Friday, June 18, 2004

my INSANE day!

listening to : 7 news
mood : irritated
current status : non-sanity

have you ever had one of those days when you get all insane.. where you do everything wrong! when u think things couldn't get any worse.. when u thought u couldn't do anymore wrong.. but thats how it turns out.. well guess what!? 18TH JUNE 2004 is MY INSANE DAY!

things that went wrong list:
1. I keep falling over
2. I tried to walk across the chairs.. and tripped
3. I keep misunderstanding what people say
4. I makan laksa and tumpah
5. I say things that dosn't make sense
6. I cried for one STUPID reason
7. I waved to somebody I didn't know (when I thoguht it was my friend)
8. My cookies were 'messed up'
9. Omar heard me singing my song! OMG!
10. Whatever people say to me, I'll have to take like a few seconds baru paham..
11. My shoelace were untied at the wrong place
12. I didn't get to change my place
13. OMar heard my song!! with the bad voice and all!
14. My tudung was in bad shape
15. I ran all the way to the other side of the jejantas to hantar diana (wasn't wrong just penat)
16. I tidur lama masa tengah hari..
17. I didn't prctice my guitar
18. I didn't practice my drums..
19. The Chocolate Chips in my cookies were not enough
20. I am really KLUTZY today.
21. Omar still heard my song..
22. I'm just not htinking straight

I think ada byk lagi but sekarang I tgh blur.. (I am having my INSANE day after all).. so if I ingat.. I'll write in again..

-oOoO.. thats a pretty little shiny X button up there on the right.. I wonder what will happen if I press it..

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah

I'm giving up on everything
Because you messed me up
Don't know how much you
Screwed it up
You never listened
That's just too bad

Because I'm moving on
I won't forget
You were the one that was wrong
I know I need to step up and be strong
Don't patronize me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah


Have you forgotten
Everything that I wanted
Do you forget it now
You never got It
Do you get it now
Yea yea yea yea yea

Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah

Gotta get away
There's no point in thinking about yesterday
It's too late now
It won't ever be the same
We're so different now
Yea yea yea yea yea

I know I wanna run away
I know I wanna run away
Run away
If only I could run away
If only I could run away
Run away
I told you what i wanted I
I told you what i wanted
What I wanted

But I was forgotten
I won't be forgotten
Never Again

[Chorus (2x)]

Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

comments on the SONG!

here are the comments I get for my song..

gG : 'it was nice.. I like the song.. but I can't really comment on it until I hear the guitar..'

miza : 'the song was nice.. but you had your voice like.. mendatar.. all the same.. tak leh tahu which one is chorus and bridge.. so u have to like.. 'dub' in your voice to make it different..

atikah : 'it was nice lar..'

diana : 'its a nice song! I like the lyrics.. and the aight..aight..aight.. part was weird..'

zaty : 'the song was like avril's.. and your voice like sama jer semua.. but the song is nice..'

melisa : 'I couldn't hear you.. hahah.. but I just tak suka sgt the song coz it didn't come from you.. you kinda take parts of different different songs and put it together..'

nadhirah : 'nice'

shameen : 'the song is nice.. but your voice is kinda like.. u know..'

along : 'awesome.. the song is nice.. your voice is ok..'

ashraf and shahir : 'lets change some of the lyrics so we can fit it with this tune'

shahrul : 'shaky la sangat.. lama giler nak ready.. sounds like one of those azril's song.. anyway..the lyrics is nice dude.. and ur voice wasnt that bad as u claimed..
bukan ah teruk giler macam bila dengar rasa cam nak rosakkan this mic..
and u sang it 6 times!'

omar : 'ur song was good.. it was the 2nd horrible song i have ever heard.. ahahha.. it was ok.. are you waiting for me to praise you?.. it was good.. it was ok for beginner.. i mean your voice..'

me : I love it! and proud of it!

(if there is more comments from other poeple nanti.. I will add it here..)

- is it really NICE or you guys are just JAGA-ING hati?

