Sunday, April 27, 2008

I-Care Charity Gig


So one day my cousin Aliah's boyfriend named Fay (pronounced Fai) sent me a message on Myspace containing this poster and it just so happens my cousin Along was there with me when I opened that message. Along has always been my partner in crime whenever we do decide to go to these kind of things, ie: gigs. Along jumped out and invited me to go right when she saw the poster so since I saw the names Couple, The Times and Hujan printed on the poster, I immediately agreed.

Since we have about a month before the event, I took the initiative to check out some of the bands that were going to attend there, the ones that I have not heard of. Thanks to the wonders of Myspace, these independent bands are able to promote themselves and let people hear them out. I spent hours considering all the bands and decided that I fell in love with a band called Piring Hitam. They are still new but their one song has captured my heart instantly. The others are just alright.

On that day itself, I came back from school early so I could study my Agama since I have Agama finals the very next day. Although it was really awful of me to be going out on an eve of a final paper, I really couldn't afford to miss this event. So my cousin came at about 7pm to my college and loaded her sleeping mattress in my room. Atiqah (my roommate) did not look all that happy when she found out that my cousin was sleeping over.

We went out at about 8pm and so our journey begins to Segi College. Mom called me on the way and my heart stopped as I did not exactly tell her about my little plan to go watch a gig on a Friday night. I worked my way around the telephone call and she did not find out where I was going thank God. The journey was really long and uneventful since all we've got was each other so like always, I'd tell my cousin things about my life and she'll update me about hers. Trips like these are usually the time we share things.

I admit that we got lost at one point but finally we reached Segi College around 9pm and I was so excited. We went in the huge hall (that wasn't even packed) and I was practically jumping. There were chairs in front of the hall and there were spaces at the back for people to jump and dance. My cousin and I remembered how awful it was to be squished inside the crowd so we decided to take our seats. The current band playing was The Frasa and I remembered I don't fancy them that much but they were finishing up anyway.

I distinctly remembered the hosts. They was one Black guy who sucks at being host, because he was trying TOO hard,and his partner, a Malay girl who obviously hated him and did not want to co-operate. I think the two really put down the mood to the event, and they were the hosts.

Anyway, the next band playing was Fay's band named NEWS AT 11. I was so very excited as I finally got to see Fay in person. Since their band is new too, not many people knew them so I was the only one screaming that time, cheering for them. They were pretty good, the lead singer has a nice voice, and the guitarist was quite cute. ahahah. Fay rocked the keyboard.

The rest of the night continued with more bands playing. I felt like Couple and The Times were SOOOO awesome.I missed the band Piring Hitam because we came late. The other bands were just alright. Oh Chentaku really made me dizzy as I really do not like them. But they did play a song called Polaroid (which Yunalis did a cover version of) so I only managed to enjoy that one. The OD happens to be a band from Subang Jaya and I actually know the lead singer so that was alright. But their music was NOT something I like very much. Hujan did not end up coming and Bunkface was quite alright. I did not listen to Bittersweet and Nitrus as it was already time to go back. Plus, my cousin and I were already so hungry come 12am.

Before we left, I managed to have a conversation with Fay. Turns out, he is a very shy boy. Too shy that I got a bit uncomfortable. AHHAHa. mainly because when I do talk to him online, I assumed him to be someone like me, crazy and loud. He gave me one of his band's Promo Cd for free and I love a song called Kosong so you guys check that out at their page. Then I dragged my cousin to Couple's booth and got THEIR CD! The one I've been longing for so long! I wanted to get their shirt but the only thing pretty about it is the pretty expensive price. Instead I got a small black shirt with the printed I LOVE INDIE on it. OMG! I so love it!

Then my cousin and I went to a place called Williams's to meet my cousin's boyfriend, Hazri but by that time, I was already sleeping at the stall. I woke up around 1pm with Hazri's face laughing at me. By 2pm or so, we reached Akasia and ended up sleeping in my cousin's yellow Vitara near the bus stop outside the college. It was so hot and uncomfortable but it was an experience. At around 7am we woke up and just passed the guard house back to my room to sleep properly. Few hours later, I sat for my Agama finals. Aiih.

But it was an awesome experience and PLUS I got a picture with Natazar, who is The Times lead singer. OMG! I LOVE HIM!

- I Love Indie. :)

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