Wednesday, February 27, 2008

quick update

OMG! I am cracking my brain in figuring out ways to do my Malay Studies presentation here. We are already given about 4 weeks now to do our presentation but as me being, well, me, I procrastinated. Now I am battling my sleepy eyes to finish this thing.

I am to talk about the Culture and Concept of a Hero in the society. I have no idea as to what approach I want to go through but I know I have to cook soemthing up fast. I am to present in 2 days.

I thought of comparing western and asian heroes and extract the characteristics of them to. The differences and similarities and all. The presentation will be about 10 minutes anyway, so I am really adamant about just finishing it up and expand it to 10 minutes. I am screwed.

I am said to prsent this Friday when tomorrow is Thursday and I haven't started ONE SHIT. And my war with my sleepiness doens't look all tha good either. Our Malay Studies teacher is known to talk a lot so I am hoping she would talk herself away till I have to postpone my presentation until AT LEAST next Wednesday.

- crossed fingers.

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