was fun. We cut 'white carrot's, long beans, 'daun kesom', cucumbers and onions though I stayed out of that one. It feels so good when its all done, which was basically at 12.15 like that. And we started at about 9. See how much work that was.

After that we took turns taking our shower and getting ready. The buzz was there. Some of us were doing our hair, putting on make up, putting on our outfit, and packing all those used clothes and EVERYTHING!! It was all busy in the room! But it all ended up well.

When MIchelle came, we all had our lunch before the rest arrive. We also managed to finish the Lays that we're supposingly save for the occasion but who could help.

We were waiting eagerly for the guests to arrive. Kak Aida's friend arrived first, followed by Iqbal and Iesko. And after that, the girls were playing the game we playe dthat night. Thats when Iman, Shahrul and Fandi came. They all had their lunch. After that the guys just stayed at the table when Gg came and all of us crowded her while she eats and throw her with all the stories we could think of that time.

We talked there for a long long time as so it felt like. 2 hours about. Thats when Fawwaz came and the girls got away from the table and gathering at one corner talking. After that we all gathered in fornt of the tv and played guitars even the guys joined.

After that Shahrul and I sat at one corner to talk when mom called and was scolding me to go back. And we had this whole scene there. I was asked to walk back home that moment. I got into a real bad mood. Shahrul offered to send me home but I refused at first as its ridiculous really for him to walk back to Hamiza's house alone. But he insisted on it which I eventually reluctantly agree. It would be a good time for us to spend with each other.

I went up to change into my pants and after that Diana offered me a ride. I wanted to as so Shahrul didn't ahve to walk all the way to send me but then I wanted ot spend time with him too as he will be going to Dubai for about a week. But I still didn't want to burden him so I decided to ride iwth Diana.

But then Abah called to ask me if I needed a ride so I decided for Abah to come pick me up so I can spend more time at the house. He ended up going to the wrong house. All the way to 18 when I am here in 19. Damn! He was pretty mad but he didn't say much. I did get to spend time with Shahrul though. Even though he was suppose to go back too.

I ended up going back at 6.30 when I was suppose to go back at 5pm. Mom was freaking pissed. but I got my way out of it pretty well. After that we had to get ready to go to Ayah's(my uncle) new apartment. It is GREAT!!

The apartment is WONDERFUL!!! Its gorgeous!! They had over a few families that I don't recognise. But one of the families were 3 girls about my age. They're pretty. They have nice hair too. Lucky I had nice hair that night too! Hhahahaha!! So I had fun that night. That day in fact.

- "I'll walk you sampai sana, its okay" Shahrul you're the best! Thanks!

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Ok I know I should've done this already but I got to lazy to write about it. But I know I had to for some future references so I shall.

So after much persuasing, MAMA ALLOWED ME TO GO TO THE SLEEPOVER!! can you imagine!? My very first sleepover. We are going to have loads of fun I though! Pigging out infront of the tv, wtaching a chick flick, eating ice creams and potato chips, talking bout boys, and make up, and doing each other's hair, trying on clothes and make a song together or just rocking out on the guitar, having pillow fights, singing on the top of our lungs and stuff that poeple do at sleepovers! Good clean fun!! Well, we had that!!

I was rushing on that day as I still hadn't packed and that afternoon I had to cook, and packed and repair my room tv coz the wire-ing wasn't that right. And I still hadn't mandi or done my hair. So I was all rushing and end up leaving the house 10 minutes before I was supposed to.

Waited for Diana's car at the bridge. Then we were sent to Hamiza's house. Hamiza welcomed us with a big warm smile and open arms. We hung out in MIza's mom's room helping Miza pick what to wear, chatting with Gg and Shahrul and watching Happy Tree Friends. Its stupidly funny! We then went down for dinner.

When Atikah came at about 8, we spent our time in Miza's mom's room, talking and playing on the bed. Right after he sisters went out, we gathered in Miza's room, listening to songs, chatting, surfing the net, and putting make up on me! We had on a lot of eye liners on me and a silver eye shadow. I looked fairly evil in a way.

After that we all brought down our guitars and hair stuff downstairs. All four of us were playing guitars. After a while we got bored and not to mention hungry. So we decided to take out the ice creams and defrost the onion rings and hashbrowns. I didn't feel like eating ice cream but I did crave for onion rings. As I watch the three scoop up their ice cream and coated them with cream and syrup it still didn't tempt me. It did tempt me to shove up a mouthful of cream in my throat though, but after I did, I regretted it immediately when I decide cream is just not my thing.

It was funny to see them gobble up their ice cream and ended up not finishing it due to cream overload. Hahhaha. After that, we decided to defrost the stuff using the microwave to speed it up. I ended up defrosting it too much till it got very mushy! It was disgusting.