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TOO much..

listening to : avril's -my happy ending
mood : fine
current status : alone..

ok.. today wasn't as fun as yesterday.. lemme tell yah!

came to school.. late again.. so whats new.. I walked in and decided to just go to class since.. the bell dah rang and stuff.. nak pergi taman gemilang nanti lama sgt pulak.. so.. 'there I go.. there I go again..' Tan Yang caught me on the way and we walked together to class.. he asked me where my friends was and I pointed at atikah who was sitting there.. bruting at the tembok dpn her class tuh.. she was walking towards us and I was.. as usual.. laughing..

when we got to class.. I put my bag and stuff and happily hang out wth atikah outside class.. after a few minutes.. OMG!! we freaked out! there was no people.. the place was deserted.. I mean.. ok there was other people beside us.. but it wasn't as crowded as it's usual self.. there were no 'people coming to their classes' atmosphere there.. we were all.. "WHERE IS EVERYONE!!?"

then we heard some people going all.. theres perhimpunan.. "Owh now they tell us.." so we had to walk all the way back to the perhimpunan place.. scoffs.. so there we were looking like fools.. just joining the place yg basically semua org was there.. haih.. but I saw sc so it was ok.. hehehe.. so anyways.. we joined up with our 'clique' (hahhaha.. no lar.. to our group..) and I welcomed gg back with a HUG!! and she was nudging me to sing my song.. and diana too.. (and she heard it already) I was like.. 'nah...'

so we.. like yesterday.. lepak at the perhimpunan place whjile the school are saying BUH-BYE to some teachers thats retiring.. BOH-RING!! so basically we just talked and talked and they still kept nudging me to sing my song.. especially diana.. I was all.. 'guys its at the perhimpunan place.. people will hear..' and they were like.. 'takdelar.. cptlar cptlar..' so I got outnumbered and HAD TO sing my song.. and afters they made me sing again.. like 5 minutes after that.. I opposed.. I did get to hear gG's song 'have you ever'.. its nice.. as usual..

after that.. it was time to get back to class and we were invited to give the teachers a hug.. WOO-HOO.. I wanted to go but teh gals were like.. ' GO ajak SC lar.. he wants to go too..' and I was like 'no way!'.. but I went to say goodbye to her with melisa.. (pn. yap looks happy to bid us goodbye) [I.. bid you goodbye.. I cry.. with tears in my eyes.. ok ok!].. so we just went back to class.. we just was hanging out there..

nothing biggie event happened then.. we just went to kH where i got to finish my JAHITAN!! alleyluyah! but on the way.. the girls were like pestering me to sing my song again.. i was like ..' ok you guys.... ' in a sarcastic way..

so then thats basically just it.. then we went to recess.. where I gave nasriff the card.. he was thanking me and stuff.. and I was like.. ok happy birthday.. then I went back to our table where I sang my song to miza coz she didn't hear it the first time.. diana was bummed she didn't get to hear it when I sang it to miza.. so then we just hang out.. and had our recess.. masa balik.. I was SURPRISED!!

Bryan was sitting at my place.. I was like 'WHAT THE'.. he said that it was time to change.. I had to sit at the first row.. and guess where they put diana and zaty? ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD!! OMG!! I swore I freaked out!!.. It was soo far.. MANY people were not happy with their new seats.. haih.. teruk giler..

so masa agama.. we just hanged out together.. diana made me sing my song to zaty and melisa.. and I was like.. alar nanti lar.. then I went to do my hafazan.. then they asked me to sing again.. 'OK OK!' so I sang it to them.. melisa stopped me halfway and I was like.. 'lemme finish first!'.. turns out she couldn't hear me.. and we were laughing coz we should've let her say it.. hahahah..

