Friday, September 02, 2005


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deviant ART

okay so i did a little digging up of my own. I have oly visited one of the MANY FULL categories of deviant art they had. And these are my favourites from what I have encountered.

Image hosted by

the angle that attracted me. just an apple sitting there. A lamp lighting it up just there. And a reflection of it on the computer. It gives me this certain peaceful-ness.

Image hosted by

I'm quite not sure why I like this actually. But I do so much.

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I see a part of me in this picture somehow. How big the flower's smile is. And how the sun potrays this feeling of, hyper, fun flower. Perky I describe it.

Image hosted by

reminds me of Life's Brief Candle. I love the dull background of the picture and how to one slim candle stand in the middle and the candle lighting up the room. Giving light is what it is.

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Don't this remind you of one of No Doubt's videoclip. I forgot the title. ts of Gwen being in this real white room jumping jumping on the bed. I love the craft.

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and my personal personal favourite. It surprised me actually that I like this picture as I didn't think it would be something I'd like. But I really do. It shows life in your heart. Believing that there is a good life to be grown out there, as long asyou allow it in your heart. And i like the colour combination.

- opens up my creative side. If I have one.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

fifteen MAGAZINE

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first things first. I LOVE THIS SONG!!! her voice is so cun!

second thing second. I am so glad that I have succeeded in completing my fast today. base on Islam, today is Isra' Mi'raj day. I'm not quite sure what it means but if anyone so ever puasa today, then you will be awarded 'pahala' worth 60 months of puasaing. And Alhamdulillah.

alright. I know you think that the title sounds so cheesy and like bloody copycat. Well actually, the deal is. I am making a magazine of my own. A parody. Of course most of us are exposed to the magazine Seventeen. Well since I realize seventeen is not my age, I decided to make a magazine that peopel my age can adapt to.

this act follows my so-caled big dream of making my own magazine. At least one of my dreams is in progress. Its quite nice the magazine. And the designs are so Farisa if you see it. I am quite happy of this 'no-future-purposes' magazine.

Okay my parody magazine talk about stars like Hillaree Duff, Brittany Spears and Gwen Stefans to name a few. And there is an advertisement of Veronca's Secret that you can find in Sunny Pyramid and Two Utama. Yes the names are quite cheesy but ITS NOT THAT MUCH EASY TO WRITE A PARODY thanks much!.

I am satisfied and I am to show it my friends. And thats how far it'll go I guess. Well either way I'm doing something I really like so HAPPY!!

Okay so I don't know. Life has been going pretty mcuh, fast. For all I know the day is gone. Of course thats good when you're fasting, but its as if its hard for me to get rests now. As if everything is fast speed.

I just want a day where I can sleep till 12 o'clock. Of course that'll never happen if I'm still leading a normal life.

I usually don't look forward to anything anymore. Not even school as I use to. Setia Club hasn't any projects anytime near. YEP is basically almost closed. Exams are just.. coming and thats just how I see it. coming. Nohting more or less.

which sucks.

Realized from my super obsessive hours of singing this song, I am addicted to this old song from Audioslave, Like A Stone. Has always been my favourite. Until now when I am playing the song almost every other hour now.

I also just finally got my Pretend To Be Nice song from Nashrah. And I am taking a moment to thank her so much for the Cd. Got some cool songs in here.

And I am still a plain old semi-fat girl who goes to school.

But something that excited me today was the period where me, Diana, Izzati, Shafiq were 'remenisce-ing' about our past lives when we were in the same class last 2 years. Atikah, Miza and Aiman hearing. Some excited. Some bored.

But i know the four of us wer ehaving fun. We tried to dig up almost everything we have done to or with each other. Truly fun days. I LOVE MY OLD CLASS!!! I'd give y new one for the old one.

Shafiq did mention that we have grown up in a funny way though he neglect to tell us in what way. But I do feel as if we had grown up. I know I surely did.

I've taken to time to see things around me and actually appreciated it. I have realized my wrong doings before and has repented. I love how my life is. Wouldn't change it. I love my life I really do.

Give Thanks to My God.

- 60 months BABEYH! Going for 900 years now. (Miza better be right!)

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

i want to WRITE a BOOK

freaks me out when I found out myself. well starts out like this.

I was browsing through the files in my old computer one day. And I found something that strikes me as amusing. A page I did, designed, of something that was suppose to be a magazine cover. I had pictures, headlines, subtitles and all that.

And that reminded me of once upon a time before, when I actually made my own magazine called Girl Magazine. I kid you not. I did make such a magazine. It has the most pink colour you can imagine a magazine could have. It was really fun.

Sad that computer got reformatted, it would be fun to get to see it again. And I realize, especially recently, how much I love to design stuff. Especially brochures, sites, magazine covers and etc. I love playing with the layouts, the creativity of the whole thing.

I'm getting tingles as I describe it. So with that, I decided, since now I know my ways through Adobe Photoshop, that I want to design a magazine. For fun. Might sound crazy coming from a 15 years old who still have a pile of homeworks waiting.

I understand its of no reason or use at all but it satisfies me. It gives me a certain kind of pleassure knowing I have created something out of the own juices in the creative part of my brain. And the proper use of modern technology. Smiles cheesy-ly.

So before I even got to doing that, another idea triggered up up here. I thought of designing a book cover. Like the cover of a story book. And Ithought, a book cover has to be in front ok a book with a story. Thats how I felt like I want to do it.

May sound lame I don't deny. But I am determined to do this. well sort of.

See how I love writing stories as much as I love designing. why not yaR?!

And I have this wanting for my so called to-be book become published and sold. Big dreams I realize. Especially with me lacking time and I realize my BAD GRAMMAR would not agree with the whole 'make book to sell' thing. And all those crapolas you have to go through to publish it.

*shit. I just made me lose my own interest*

I just long for that feeling of having someone buying your book, that they're interested enough to read. That brings you at least one step of being a good author. That people actually want to read you stories. Your work. Your mind and your creativity. It again gives this certain juice of pleasure knowing that your work is not wasted, or its good enough. *OOO.... tingles to the idea again!*

But this mght be one of those momentary crazy strikes I get when I sa I want to do something and ending up stopping half way!. Get that a lot. Well whatever it is I know I at least have something to do when I'm bored.

*gooey gooey ga ga*

so anyways, I was recently introduced to this guy name Shahriman Latif (give props to miza) and although thats not the way I would write my stories, it does interest me though. Its nice to see how he puts his words together. Telling such common things and turning it into something, fun to read.

although I much prefer my blog to be about life as I go through it instead of life as I make it. I write in my blog about things that I experienced. Or things that I wish. Sometimes my thought. To me, my blog is my own way to remember how I am/was. Looking forward about 10 years from now, my blog is my excuse to see back how I write. How I acted and how I am.(or was)

and along the way I know, I can compare my writings before and recent only to realize I have improved. Thats what my blog is for. Thats what I want it to be for.

And in 10 years now I want to remember how my friends were like so friends.must.COMMENT!!!

- first come fanfics. then come novels.

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