Then it was time for my cooking lessons with Atikah and Diana. Apparently Diana never fried before and Atikah never on-ed the stove before. So its all been taught. We had fun at the time. I was showing them how to put the hasbrown in the wok and the 2 of them was watching with interest and determination. And Hamiza was on the next stove making Campbell mushroom soup.

It was pretty hard to put in the mushy hasbrowns though. IN the middle of it, Shameen came and she took over me and fried in the other hasbrowns. After that, I gave Atikah and Diana chances to fry those stuff. Atikah practically threw her first onion ring into the hot oil. It fell in with a 'plop' and the oil was splattered. We all sounded her. Then Diana had her turn but I ended up taking care of the frying.

After all is done, all 5 of us settled down at the dining table chowing down on mushroom soup, hashbrowns and onion rings. It was good!!

After that I got sleepy. How inconvenient. But Hamiza's rule is to not sleep 2 at least 2 hours after eating so I held myself. It wasn't all that bad at first. I got to crimp ATikah's hair and Shameen straightened hers. And we played guitar trying to make a song but only failed.

After that, we sat in a circle trying to find things to do. We ended up making a star with our legs and also played other silly fun games. We also had a pillow fight and dance to the music!! After that all of us just got so tired all we did was just laid down in front of the tv. When there was nothing else to do, we decided to watch a chick flick. I watched the movie already so I wasn't that much interested and I was sleepy. I ended up sleping through 3/4 of the movie.

The next thing I know, I was waking up to the sound of the girls chatting at the dining table which was not that far from where I was. I felt pretty bad for sleeping and missing out on the fun but I was just too sleepy to do anything about it. I tried to sleep again but the noise wasn't allowing me too.

Until I at least almost get back to sleep, I felt somebody pulling my matress so I got up. After that, Diana, Atikah and Shameen joined next to me to sleep and I was glad to know that Hamiza too was already sleeping so I wasn't the only one who was left out. But the 3 girls made too much noise for me to sleep again. It even woke Hamiza up.

Until Hamiza decided to suddenly go online and check if Shaen's on. So we were all dragged upstairs to go online. After knowing that he didn't, we all went back downstairs and I was pushing all of them to go back to sleep. Eventually they did.

I woke up to Hamiza's voice asking me to wake up for our prayers. After its done we all got back to sleep.

I happily woke up the next day glad I had enough sleep. Diana complained about not having enough sleep. They did sleep at 4 though!

So thats my first official sleepover. It was pretty sleepover like. I mean we had our
-pigging out time
- we watched a chick flick
- we ate ice cream
- we talked about boys, in a way (we talked about Emma Watson)
- we played make up and dress up
- we did play with our hair
- we had an ATTEMPT to make a song
- we played guitar
- had a pillow fight
- and dancing and singing and stuff

So it was good!! It was fun!! But just wait till the next day......

- Why did I get to eat the most soup!?

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


The bridge is all crumbled
The water soaks into rocks that fell at the bottom of the road (At the end of the town.)
The town that we lived in.
The memories shaken apart from the weeds that grow

Over the sidewalks,
Running away from the streets we knew,
Like the time we thought was made for you.

Out on the front porch,
watching the cars as they go by
(Eighteen blue, twenty one grey)
Looking ahead for the first time that we could drive,
Out on our own,
To speed away

From the sidewalks,
Running away from the streets we knew,
Like the time we thought was made for you.

All of the days have passed us by,
All of the sun is gone... away.

Running away from the streets we knew,
Running away from the streets we knew,
Like the time we thought was made for you.
(Sidewalks) The bridges are crumpled,
The water soaks into rocks,
That fell at the bottom of the road.

- giving them a little credit. Story of the Year. Their songs are real good.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

SWEET remember

its been a while since I do this but it just came to me one day. its my third song.

Sweet Remember

everytime you walk into the room
my heart beats faster
all the time you said I love you
each time its deeper

make the best of what we've got
nothings gonna stop us now
you know that I won't let you go

and I want you
i need you
i long for you to hold me
catch me when I fall
and tell me that you want me too

all this time I never knew
how much you meant to me
but now I know that tis all true
that you are my key

key to all the best things that I ever got
and nothings gonna stop me now
i wish that it will last

and I want you
i need you
I long for you to hold me
cathc me when I fall
and tell me that you want me too

all this time I knew that we are meant to be
i know that you will always belong to me
i just wanna let you know
that you are my sweet remember

and I wnat you
i need you
I long for you to hold me
catch me when I fall
and tell me that you want me too

- its a pretty good song. A little different from my other songs.

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