so diana made me sing it again for melisa to hear it properly.. and I did.. it was tiring but fun.. they kept asking me to sing it louder and I was like..'but this is loud'.. so blar blar blar.. 'but you.. pretend that I'm invincible..'.. then agama class was over but diana made me sing it again to nadhirah.. OMG! seriously.. I thought that I could actually get muak to that song.. but I did sing it.. diana was singing the chorus part a little.. parts that she knows.. it was kida fun to her mouthing it out coz it felt like.. wow.. people know my song and they're singing it.. so it was kinda cool.. and then diana wanted me to sing again.. and I freaked out.. I said 'diana! I sang the song byk gila kali already.. and you've heard it like 4 times..' so I went back halfway round the world..

sejarah.. owh god! farah and sangeeta was joking around while the teacher is teaching and I cracked up gila gila! it was soo funny what they were doing.. then we just went back.. I said hi to shzlee on the way back and cair again at the sight of lai vi chian.. haih.. basically we just walked back home cam biasa..

the whole day was just.. biasa.. I tried writing another song.. but my brain wasn't working.. so i tried to study! so much for that! I called up shahir and asked him to help me with the guitar.. he played all the chords for me.. SUSAH NYER!! and we met up with ashraf and they volunteer to help me with my song.. so basically we just got hooked up on it.. I sang my song and the 2 of them just played to guitar to match up with the song..

then tonight we met again and we really concentrated on the song.. we made a rock version of the song and changed some of the lyrics.. its soo fun.. we were goofing around with the song.. but at the end.. we came up with a song.. I'm proud of it.. then we just hang out summore and we played our song 'diabetes' and the guys played 'last kiss' whilst I sing it.. then we had to go in.. so we did..

so basically.. I end up singing my song 6 times just today! whoa!

-I can actually get bored of MY song.. but so far.. I'm enjoying it.. its fun singing it..

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Monday, June 14, 2004

school in day ONE!

listening to : avril lavigne - fall to pieces
mood : normal..
current status : kinda tired.. bored..

lemme give you a re-run on what happened today at school.. u know.. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

7.30am : still walking to school.. my tudung is all.. squshed.. my shoelaces are everywhere.. and my bag are pulling me backwards.. walked to school feeling very.. "I'm not ready!!" reached school and look out for everybody to hug! farah was the first victim.. then went to look for miza and shamee.. I even hugged ikha!? whoa! demented I am.. so then went over and give atikah this HUGE HUG!! hahahahah... should've looked at her face when I was squeezing her.. ahahahah.. hugged diana then..

seriously.. even I feel i am overly perky today.. overly PERKY it freaked myself out.. I'm starting to think it's getting kinda annoying for having an overly PERKY missy on FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL especially to people who don't like overly perky people.. miza?

8.00am : sitting in the perhimpunan place listening to speeches from upcoming elctors of the pengawas.. BOH-RING! so me and atikah got into this really long conversation bout and losing our sanity.. hahahah.. we blame it all on FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! hahahah.. it was the funnest..

8.30am : still at the perhimpunan place.. getting more bored.. now we're talking about our soon-to-be band and figuring out names for it.. shoelace.. united states of whatever.. purple ducks!? ahahha.. and the moments when we laughed so hard till I thought my organs would come spitting out of my system.. it was funny.. we even talked about how gg will become the vocalist and call our band "gg and her band".. and we started singing the eminem song.. "the chicks don't even know the name of our band.. but they all want her like they wanna hold hands.." we talked about crap A LOT! FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!

8.45am : still here.. now we're just getting restless.. I think this is the longest conversation I ever had with anyone.. and it made it worst when the gal I get to have a one hours 30 minutes conversation with is atikah.. hahaha.. nah.. it was FUHN!

9.00am : finally got of to class.. sejarah was BORING!! puh-lease..I don't think one word masuk my head tadi.. the only think I heard him say was.. komunis.. 'like what the'.. though it is sejarah..

anytime after sejarah until rehat : we just hang out.. puan rosemary was out.. so we had 2 periods of pure.. NOISE MAKING OPPURTUNITY! joy!! me diana and zaty did a LOT of catching up.. it was fun.. hahaha.. really it was..

rehat : was normal! liek always.. I didn't eat my FRISE today though.. didn't feel like it.. then we went to see mr.jaacob to send cutie pie's homework.. man.. she cracks me up! mr. jaacob and atikah was all being FUNNY.. and there I was at the side laughing like my PERKY self in the WHOLE BILIK GURU! my gosh! but it was SOOOOO funny!

after rehat : sains teacher was.. a bad english person.. I mean.. "I do not want to teach you guys like a kids".. like what the!
then we basically just ahng some more coz she didn't give us work.. until we get too.. overwhelmed so she gave us work.. haih..
agama class was fun.. tak belajar too.. ustazah did hafazan.. the clas was noisy but making fun of melisa was nothing BUT BORING! it was soo fun! coz she's like.. against the 3 of us.. it was soo funny.. it was fun.. and we made fun of her and shafiq. and shafiq teased me back.. blar blar blar.. well.. shahrul did throw this battery thingy at 'chinese boy' in agama class and he cried.. he looks soo red but who could tell. he's skin is soo pale.. so we just like.. 'haiyo! shahrul' he looked freaked out after that which was pretty funny.. hahaha..

going back time : so we just went back and I got my group hug with atikah and diana.. miza thinks my over perkyness was weird but who cares.. i love being perky.. I am perky miss perfect by the way..

at home : hung out with shahir for a few minutes.. had a serious chat with him about sumthing.. haih.. but it was fun making fun of himm.. HAR HAR HAR!! so thats it..


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Sunday, June 13, 2004

stressed to the point of a MELTDOWN!

listening to : avril lavigne - together
mood : plain
current status : worried

ok.. here's the sizzle.. tomorrow school is starting again.. for some FREAKING reason.. I have been waiting for tomorrow for the past 2 weeks.. I can't believe I MISS school.. yes people.. the word is MISS.. U can miss childhood.. or your sister who is not at home.. or Harry Potter.. BUT NOT SCHOOL!!!! school is not MISS-able.. MISS and SCHOOL does NOT go together in a sentence.. haih.. I guessed I have been brain washed.. by what? only my inner child knows.. (yes I have one)

well.. now.. the clock ticks.. only 10 minutes till 14th June.. school day.. and now.. I DON'T FEEL LIKE GOING TO SCHOOL!! Yes this is how I should feel.. but it suck that I have to feel like this NOW!! 8 minutes to 12.00am. haih... and now its just bad.. I mean.. ok.. I can't do anything about it and yes farisa! THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WANTING FOR THE PAST 14 DAYS!! I just wish I could turn back time..

well for once.. I didn't study at all this holiday.. ok ok.. maybe a little.. A LITTLE! LITTLE.. little means.. small.. not much.. sikit.. a small amount.. haih... this is bad... I mean.. so much for.. "I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE THIS HOLIDAY COZ I'M GONNA STUDY FOR 2 WEEEKS!!" scoffs.. yeah.. right..

and now.. It just got to me.. I'VE GOT EXAM IN 2 WEEKS AND ALL I'VE COVERED IS science form2.. WHAT THE!! and PMR is coming.. PMR! It sucks coz I am not acting like I'm sitting for this exam this year.. I've been goofing around for the past 5 months.. GOD!! I feel like killing myself so I don't have to take that exam.. its too much preasure..

why do they make us take tests.. to test your knowledge.. can't they accept the fact that some of us.. is not smart! (ME!!) haih.. they're only preasuring us.. and I wonder why teenagers have been smoking.. scoffs.. haih..

and I just got of reading atikah's blog and she said sumthing that got me thinking.. I have a reputation in my family to keep.. my sister and cousin got 8 A's.. and all my family members are ready to see those bright shiny 5 stars 8 A's.. and thinking about it now.. I can't give them that.. haih.. this is killing me.. I mean.. I can't do it..

There is no such thing as optimistic in real life.. I guess tahts my problem.. I've been living in my dreams.. my fantasy.. that my problem.. TOO MANY TOO MANY PROBLEMS!! ok.. I'm gonna break this off! I'm stepping out of happy land.. and back to REALITY! god help me!!

- does anyone know where Einstein's grave is? I need his help on building this time machine..

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